Failed Democratic Presidential Candidate BLASTS Trump
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He’s probably still hurting from polling at 0%…

On MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said President Donald Trump’s attempts to included a citizenship question on the 2020 census was “an effort by the president to erase the existence of Hispanic families in America.”

Swalwell said, “This is an effort by the president to erase the existence of Hispanic families in America. That is exactly what this seeks to do. It will affect so many communities, including my district, which is one of the most diverse districts in America, one of the largest Hispanic populations in America. It will prevent us from getting the resources we need. It’s punitive. We’re not helpless. We’re going to go to court and use the new majority that the American people gave us to stop this.”

  1. Someone needs to bring this guy up to date. His policies concerning his Liberal opinion is not relevant to even his running mates. It is no wonder that he got 0% in the polls.

    Most candidates, do an exploratory poll opinion to see how well their campaign policies will be accepted by the voting block both Liberal and Conservative. Since he received a poor percentage in the opinion poll. I assume he did the same in this job as he did in school, he did not do his homework.

  2. Erase Hispanic families from America ! ??!!?? How is trying to make sure taxpaying citizens reap the benefits of the money they have paid in and keeping the law erasing anybody but criminals? It’s such a line of bullshit are you sure that not a quote from the Psycho Princess AOC (asshole out-of-control).

  3. Well if you wasn’t born in America then we shouldn’t let the politician try to force this on Trump. We are American and they are not

    1. If you have gone through the naturization process, no matter where you were born, you are a citzen. If you were born elsewhere other than the USA, and have not becaome a citzen , then you have no right to ask for benefits from the government of this countr–nor to be represented in Congress.

  4. It seems that Swalwell is actually admitting that his district has a majority of illegal immigrants, that are probably illegally and fraudulently voting in our national elections. You see, illegal immigrants, nor even legal immigrants, are legally allowed to vote, nor legally allowed to be counted for representation in the “US House of Representatives”, or for the number of “Electoral College” votes allowed for each state, for that is reserved for the count of American citizens only.

    Once you understand this underlying truth, then you’ll know why California and other Democrat controlled states become sanctuary states, to draw illegal immigrants into their states to be counted to make up for all their American citizens moving to other states, to get out from under the Democrats’ terrible economic policies, agendas, and very high taxes.

    The Democrats use these illegal immigrant counts to keep the same representation in the “US House of Representatives”, and the same number of “Electoral College” votes for their state when voting for the President of the USA, but when we count the actual numbers of illegal immigrants in each state, we then can eliminate that number from being counted for the representation of that state for the “US House of Representatives” and the “Electoral College” number of votes that state would be allowed.

  5. One thing is certain that Jeffrey Dahmer twin won’t famous for his critical thinking abilities ,he’s still a douche’.just to show no hard feelings I’ll buy him a drink ,”bartender get the congressman ,a vinegar and water over the rocks please”….

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