CRAZY Cory Booker Compares Trump To THIS
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Cory Booker needs to looks at facts before saying nonsense…

On MSNBC’s “All In,” 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) said President Donald Trump is using “bigotry as a weapon,” like segregationist former Alabama Governor George Wallace once did.

Booker said, “It’s despicable in the sense of what he’s trying to do. We know he is doing it now when power dynamic has shifted. The things he has been saying to Ilhan Omar, he’s been outrageous lies about Muslims, remember he said thousands of people in Jersey City cheered the World Trade Center. That was a lie to try to bolster his political power, using race, racism, bigotry as a weapon. He is preying upon fears and bigotry to propel himself forward.”

He continued, “He is in the most powerful position in the land and this kind of politics we have seen before. We had a political party called the Know Nothings using the same rhetoric. Then they were against Irish and German immigrants. My parents, my mom watched in black and white on TV with George Wallace with accusations of communism and the same bigotry and hate. My mom watched it in black and white and now millions saw it in full color. I know there are a lot of policy issues to discuss, but this is an issue of values and it’s a referendum on our country and who we are and who we are going to be to each other. This is a choice we have to make in this country. Are we going to find common ground and common cause or allow someone to rip us apart using the knife of racism to cut at the fabric of this country.”

  1. Glory Hooker is a retarded monkey with the ability of speech. Now Glory Hooker would love to call that racist, but it isn’t. What it is is a good definition of all the rhertorical spin bullshit that comes out of his pisshead mouth. He thinks he is smarter than others for his bullshit babbles, but he just looks like the pisshead whiney-assed punk that he is. And I would rather keep company with a retarded monkey, they maybe retarded but at least they aren’t pisshead whiney-assed punks.

  2. When Mr. Booker comes up for re-election, his constituents need to assess whether or not he worked in their best interest. If Mr. Booker were my representative, I would give him a d+ for the effort he has exerted on my behave and decide whether or not I would vote for him.
    Donald Trump has his shortcomings, but so far, he has accomplished a lot of the issues that he said he would address and if he decides that he wants this monstrosity of a job, I will gladly give him my support regardless of whatever phony propaganda the Democrats invent in order to harass our President.

  3. Booker belongs to the largest and oldest HATE group in America as a Democrap. Democraps are the founders of the KKK. They wrote the Jim Crowe Laws. They enforced those laws via Lynchings NEVER making sure they had a guilty person before enforced the laws. They weaponized Welfare and fought Civil Rights Laws till Republicans told that BIGOT LBJ pass or eat a veto override. One of his party’s greats Vyrd of West Virginia when he died was called a member in great standing by his KKK group.

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