Biden Blames His Past Support For War On THIS President
Image credit: Fox News

This is borderline hilarous…

During a speech on Saturday, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden addressed his vote for the Iraq War and stated that he made a mistake by trusting President George W. Bush.

Biden said, “The mistake I made was trusting President Bush, who gave me his word he was using it for the purpose of getting inspectors in to see what was going on, whether they were producing nuclear weapons.”

Biden also stated, “My mistake was looking a man in the eye who hadn’t lied to me and said, I’m not going to take us to war, this is merely to get inspectors in.”

Src: Breitbart

  1. HELL that was before he spent eight years under the Great Divider Obamie and much like Slick Willy, if you spend too much time lying with DOGS you start to smell like one.

  2. Biden, you are such a dumb ass! You don’t know which end is up from one day to the next. You change your thought and opinions like I change drawers to whatever sounds best at any given moment. You are like an old jovial uncle or grand dad at a family reunion without a care in the world but just do and say whatever it takes to appear congenial.

  3. Why didn’t he go after Obama when he appointed judges in San Diego who sided with Muslim and gave prayer in public school. How about San Diego new on hate crime when Muslim woman murdered. It was honor killing.
    Why didn’t he do something about Hiller’s part of Steven’s murderer on Libya and the other people Murder. Hillary and Obama Russian deal?! How about open borders and non-vetted refugees + lottery refugees? What happened to the kids Obama had bussed and put in foster homes?
    Why were the San Bernardino shooters taken of watch list 2 months before shooting. Same thing with FL shooter, he was taken off the watch list and hired to buss Illegals from Borders
    Trump 2020
    Recall Newsom
    Deport Illegals

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