2020 Gillibrand Boasts Her Whiteness To SUPPORTERS
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And the Democrats don’t count this as racism…

Democrat presidential hopeful Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) discussed the “enormous amounts of white privilege” she has experienced.

“A community has been left behind for generations because of the color of their skin,” Gillibrand stated to the small crowd of supporters. “Institutional racism is real.”

“There is a deference that is given to whiteness in society today. And, you see it all the time,” Gillibrand told Daily Mail.

Gillibrand also discussed one of her black staffers and said she watches “how she’s treated” when they travel together.

“I travel with a woman who’s black, I watch how she’s treated when we walk into a hotel room, into a hotel to check in. I watch how she’s treated in a restaurant. I watch how whether the person who’s taking her order listens to her order and gets it right,” Gillibrand said.

“I’ve sat with black Americans, and they’re literally not listened to,” Gillibrand added.

When she was asked whether she had benefited from being a white woman, Gillibrand responded, “Absolutely.”

“I don’t think you can overstate the reality of institutional racism in society today,” Gillibrand stated. “I really don’t think you can overstate it. It is so prevalent. It is in healthcare, it is in education, it’s in the economy, it’s in the criminal justice system.”

Describing an incident where she was driving down the wrong side of the street, Gillibrand said a police officer asked her if she needed assistance. She then went on to discuss how she believes the situation would have been handled if she were a black person.

‘If I was a black woman, or God forbid a black man, he would not only pull me out of that car, he might arrest me. I could be shot,” Gillibrand claimed.

Gillibrand also claimed she has a “comprehensive approach” to address systemic racism.

Gillibrand was “asked specifically” how she had benefited in her career from being a white woman.

“I am certain I have been. I’m certain of it,” Gillibrand responded. “I think you know disproportionately that black and brown people have less economic opportunity. Just look at the pay gap.”

“The fact that white women earn more than black women, earn more than Latinas,” Gillibrand added. “It’s in the pay that I receive, so the truth is yes, I have benefited because of my whiteness, and that’s just a fact.”

  1. One thing I can say about my community, there is no test for skin color to interact with others. In southeast Louisiana, the Cajun Community recognizes the character of an individual as the type of person they are. The one prevailing rule here is “If you are hungry, sit down and eat, and lets pass a good time.

  2. You couldn’t see me when I finished reading this, but I had a finger down my throat,gag a magot. Kristen talked about white privilege because she was letting her multi-billionaire bosses know she is with them. As to pay different, do you think that might have something to do with education? But is Kristen talking about educating them, HELL NO! Then they would be too smart to believe her bullshit. Nobody in the elitist neo-nazis party wants these people educated because then they would be too smart to believe their fascist anti-American crap.

  3. Hey Gillibrand, you are a very disturbed person. If you don’t like the fact that you’re white, then by all means please go ahead and kill yourself.

  4. This Democrat hype of slavery, racism and white supremacy is getting really, really old and worn out. All this is doing is to promote a separation between the white and blacks.

    “Describing an incident where she was driving down the wrong side of the street, Gillibrand said a police officer asked her if she needed assistance.” She was not aware of “driving down the wrong side of the street”? Apparently, she is still driving down the wrong side of the street !!!!

    Yes, a vote for Gillibrand is a vote for black supremacy, illegal immigration and the rest of the “free stuff”.

    When will the Democrats become interested in working for the tax payers and citizens of the United States ???

  5. If Gillibrand’s whiteness has been such a boon to her, then why is she one of the dumbest twits that I’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing or seeing. Obviously her whiteness didn’t get her educated, or get her an ounce of common sense. I wouldn’t hire that Dumbshit to wash my car, much less vote for her to be in any governmental position.

  6. What a FREAKING wet noodle,Im mean this self hate is just Parody now! You Silly B… why dont you just get a catOnine tails and start Whipping yourself for being white,While Cursing you Ancestors the whole time??So Sad whats happened to the culture thats responsible for Western civilization and the Invention of almost Everything.Trailblazers that Broke their backs to build a country(And all of Europe) Every Other ethnic group Yells at the top of their lungs how Special THEIR “race”is no matter how small the true Accomplishment was.Now “our”Children are brainwashed into being Ashamed instead of Proud of themselves.Wanna see the country and World if Whites went on Strike for a Month??Bedlem would follow!That almost Zero percent of whites that Actually owed slaves Defines an Entire ethnic group now.And the Longer ago it was,The MORE we gotta take the Blame for Every Wrong committed in world history!And we*re our Own Worst enemy,Just listen to That A..h… Semper Fi

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