Pelosi TRASHES Trump For Defending Her
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What a snake…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) condemned President Donald Trump on Sunday in a series of tweets bashing the president for telling a group of four progressive Democrat lawmakers to “go back” to their countries, adding that the comments “reaffirm” his plan to “make America white again.”

“When @realDonaldTrump tells four American Congresswomen to go back to their countries, he reaffirms his plan to ‘Make America Great Again’ has always been about making America white again,” Pelosi tweeted Sunday. “Our diversity is our strength and our unity is our power.”

In another tweet, Pelosi mentions that she “rejects” Trump’s “xenophobic comments meant to divide our nation” and urged him to come up with an immigration policy that would “stop the raids.”

Pelosi’s tweets came just hours after Trump penned a series of tweets Sunday morning targeting a group of progressive lawmakers, which he did not single out by name, to tell them they should “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came” before coming back to show the U.S. “how it is done.”

Trump’s remarks came after Pelosi and four progressive freshman House Democrats— Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA)— had been disagreeing about whether to vote against an emergency spending bill that would fund border security which Pelosi backed.

Src: Breitbart

    1. I see we have nothing but Republicans commenting on here….you all should really sit back and read what you are writing….and you call yourselves Americans….instead of trying to make America great again…when there was not that much to make it any greater than it is compared to most countries….we should all be concentrating on keeping American the great country that it is…everyone working together….government coming together…whether Democrats or Republican….get this country together and make it right for everyone….I understand where Trump is coming from on immigration…I’m just not a fan of how he’s going about it….we as Americans are so much better than this….at least we used to be….

    2. … TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYDROME is alive and well in the BLOWN UP HEAD of Pelosi who seems to have derailed IN FLAMES ….AGAIN

  1. Skank just doing everything she can to keep the brainwashed minions as far away from the truth as possible. Maybe the president should be pointing out that survey showed that her voting district has more drug addicts than school students. Now we know how why that lying whore gets elected. MAGA

  2. Pelosis, how in the hell is it racist to want people that have I beliefs, our values and and everything else that this country has been built on. Ethnicity and skin color have nothing to do with it if they have the right values, honesty and integrity to perform viable public servant which you and neither of the ‘squad’ have. Your are just a sorry ass bitch that should not be in congress. It is a dam shame you have been there as long as you have. You need to be kicked or snuffed out! Period!

    1. The Democrat lie is the are pushing Socialism and none of them know how it works. They are all out there trying to go one up on giving “FREE STUF”’ and the jerks I hope they know, nothing is free! You take from those that are working to provide for their families to give to free loaders and illegals when we are in need to clean up our DemocRAT run large cities that look like third world counties! Not one of those imbeciles running for President in the DemocRAT party knows how to fix anything and would bankrupt a lemonade stand if they were running it. Socialism to survive needs EVERYONE to contribute, NO FREE LOADERS. They are trying to destroy our country and if they get one elected the economy will go into the toilet.

  3. Pelosi and her big mouth need to leave this country just like all the other Democrat that has a problem with our president. You are are evil trying to destroy this country ashole Democrat

  4. Racist? Doesn’t she know what Trump has done for minorities? She needs to retire. That would keep her from feeling bad by losing the nexzt election.

  5. I agree with Trump,but AOC i s from here,but she should leave too since she i s against what his country stand for and was founded on. Pelosi says Trump wants to make America white because he wants a citizen count in the census.Hey Nancy we have black citizens,Hispanic citizens,Indian citizens,Asian citizens so having a count is not about being one color. We’ve always had that question in the census until Obozo took it out in 2008.

  6. Trump is right. Those four low life azz holes should be kicked out of the country. Your no better then those anti-Americn “B’s” are either.

  7. Watching Pelosi stumble, sputter and stutter to come up with amusing lines to attack President Trump is like watching a High School Air Head twit mindlessly try to come up with new put down lines. This man is tempered steel forged in the World of Hardball Global Business which is not for the faint of heart. Many people have walked into that forge and left broken and defeated , yet he is still standing, after many tries and failures he didn’t let it defeat him. I don’t what Crazy Eyes Pelosi and the rest of the Demotards think they can do to harm him. They wouldn’t last two seconds in his world, that’s why they are politicians and steal their money from the tax payers.

  8. After the attempted coup by the Democrats and the Obama administration, how the He!!! Did they get back in charge of anything? Are there really that many stupid people in America?

  9. Yes Buddy there are a lot of stupid people here that have been brain washed by the demonrats, but I think there are more of us who know the truth, The demonrats/socialist/communist party are trying to destroy America and we will stop them in 2020.

  10. That’s called Dem-Com gratitude. Trump tried to be nice and she stab’s him in the back., another WIN for Trump!

  11. This is the ultimate in hatred, and the entire Democrat Party is spewing it against President Trump.

    Nancy Pelosi says about President Trump, “Rather than attack Members of Congress, he should work with us for humane immigration policy that reflects American values.”

    But actually all polls show that the majority of the American people want the “immigration policy” that President Trump wants the US Congress to pass into law, so why doesn’t Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in the US Congress work with President Trump on immigration reform that most Americans want?

    One can only imagine all that President Trump could have accomplished in his last 2 years of his first term in office if he had a Speaker of the House like Tip O’Neal, rather than Nancy Pelosi, who just keeps encouraging hatred to institute resistance and obstruction of all the policies and agendas that the majority of the American people want, and elected President Trump to provide for them.

    What a terrible mistake the American people mad in 2018, when they voted for enough Democrats in the US House to make Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House again, with all her hatred and intolerance of President Trump and what the American people want.

  12. President Trump is making America strong again, and if that means it is white…..well what does that say about all the other (diverse) cultures? Strength comes from commonality not diversity. It isn’t the color of the skin but rather the quality within. Every color has quality. No color is only quality.

  13. Pelosi: Pres. Trump was only being a gentlemen trying to defend the honor of an old hag. Take what you can get. No one else came to your defense–even your own party. Don’t you have any friends?? I wonder why.

  14. As Rush Limbaugh always says, there is no way to work with the demons on the left. The only rational thing to do is to defeat them, thoroughly. Trump is completely correct about the four hags-they come from s**tholes to the best country in the world and none of them are grateful for being given a safe home. Instead, they all constantly bitch about how bad the country is, while all four have plum jobs that other citizens could only dream of. Diversity is definitely NOT our strength, it is a weakness of incredible weight when the diverse people refuse to integrate and form small pockets of hate all over the country, instead.

  15. Sit back and enjoy watching the current, ossified Dem leadership cabal try to retain power using their outdated playbook. Combine this with a healthy dose of TDS, and you can start to understand how easy it is for POTUS to effortlessly ‘yank their chain’ on Twitter. They maestro at work!

  16. THe President made a mistake in defending Pelosi , She has been his biggest Obstructionist & enemy in congress !!! Sorry I won’t give her the time of day after some of the things she said & done !!!

  17. Okay – Time to see you arrested – tried and publicly hung …….
    Homan did an excellent job with all these POS’s…..
    Hmmm – DC – ACLU – SPLU and others fail to remember that the LAW specifies that they must seek asylum and get rejected in other democratic countries that they TRAVEL THROUGH….seems that they have forgotten those parts of the LAW….
    The ACLU also fails to mention that after and during processing – Illegals are provided with a package of release papers which I used to add their fingerprint to prevent selling – loaning or borrowing…..but anyway – they FAIL to mention that this package is EXPLAINED to the Illegal and a ” change of address form” is also INCLUDED along with the name address and phone number of the controlling office…
    More lies by these POS’s……to the ignorant…..

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