Buttigieg Uses THIS Desperate Method To Slander Trump
Image credit: Washington Times

The left is willing to do anything to bring down the president…

While talking to reporters, 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg said President Donald Trump should sleep in a border detention center before discussing the conditions of them.

Partial transcript as follows:

REPORTER: Donald Trump tweeted that migrants in detention centers have better conditions than where they’re leaving in Central America…”

BUTTIGIEG: “Yeah, maybe he ought to go sleep in one of those detention centers and then tell us how great the conditions are.

  1. I’M from Indiana and I find him an embarrassment, so let me apologize for the state for the bullshit that comes out of his mouth and say thank God he ain’t a Clinton. Puffin Pete should stick to what he is good at no matter how anal it is. And I still have to ask, Obamie did this for years and it wasn’t an issue then, but now it’s horrible you two-faced rhetorical lying bastards can suck it, and I’m sure that makes Pete happy. You bunch of social deviants, that’s what NAZIS are.

  2. Buttigieg and all the DemoSheep where saying there was no crisis at the border. Now he is saying things are so bad that Pres. trump should have to sleep in one of the detention centers. Better yet, why doesn’t he and all the other Demosheep sleep in the detention centers since there is not a crisis at the border until they can pass some meaningful legislation on immigration. What a group of mal-contents, wierdoes, etc.,etc., wanting to screw America up!

  3. I don’t hear a challenge to Pelosi & the Democrats to sleep in one of the detention camps. Has Mr. Fancy Pants slept in one? Has he been to the countries from where these migrants are coming? Maybe he should do some research before he starts making judgement.

  4. Pete Butt-hole needs to go live in Central America for awhile and then tell us how great the conditions are.

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