Sleepy Joe Predicts THIS Will Happen Post Election
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We don’t call him sleepy Joe for nothing…

On CNN’s “New Day” on Friday, former Vice President Joe Biden told network host Chris Cuomo if President Donald Trump is reelected, there would be no NATO in four to five years.

Partial transcript as follows:

BIDEN: [W]e need allies. He is absolutely dissing them. He’s embracing thugs. He is embracing Kim Jong-un, who’s a thug. He’s embracing Putin, who is a flat dictator. He’s embracing people — in fact, he is stiff-arming our friends. He’s threatening NATO, to pull out of NATO. I mean, come on. 

CUOMO: He says he’s gotten gotten NATO to give in more money for their defense because of his tactics. 

BIDEN: Give me a break. Come on, man. And b the way, the idea that NATO — let me put it this way, if he wins re-election, I promise you there will be no NATO in four years or five years. 

CUOMO: You think there will be no more NATO if he’s re-elected? 

BIDEN: No more NATO. I mean, I went to the conference that we have — it’s call the Vercundsa Conference. And the first [speaker] stood up, the chancellor, former chancellor of Germany, stands up. She says we have to go it alone. We can’t count on the United States. Why did we set up NATO, Chris? So no one nation could abuse the power in the region in Europe that would suck us in, in a way they did in World War I and World War II. It is being crushed.

Look at what’s happening with Putin. While Putin is trying to undo our elections, he is undoing elections in Europe. Look what’s happened in Hungary. Look what’s happened in Poland. Look what’s happening. You think that would happen on my watch or Barack’s watch? You can’t answer that, but I promise it wouldn’t have, and it didn’t.

  1. That’s the problem with goofy old pricks, they ain’t got no volume knob so we could just turn the lying old bastard off. I’M 64 and I am so glad I’M not a babbling old lying, fear mongering asswipe slipping into Alzheimers like Goofy Joe.

    1. This is the third time I have attempted to post my comment today.. Keeps cutting off the last part. I will try again.. I said,: Poor OLD MAN JOE.. He is not sleepy, He is brain dead..

  2. Every time he talks more stupid comes out, if a person were to believe all the crap he comes off with they would have to have no memory at all. The sad part of this is he believes all this.

  3. Joe Biden = Stupider, Dumber, Idiotic …. Asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everytime he speaks it comes out more than Stupid and how much is that, duh!!!!!!!!
    Hey Joe, go “”””FUCK YOURSELF””””””” …You dumbass Idiot and Barack Obama, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Biden is lying with hope that someone will believe him but we the people are not falling for democratic propaganda. …Biden isn’t seriously campaigning he’s just a fill in til the real candidate steps up but I’m trump 2020 no matter who tries to fool the voters…

  5. So, you say there will be no NATO in 4 years????? How many years will it take for you to cure cancer?????? Did you ever think that keeping your enemies close is a good thing????? Give Trump credit for being able to get along with Putin and Kim Jung…. he’s not afraid to fix things instead of letting them escalate.. As an American I am pissed that ILLEGAL immigrants are going to be allowed to vote. I’m done with the democratic party..

  6. BS!!! And what is so embarrassing about it is that some ignorant people will believe what Biden has said.

    The truth is that President Trump has made NATO stronger, as now the members are attempting to meet their responsibilities, which when they do, they makes NATO much stronger, not like it was when Obama/Biden reined in the USA, and allowed most NATO members to shirk their duties and what they had also promised to do, but didn’t.

    President Trump only shamed them into meeting the responsibilities that they had promised to do, to spend a minimum of 2% of their GDP on defense, while the USA was spending over 4% of our GDP on defense, and the USA was doing the most to defend Europe, more than any nation in NATO, and President Trump wanted it changed, in order to be fair to the American people, and have NATO members do what they had promised to do, but wasn’t doing under Obama/Biden.

    1. Thank you Randy. Finally someone that “GETS IT”! From before the clinton’s, bush’s, obama’s and biden’s watch, we witnessed with each administration upping the anti. The US was contributing more than any other nation and we had eventually become the “WORLD POLICE”! The other nations just sat back and enjoyed the benefits of America’s greatness, all the while laughing at our nation of FOOLS! I’ve said enough. Thanks again Randy, you provide a glimmer of hope in me that one day very soon we will once again become the GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD!

  7. Proving why he was 0-2 and soon to be 0-3. Only thing worse than a fool, is an old fool. Plugs is still using the out-moded Dem play book. The Progs now running the show have no use for him anymore. Look for them to administer an ignominious departure. A fitting end for this pompous, arrogant, conceited, jerk.

  8. Europe like Trump over Obama, they know a line in the sand will not be taken for as a joke, like during the Obama administration. They know when Trump says something he will not waver on it . He is not a politician, probably the worst, he is a businessman and wants things done, not just feel your pain but fix the pain!

  9. So I have tried to Post this Several Times and it keeps getting Deleted, So here it goes again… I have been reading all the Post and watching all the Video’s about Biden and I think I finally Figured it Out the Reason why Obama Never Endorsed Biden Publicly is because Obama is the Big Secret he has been making the Rounds through out the different Countries and Reinforcing his Muslim Connections so that if by chance they get away with Stealing the Election in 2020 Obama will be back in Business, He is the Creature of the End of life as we Non Muslims know it… Once Obama has his Lackey back on top he will swoop in and take Control using Biden as his Puppet and as Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood Army will do as they Planned and Take Control of the Western Civilization just as they Planned . This is Why Obama flooded the United States with MILLIONS of them and Planted them into Our Political Offices because they’ve been Declaring this for Years THEY WILL DESTROY US FROM WITHIN… And OBAMA is the one who Started it ALL…. LET’S SEE IF THIS GET POSTED THIS TIME!!!

  10. Who’s befriending thugs? You democrats want everyone in our country except law abiding people and real Americans. Democrats are inciting riots and sticking up for antifa.

  11. If anyone believes old Biden, they have to be BRAINDEAD. OBAMA was the worst man who ever lived in our WHITE House. He, along with the Socialists/Communist DEMOCRATS worked to destroy America. The Democrats have become insane with hate because their crooked Hillary lost and they weren’t able to finish the job they had started, destroying AMERICA. I think God took these corrupted Democrats down a notch. Trump is not perfect but God has used imperfect people before. Maybe God was hoping that the corrupted Democrats would see the light. Hopefully, God will remove these DEMOCRATS in 2020. I pray that God will save our Country that our Founding Fathers fought for and that our great servicemen and women have fought for during these years.

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