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If you want to be praised by the Democratic community just do this…

On MSNBC’s “Deadline,” host Nicolle Wallace said to U.S. women’s soccer team co-captain Megan Rapinoe “you make us believe. God bless you.”

After playing a clip of Rapinoe’s victory speech, Wallace said, “A powerful call to action today at the world cup victory parade in New York courtesy of the legend herself, Megan Rapinoe. She’s been the team’s unquestioned leader on and off the field. No one scored more goals that ed in the tournament. But perhaps her most enduring legacy will be the way she stood up for social change when the light shined the brightest. She’s a huge advocate for equal pay.”

She continued, “Also, she’s just a born leader. You cover Washington, you’ve been around,  mean, there are just people that have it and she just has it.”

She added, “You can see her at the Democratic convention.”

She concluded, Megan Rapinoe, you make us believe. God bless you and your teammates, congratulations.”

  1. Miss Walleye calling on God to adonalize Rappin’nut’s ego is a spit in the face of God. Translation of Miss Walleye’s ego speak shows how scum talk , when she said- she’s a born leader-what she really means is her ego is way bigger than mine. When she said – some people just have it and she has it – means she is one arogant bitch and probably a direct reference to HITLER !!!!!!!

  2. Rapinoes distain for America and hate for Trump ( She lied repeatedly with gross exaggerations about Trumps actual actions). MSNBC’s dishonest biased coverage is doing more harm to the media’s responsibility in reporting the truth. Was I the only person who listened to Rapinoe’s rant who noticed absolutely no tough questions asked to rebuke any of her questionable statements? No wonder MSNBC and CNN have been sinking in the ratings. They don’t seem to get it that even people who hate Trump aren’t all stupid.

  3. All of you liberatards and demorats are nothing but lying, hypocritical sons of bitches and all of you need to get your fucking asses out of this country before you completely destroy what is left of it!

  4. Oh yes, when Nicolle Wallace says something, it “has” to be true…
    I have as much respect for this women’s team as I do Nicolle Wallace…which is absolutely “ZERO”…I’d say ship Nicolle Wallace, along with this women’s team, to Tembukto…how about Iran? Maybe they’d appreciate America, then. I do think they’d be treated differently and their mouths wouldn’t be spewing trash.
    Women, you deserve 1/4 of what the men’s tesm gets because you bring in about that much that your games do. Let’s get serious….

  5. Rapinoe’s big mouth shown on TV…and she is holding the trophy…
    And watch does this witch say?
    I know what you deserve but it sure the hell isn’t a trophy!

    And to the rest of the women’s team…You DO realize that this piece of trash is causing the rest of America to hate the team?

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