UPSET 2020 Tom Steyer WHINES At Trump
Image credit: California Political Review

This is why Steyer represents the Democrats so well…

Presidential candidate and impeachment activist Tom Steyer accused President Donald Trump of being a “criminal” who is using “racism to divide Americans” and is becoming more “dangerous.”

Steyer was asked about the “send her back” chants directed at Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) during Trump’s Wednesday evening North Carolina rally, and Steyer said racism is one of Trump’s “go-to moves” to “distract attention from his failed economic policies” and “the failure of his whole presidency.”

“He’s a criminal, he’s a threat to the Constitution. And he’s dangerous for the American people,” Steyer said, adding that there is “nothing lower in the world than going after” people based on their “race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion… and [Trump] does all of the above.”

Saying he called for impeachment last year because Trump is the “most corrupt president in American history,” Steyer said Trump’s behavior is “not surprising” because Trump has been “unfit for a long time” and “continues to be unfit to be president.”

  1. Hey, Tom, perhaps those 137 Democrats are more intelligent than you? Considering the low intellect of Dems and their inability to distinguish fact from fiction, I’d have to say that would put you in a very low IQ bracket.

  2. Tom , One more time , Trump is not racist, what he said is not racist , are you stupid Steyer?he is the best thing to happen to American Citizen’s , do what you are going to do and shut up about our Preesident Trump ,You must be a fool !!you will lose , loser Trump 2020 !!!!!

  3. What a big dope! What a loser! You are just jealous because you’re not Trump and hard as you may try…COULD NEVER BE TRUMP or any symbalence thereof! LOSER!!!

  4. Hey I said almost the same thing the day before in a dcalert, if I’m the racist and Steyer isn’t I’M fine with that. If the elitist neo-nazi scum in the Democratic party are sane then I’m proud to be crazy. I really feel sorry for anyone who can’t put together a logical thought pattern long enough to figure out how these lying fascist bastards are using them.

  5. Tom Steyer is a criminal. He has gotten rich by the use of insider information. He claims to be an environmentalist but he made his money in coal and oil. He has gotten sweetheart deals from Nancy Pelosi which got him a big piece of prime property in San Francisco. He has spent millions of dollars attempting to get Trump impeached. He and Soros have supported Democrats for years, because, like Soros, he sees big time money coming to him, if he can convert America to socialism. His calling Trump a criminal and suggesting he has incited violence is typical Democrat projection

  6. I’m getting to the point where I really tell myself , “hey, Bob, the least you say about Democrats , (and ,according to them, soon to be SOCIALIST’S), the better off you will be. Just let President Trump do HIS thing and keep getting the right results for America and everything will turn out good for our country. I have enough confidence in him, to get the victory we Conservatives want in the 2020 elections. ENOUGH SAID.

    1. Hey Bob, you don’t have to be conservative to want Trump president just another real American !!!!! It’s time to stop party first politics, elitist neo-nazis number one priority is divide and conquer. These lying whores are just dull common tools, trampy little pawns who are so stupid they think they are smarter than you. SUCK IT YOU WORMS OF THE EARTH !!!

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