Emotional Tlaib LASHES Out At Hearing, Makes INSANE Comment
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Try not being so extra next time Rashida…

Michigan Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib claimed that no person in the United States in “illegal,” while testifying before a House committee hearing.

“First, no one is illegal. That term is derogatory now because it dehumanizes people. You can say any other forms of maybe ‘coming in without any regulations’ or so forth, but the use of ‘illegal’ is disrespectful and I ask my colleagues to try in so many ways to not dehumanize our immigrant neighbors who are trying to come in for safe haven,” Tlaib said Friday during a House Oversight committee hearing.

The congresswoman, herself the daughter of Palestinian immigrants, spoke about the southern border crisis and the alleged mistreatment of illegal aliens being held in detention facilities, and claimed that a “dangerous ideology” was governing the country.

In an effort to paint a grim picture of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Michigan Democrat spent a significant amount of her time describing the different people she met in their custody, recounting moments she met a young child, a father, a pregnant mother and others who were detained after illegally crossing the border.

“The dehumanization is not only with those families, but also with the agents that we’ve had to do this to these families,” Tlaib concluded in her testimony.

Other lawmakers, however, took issue with the idea that the term “illegal” is offensive to use.

“If anyone is in the United States unlawfully, then they are, in fact, an illegal,” said Kentucky GOP Rep. James Comer later on during the committee hearing. “And let me be clear: This is not a manufactured crisis. This is a problem that is getting worse every day, yet this Congress continues to do nothing about the real problem at the border.”

The Friday hearing, titled “The Trump Administration’s Child Separation Policy: Substantiated Allegations of Mistreatment,” focused on the handling of migrants in CBP custody. The hearing was originally only going to feature the testimony of four Democratic lawmakers, but Chairman Elijah Cummings at the last-minute allowed four Republicans from border states to join in after Ranking Member Jim Jordan asked that their perspective also be included.

While all eight lawmakers gave testimony about the same subject, their analysis of the crisis appeared miles apart. The four Democratic congresswomen focused mainly on alleged mistreatment of detainees at the hands of CBP agents, and called on the U.S. government to change laws that would create a better environment for asylum seekers. New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for example, demanded changes to metering and detention policies and criticized the Trump administration’s Remain in Mexico program.

Republicans also focused on the need for legislative reform, but their calls revolved around changing the laws that have contributed to the immigration crisis. The Flores settlement, and the way the U.S. government handles family units, they argued, have created an incentive for foreign nationals to illegally enter the country.

The fact that CBP detention facilities are overwhelmed, one Republican said, was not the fault of CBP agents, but a result of the enormous number of illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

“I want everyone to think of a busy emergency department,” said Tennessee Rep. Mark Green, “and a massive natural disaster occurs and there are hundreds of patients flooding that emergency department. They’re treating people in hallways. They’re treating people in the parking lot … it’s not the doctors’ fault that patients are everywhere.”

Src: The Daily Caller

    1. I’d Love to see her go , and let her take that dirtbag Omar with her ! I’d even pay for their One Way tickets ! Their kind of Scum does not belong in the USA !

  1. Claims a dangerous ideology !!!! She must be talking about the guy who started it, Obamie. Some may say these words are bad, but sometimes the truth is hard, but the only good thing coming out of Palestine these days are dead bodies. Rhetorical lying whore needs to be deported. She should take all her elitist neo-nazis buddies with her. Her and the rest of the towel Head brigade should all be charged with lying to Congress.

    1. Oh Yeah, why is it that these people come to this country to get away from a form of government that they now advocate here. Are they that stupid or just planted spies, or could be bought and paid for by the elitist neo-nazis party (DNP).

  2. Cortex and now its Tlaib using her tears, for what? sympathy? Never. She along with other Muslims hates America should be deported, kicked out of USA. Since their arrival as refugees, chaos, troubles, complains, whining, filthy mouth, sedition, treason abounds. It is ALL OBAMA’S FAULT. HIS ANTI AMERICA, ANTI CHRISTIAN, A RACIST ARE , MORE THAN ENOUGH TO DECLARE HIM PERSONA NON GRATA. HE SHOULD GO BACK TO KENYA WHERE HE AND HIS FAMILY BELONG.

