DERANGED Maxine Waters LOSES IT Over Impeachment
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She can’t even handle the thought of it…

On MSNBC’s “All In,” Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) stated that President Trump has “consistently gotten worse” because he “came to the conclusion that we were not going to impeach him.”

Waters said, “Well, you know, some people were shocked that the president could be so outwardly racist. … However, I, you, and others know that he’s gotten worse. From the time that we first started to realize that he was identifying himself as an unworthy person, not worthy of the presidency, he has consistently gotten worse. Because guess what? He basically came to the conclusion that we were not going to impeach him. So, he keeps going, and he’ll get worse.”

  1. If you don’t think racist is a two way street all one has to do is listen to the miligned bigoted rants of Mad Maxzine. It just shows the failure of our educational system that anybody would believe that hate mongering BITCH. Teachers aren’t teaching students how to think and reason, OH wait-a-minute ain’t the NEA in the pocket of the Democratic Neo-nazis party.

  2. Well obviously President Trump is not wrong. The House had yet another try to impeach and only 95 voted to impeach. Over 300, which means the vast majority of Democrats voted not to impeach.

  3. Mad Max is a crook and her criminal activity extends to her family. She has worked up this scheme whereby she endorses California political candidates (for money, of course) and then her daughter prints a list of her endorsements and distributes them so black folks know who to vote for. For years, the election commission has worried that she is dancing pretty close to the line between legal and illegal-so close that they have difficulty telling which side of the line she’s on. She thinks Trump is crooked and has since before he was inaugurated-she first mentioned impeachment before Jan 20, 2017. She calls him a racist, while he has busted his ass attempting to get blacks jobs, businesses and more fair sentences for any law breaking they do. She, on the other hand is the very definition of racist. I have to agree with her that an impeachment is needed, but it is her who should be impeached

  4. Two and a half decades in office and all the people from her district get from her is being homeless drug infested streets with citizens sleeping, crapping and pissing in the streets. She’s got a lot of nerve!

  5. You notice no one ever asks this Racist Hate-Monger for any Factual evidence of what exactly Trump has done that is one Impeachable and two Racist? What laws has he passed that she is opposed to?
    What Rights has she or anyone else actually Lost? Not the ones she imagines could be, but ones that actually have been?

    This ignorant swamp-dweller should shut up because when Trump wins the next election (and I feel he has an excellent chance sans Dem cheating and illegal votes) of claiming large margins in the House, Senet, and WH- when he does I feel she should be very afraid that Republicans take a page from her Liberal book and investigate and then press charges. I bet we can say since you believe you have oversight to look into Trumps Tax records before he was even a politician- you will agree Republicans should have oversight to look into the Tax Records of those who have been in office for decades and grown Filthy Rich off of it!

    Just a thought Maxie may want to consider.

  6. If you were to pull the brains of Maxine Waters and Elijah Cummings there wouldn’t be enough to fill a thimble. Both of them are doing their best to become the nations “super black”representatives. And now the four twits who sit in congress with them have stolen their show, LOL

    1. Kurt, the Democrats will never have to worry about a Zombie attack at one of their conventions. Zombies only go where there are brains. That means all of Milwaukee should be safe from an attack in 2020.

  7. Mad Max is as bad, but is she as bad as the fearsome foursome squad? Their IQ level’s are about the same, dunce material.

  8. Maxine Waters should be in jail for challenging people to violence. She is absolutely insane. She is a liar, Trump is not racist. She is the racists, she proves it every time she opens her mouth. Her hate is as disgusting as the four squad members of the House. The Democrats who defend these women are anti-American.

  9. I believe Mad Max is experiencing what psychology calls “Projection.”
    Projection occurs when you see your own faults in others, but not in yourself.

  10. Who was lady that dumped several illegal immigrants in Nancy Pelosie’s front yard. Could she do the same in Maxine Water’s front yard?


  12. Libertardism is a true mental illness and the Kalifornia Moonbat Form of LIbertardism is apparently the worst with the N.Y. Mad Weasel LIbertardism running a close second. Each Democrat should be required to taken a stiff dose of thorazine before they can enter the Capitol Building.

  13. Really articulate. She keeps repeating the same garbage about the president getting worse because he knows he’s not being impeached. You’d think what little left of her brain would be used to say something as coherent as a third grader would say. I actually apologize to the third graders. Most of them are greater thinking common sense kids then this old troll.

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