Warren Praises THIS Former Candidate
Image credit: The Times of Israel

Looks like Warren is desperate for some votes…

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) issued glowing praise to her former Democrat challenger Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) over his gun-grabbing efforts, following his exit from the crowded primary field Monday.

“Thank you @EricSwalwell for your commitment to making gun reform front and center in this election,” she tweeted Monday. “Gun violence is a public health crisis, and I’ll keep fighting alongside you for a safer future,” she promised. “The American people are lucky to have you in this fight.”

Swalwell became the first Democrat to leave the crowded Democrat primary field, telling supporters that his campaign had to “look at how much money we were raising, where we were in the polls.”

Warren has also expressed support for some of Swalwell’s radical ideas, especially the possibility of an “assault weapons” ban.

“Gun violence is a national health emergency in this country and we need to treat it like that. So what can we do? We can do the things that are sensible,” she said, listing off universal background checks and a ban on supposed “weapons of war.”

  1. Like snakes slitting in a pit they climb all over each other, so when one is gone they divive up his stuff. Warren was just the first snake to make a move. Ego trippers aren’t hard to figure out, everything is about them. That what makes them stupid is they’re to figure out, all you’re got to do is ask yourself what would a spoiled rotten ten years old do.

  2. Swallowswell is a disgrace to our country and an enemy of our Constitution, also an enemy of the peoples’ right to protect themselves from the criminal thugs he wants to roam free in our land. Glad the treasonous moron is passe. Can’t wait for more like him to get out. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  3. Warren speaks about a “safer future,” but she must be referring to making it safer for the criminals who will never give up their guns, and leave decent Americans defenseless against theirs. Don’t even think “call the cops” – that is a joke.

  4. Swalwell wants to take guns away from decent, honest citizens. The citizens will be defenseless The criminals will still have guns. It will be a massacre. Swalwell loves criminals!

  5. Swallowswell(it was really painful to see him try to swallow that beer wasn’t it?) is just another dummy BIDEN demagogue. personification of what the DNC has become and trust men. he and the other DNC dip$hits will be the ones Soros replaces with acolytes of Socialism and Islamist activism the next two cycles.
    Hired for being complacent morons, Swallowswell and Dems will be replaced by not complacent, morons like AOC, Omar and Tlaib that Soros got into office in 2018.

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