  3. You’re right, the term “illegal” is branding these people as criminals, they are “Invaders” and need to be treated as such. The Detention Centers are too good for them. Have them housed in large tents so that they know that their time here is short lived. Congress needs to revamp the immigration laws to put a damper on the the number of “Invaders” we have to deal with. How about we treat our border like all the other countries in the world and when an Invader is caught they are put in prison to serve the time for their indiscretion and then deported by “bus” to their country of origin.

  4. This fake bullshit is absolutely ridicules, why are these savages given the
    platform to fane the fake emotions, if this stupid shit want the boarder fixed, then get off your fat ignorant ass and do the job you were illegally elected to do! This is F’ing ridicules, they are responsible for the invasion and holding
    back funds to fix the problems created by them at the boarder, then want to pretend it’s to emotional for them! Why is this allowed?? Quite encouraging
    this third world behavior of this low feckless mentality! There is no room for this ignorance in our country!!

  5. No one may be identified as illegal, but sure as hell there are aliens and foreign nationals that are unlawfully present on US soil – using immigration law lingo. It all boils down to whether you are lawfully present or not. And this goes for visa and non-visa overstayers and especially those with deportation orders!

  6. Another example of a Democrat and Liberal who won’t accept the truth. We all know the last President built those as well as started ICE. But as I said there are those that won’t accept the truth.

  7. This Hamas Honey, Somali Escapee and the Bronx Barmaid were tailor maid click bait material. For the time being, this trio has usurped Mad Max, Pencil Neck and The Wadler on the 24/7 news cycle. Look for more outrageous, inane statements as they all try to remain relevant. Just do not
    waste any too much emotional energy on any of the.
    Like a bad bowl of chili con carne, they will soon pass.

    1. DL loved the Hamas Honey , but honey is too good for that anti-American lying pile of camel dung. What’s say we go with Hamas Dungspewer, I like it for a mid-east terrorist.

  8. Last time I checked ONLY humans can be illegal aliens, so it’s pretty outrageous to say using this term dehumanizes them. Moreover, it is the term Congress chose when it wrote laws on immigration. However, I am willing to consider other descriptive terms. Felons, criminal invaders, frauds, and identity thieves are just a few others that come to mind.

  9. What don’t they understand about the word illegal! If immigrants are here without the proper paperwork they are here illegally. What do we do with someone who commits illegal acts? In the case of immigrants we deport them. What do we do with anyone who breaks the laws of our nation? Make them pay the consequences depending on what they did. Are these yoyo Congresswomen next going to tell us not to call bank robbers criminals because it hurts their feelings and dehumanizes them? Well, tough. Illegal iss illegal!

  10. Just another distraction for the president to deal with. “Russian witch-hunt” , invasion at border, out of control politically charged federal judges. Imagine for a moment what state our country could be in right now had it not been for all this unwarranted “resistance”.
    The Democrats must be made irrelevant in American politics.
    Please remember to vote in 2020!

  11. Tlaib you are a liar and a fraud and your display of emotions are pure FAKE. I have seen this many times from Phonies like you

  12. this idiot thinks these people are having a hard time she needs to go check out the homeless camps and other places them and yes sometimes there children and see who really needs the help she is holloring about at least the illegals might be crowded but at least they have a roof over them and is getting food

  13. FYI : rashida tlaib You say it is illegal to use the word ILLEGAL about any breathing thing from now on, but you forgot that according to the U.S> Constitution we have the right to FREE speech, which means that it is ILLEGAL for you to try and tell us, what to say…………
    YOU could ask and THAT would most likely go over a lot better but for us to say “it is illegal, DOES NOT work very well if AT ALL”………..KISS off woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. “The more the merrier” – our Democrats, socialists, communists and other low-lives shout. They piss on our laws, our border agents, and of course our Republicans. The more illegals = the more Democrat voters.

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