Left Wing Activist BEGS Conservatives To Do THIS
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Just in case you were wondering how desperate the Democrats are…

Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore mocked the “Salute to America” celebration in the nation’s capital, telling his followers that “climate change” and “God” teamed up to “downpour on Trump’s Big Day.” Moore also begged Trump’s base to “come in from the storm” and indulge in the array of “free” stuff commonly peddled by the political left.

“God/Mother Nature/Karma/Climate Change all got together to create this downpour on Trump’s Big Day,” Moore tweeted to his 6 million Twitter followers. “He had to be encased in a bulletproof glass booth. His base, whom he could care less about, was not allowed to bring umbrellas, so they were forced to sit in the rain.”

Maybe Moore should have thought twice before invoking God’s name since the ultra-liberal state of California has already been rattled with two massive earthquakes.

  1. Yeah, really Murky Mike envoking God’s name is kinda like Obamie telling you you could keep your doctor, or Slick Willy telling you he never had sex with that woman. They’d try telling you about anything to get you to believe their bullshit. It’s almost funny except for the fact that there are people who actually believe their shit, then it’s really sad. I hope Karma really does exist then there would be well over a 50 percent chance they all would die choking on their own vomit. God bless America!!!!!

  2. The thing Fatass Moore didn’t notice (because he can’t see past his own enormous beer belly) is that, for whatever means that didn’t allow those people to carry umbrellas, they all stayed when the rain began to fall. Trump, to all of them, was well worth getting wet to stick around and continue the celebration. I totally doubt that more than a couple dozen libtards would have endured the rain to listen to the homeless guy wannabe and his idiocy.

  3. Mr.Mike “Mouth”Moore,you might want to think twice about invoking the name of God. If you want to offer free stuff to people, how about opening your own wallet & showing some benevolence. Or, do you know know anything besides hate & greed?

  4. Hey Mikey, if I supplied the soap, would have gone simply to get a bath. As fat and sloppy as he is, he has to sweat like a pig 24/7. Desperation is so ugly, except to the ultra left.

  5. Have you ever heard when it rains at a funeral, the angels are crying tears of joy. That may be what is happening here. It puzzles me why terrible earthquakes are happening. You might read Hebrews 10: 30-31 if you care to look it up. Makes you wonder. I know there are good Christian people there, but sometimes people tend to bring things upon themselves and good people get harmed. I believe if I were some of the people in this area, I would be taking a good in depth look at my life. By the way, Mr. Moore, a little rain never hurt anyone. We children use to love to play in it.

  6. Shakin’. Californication is shakin’ and it’s KARMA at it’s finest. Just hope it continues on over to the coast and allows SF and LA to continue shakin. You know I am very sorry for the conservatives that are going through this however it has been expected for some time now and the left can’t keep dissin God. Maybe they will get down on their knees and pray that he doesn’t send them down just like he did in Sodom and Gomorra.

  7. It says in Hebrews that God “is a rewarder of them that love Him” (Heb 11:6b), so I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that when the angels go to God and say, “what about that Michael Moore fellah?” that God says “who?”…

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