Kamala FLIPS On Her INSANE Medicare Plan
Image credit: Washington Times

Kamala needs to realize she has no chance at becoming president…

On ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” 2020 presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) said in her health care plan “you can keep your doctor,” echoing former President Barack Obama’s broken promise.

When asked if she supports Medicare for all with supplemental insurance, Harris said, “I do.”

She continued, “It would actually bring health care to the access of health care is not related to how much money you have in your back pocket. We have Medicare for all. Do you know where that is? The emergency rooms of America, and it is too expensive, and it also means that people are getting access to health care when they’re in crisis. Instead of before then, when we can actually alleviate their pain and extend the quality of their life in a much smarter and more effective way. You know, and people, there’s a whole argument that people think, maybe is this going to mean that I need to, that I have to worry about not being able to see my doctor? 91% of the doctors in America are in Medicare. And those that are not are mostly pediatricians. And the 9%, and you know why they’re not in Medicare because Medicare doesn’t cover children.”

She added, “But when we have Medicare for all, that will not be any longer the case, which means the vast majority of doctors will be in that system, and you can keep your doctor under that system, and it will be that when you walk into that hospital, when you walk into the doctor’s office, you don’t have to fill out all those forms and give your credit card. You just give your Medicare card, and you walk in, and you walk out when you’re done.”

  1. “Medicare for all” does not mean bankrupting our hospital system, nor does it mean stealing from hospitals to the point that the hospitals shut down ERs to avoid being bankrupted. There is no such thing as “free”…someone, someplace, sometime has to pay for services and merchandise. She, and many of the liberals have their heads where the sun doesn’t shine, and I don’t think the ER can treat that for free!

  2. It doesn’t matter how stupid what she says is to anyone with a lick of sense, it matters how many uneducated and needy, hopeful people she can talk into believe in taking a chance on her and with the illegal immigrates they let vote in elitist neo-nazi run states. NAZI SCUM IS NAZI SCUM !!!!!

  3. Obamacare is a good example of how Medicare for all wouldn’t work! People forced on Obamacare are woman who are single and kids. My friend has a child who is austic. She is trying to get an education and work. She hurt her back. Supposed to get a scan. Waited 5 hrs, she had appointment, advised that X-ray technician wasn’t there.
    Medicare is in trouble because of Obama’s using the money to start the Obamacare.
    Lot’s of fraud in Medicare. I exposed a nursing home of billing for care and my husband wasn’t there.

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