Iran Seizes Oil Tanker, Then THIS Happens
Image credit: The Times of Israel

It’s time to take action…

U.S. Central Command chief General Kenneth McKenzie said it was talking to other countries about freedom of navigation in the Gulf and would work “aggressively” to find a solution.

The United States has upped its military presence in the Middle East over a perceived Iranian threat.

“We are currently talking with the international community about the right to freedom of navigation in the Middle East that will include passage to the Strait of Hormuz and passage to the Bab al Mandeb,” Mckenzie said.

The U.S. general was talking to reporters in Riyadh at a joint news conference with General Prince Fahd bin Turki.

“We have been doing that for the past few years and we have achieved great success in spite of some damage to civilian shipping,” Prince Fahd said. “So we’ve been active in this field, we are practicing this at the Red Sea at Bab al Mandeb.”

Washington and Riyadh have publicly blamed Iran for the recent tanker attacks, a charge Tehran denies.

“We don’t believe war with Iran is inevitable and we don’t seek a war with Iran, what we seek is to deter Iran from the destabilizing and malign activities across the region,” McKenzie said.

  1. Maybe they should talk to Double Downing Dianne Fatstien about what her and the ambassador from Iran talked about in their lunch date the other day. Why isn’t this treasonous bitch in jail. The elitist neo-nazis have no doubt made a deal with the other fascist party to cause enough trouble to start a war so the Scumocrats can blame it on Trump and hopefully they’ll win the election. Obamie has already been traveling Europe talking with the elitist fascist there. Why isn’t somebody doing something to these anti-American NAZIS.

    1. Right as rain!!! We need to stop being nice to those Iranian assholes, they are trying to entice us into a war…not sure why, because we would obliterate them!!! GO AWAY IRAN, NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY WITH YOU!!!!! EVER!!!

  2. Notice the Iranian so-called gun boat. Looks like a fishing are ski boat that they mounted a gun to. This is what passes for a military gun bout in Iran.

  3. So where is the story that goes with the headlines? Whose ship/tanker was seized? Where? When? What is being done about it.? This is the lousiest attempt at journalism. Third graders can do a better job!

  4. Is somebody gonna haveta give one of the mullahs a public caning to try to get Iran’s attention? Would be nice to see if that might get their attention–the world’s not going to sit back while they play their little games with no repercussion. If one mullah doesn’t do the trick, work over another & another until they realize mullahs don’t call the shots.

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