People Are Contaminating Food at Grocery Stores and It’s Disgusting
Image credit: R2G Hospitality Solutions

This trend is horrifying…

This “challenge” many people are doing consists of tampering with food in the grocery store by spitting in it or licking it.

This unchecked passive-aggressive food terrorism has gone too far. On ABC, Chris Harrison can host “It’s the most dramatic caning ceremony ever!”

  1. They need a good ass whipping for this type of behavior. Glad I don’t use pre-cooked items and make all my food from scratch.

  2. The Me-too movement at it’s finest. The abomination of self should be called the look at me movement. This is the society brought to you by the elitist neo-nazis party (DNP), let’s make one president!!!! LOL

    1. I like your “look at me movement” description. Problem is…..when you look at them they shout, “What are looking at? Are you looking at me? Stop looking at me!” But when you stop looking….they turn back to the look at me movement. We can’t win with these people. I think they have become the “I’ll do what I damn well please because I am the ONLY one who matters” movement.

  3. This behavior is childish, and when caught, the lickerss should be spanked, though it may take the use of bamboo canes to relly impress them with the fact that they are behaving as infants would.

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