Crazy Kamala Blames THIS For Her Position In Polls
Image credit: Politico

Democrats are willing to blame anything to boost their polls…

In a Friday appearance on iHeartRadio’s “The Breakfast Club,” 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) asserted that Russia has targeted her presidential campaign.

One of the show’s hosts, Angela Yee, asked the senator after she detailed how Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election if her campaign is being targeted now.

“Well, we already know we are,” Harris replied after agreeing with co-host Charlamagne tha God that Trump’s election is “illegitimate” because of Russia’s meddling.

“We have to pay attention to that stuff and know that it’s not going to necessarily be real people doing it,” she later added. “It’ll be others and those [Russian] bots that stir it up to the point that it generates heat and then people start getting swept into it, right?”

  1. She is very vain to think that Russia would be so interested in destabilizing her campaign when she is not even relevant at this point in the campaign. If, and that will be a mighty big “IF” you are voted to receive the nomination, then you can worry about Russia meddling in your election, along with China, Iran, and North Korea.

    1. Right she thinks she is a Hillary clone! She isn’t doing well because people don’t like her…she keeps lying!

  2. OH !!! So now she thinks she’s as important as Trump LOL. She must be measuring egos, cause if she’s thinking she could match brains with him it just shows how stupid her swollen ego has made her.

  3. She also is not eligible because neither parent was an American citizen when she was born. Maybe she thinks that since Obama got away with one non-citizen parent that she might get away with it.

  4. Sounds like she is setting the scene for either going after the Pres. when she loses to him, or attempting to build cover for her incompetence should she not be the one to make the final cut. She is of course, being supported by BHO and his group of merry destructors, thus is appears her candidacy is fait accompli. God help anyone who gets in her way. It is HRC redux.

  5. They are all so vain they cannot begin to consider that maybe….just maybe….the American people DON’T WANT HER! Just like Hillary, but at least this one doesn’t scare herself when she looks in the nirror.

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