2020 Bill De Blasio Takes Aim At ICE
Image credit: New York Post

No Democrat will see the crisis they started, but instead they will just find someone to blame…

On CNN’s “State of the Union,” 2020 presidential hopeful, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called to abolish the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

De Blasio said, “What President Trump is doing, and again I’ll say it clearly, his slogan should be ‘Make America Hate Again’ because he’s trying to foment division as a political campaign. What he’s doing with our ICE agents is not about securing our borders. It is an electoral process by President Trump. We could have a rational system and clear border security, and it could be done in a way that actually helps our economy function and creates fairness.”

He added, “we don’t need this ICE. This ICE as it is formed should be abolished, and a new agency created not about separating families but is actually enforcing the law fairly and evenly.”

  1. What is really needed is a law requiring all politico’s to tell the truth, give all the facts and ensure the Honesty in Advertising applies to them.

    1. No the Democrats have been playing the hate Republican card ever since the anti American, anti Christian, Muslim nation got involved in our politics, and kicked our Christian God to the curb. I am to the point where I almost wish that the states would have the right to succeed from the union and become a country unto ourselves. That way the Dems and all their states could bow down and praise their Cortex, and the rest of us wouldn’t have to look at and listen to her Socialist ignorance.

  2. Make America hate again should be the Democratic party slogan!! They are the only ones attacking conservatives, and that’s how they are brainwashed to attack when the truth can’t be denied. It’s the first sign of brainwashing. It’s also is a sign of the failure of our educational system which the elitist neo-nazis now control, with the NEA in their pocket. De Blowhard is just another elitist bullshit wantabe.

  3. ICE was formed to operate on a function that is not being done by the local police and the police of the santurtary cities and that is to check the criminal background of the “Invaders” to at least make sure that their criminal background is any greater then it is. Make no mistake, every “Invader” entering our country illegally is a criminal, including men, women and children, that is the reason that should be “expelled” as soon as possible because the length of time that they here emboldens them into thinking that they can break any law that they want to and that is not what OUR country is about. The “Invaders” must leave, voluntarily or by force, MAGA,

  4. Hey Big Bird, it’s with reasonable certainty you smoked too much CRACK or you have a mental issue and should have been ABORTED. Either way your just a NESTING COCKROACH from the SEWER.

  5. Just like his stupid statement that there is plenty enough money in this country it’s just in the wrong hands !!! We see with what he does with city money supply illegal aliens with health @ taxpayer expense!!! Here is a man the fonts his position of New York City maYor totally disregard Federal Law to protect illegal aliens !!!

  6. More projection from a died-in-the-wool leftist. De Blasio says Trump should just make his motto “Make America Hate Again” because he foments division as a political strategy. Isn’t it the Democrat Party which separates people into categories and accepts or rejects them, based upon the category they fall into? Isn’t it the Democrat Party who has basically thrown the entire citizen population of the US under the bus as “deplorables”? Isn’t it the Democrat Party that has a gang of armed thugs (called Antifa) who roam our city streets beating the hell out of anyone they think might be conservative? I think the party of “hate” is already pretty well defined and it isn’t the Republican Party.

  7. Trump tried his best to work with the Democrats for over 2 years and they sat idled ! deal with it , To Late to hear your sob story, The Democrats brought this on themselves. The American People are NOT STUPID ., much like The Democrats in Congress. To Late Deal with it NOW and Shut The F**k UP ! MAGA TRUMP 20/20

  8. Hey Dick,
    Time to investigate the DONATIONS you’ve been getting for variances and other things by businesses in NYC….
    Homan did an excellent job with all these POS’s…..
    Hmmm – DC – ACLU – SPLU and others fail to remember that the LAW specifies that they must seek asylum and get rejected in other democratic countries that they TRAVEL THROUGH….seems that they have forgotten those parts of the LAW….
    The ACLU also fails to mention that after and during processing – Illegals are provided with a package of release papers which I used to add their fingerprint to prevent selling – loaning or borrowing…..but anyway – they FAIL to mention that this package is EXPLAINED to the Illegal and a ” change of address form” is also INCLUDED along with the name address and phone number of the controlling office…
    More lies by these POS’s……to the ignorant…..

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