Kamala Reveals THIS Disgusting Truth About Her Medicare Plan
Image credit: The New York Times

And she thinks she’s going to become president…

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) has been dodging questions on whether her “Medicare For All” plan would abolish private insurance. Now her spokesman has confirmed that it likely would.

On Tuesday, Washington Examiner published an article that explained Harris’ MFA plan (which was actually proposed by Bernie Sanders) would prohibit private insurance from covering any benefits that would be covered by the government plan. Included in the list are common benefits like hospital services, prescription drug coverage, and pediatrics.

For Harris, this has been one of her biggest struggles as a candidate. A recent poll from CNN found that just 21% of Americans want a national health insurance program from the government to completely replace private health insurance.

Harris hasn’t remained consistent on the issue, Harris told CNN’s Jake Tapper that we should “eliminate” the “process of going through an insurance company, having them give you approval, going through the paperwork, all of the delay that may require.”

  1. They have already made it clear that ” Medicare for All ” is reserved for the “invaders” and not for the Taxpayers of this country, so why would anyone care what the plus and minuses are?

    Let the “jackasses” have a good time, we all know what is going to happen in November 2020, but it will be a serious fight.

  2. The National Elitist Neo-nazis Party, I believe they still like to be called the DNP, are still working off the creedo they used with Crooked Hillary, that the voters are stupid and we got’em buffaloed. Funny how a big ego can make you so stupid.

  3. Harris, is just another Halfbreed Operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization. Her Father is Jamaican, her Mother is Indian and her ancestors were SLAVE HOLDERS.

  4. Does Ms, Harris actually believe the GOVERNMENT is FASTER AND MORE ACCURATE than the insurance system we were used to before all thus BS started? She evidently has no clue. Plus putting our government in charge with a SOCIALIST system, would be a SUICIDAL act for OUR beloved country. HERE is MY suggestion for the future Which SHOULD have happened already but I don’t believe ever has. Our government, without being political at all, needs to sit down with the health care people along with the insurance industry and seriously talk about how THEY and WE can have a HEALTHCARE SYSTEM where EVERYONE SURVIVES.. If THIS DOESN’T WORK, we WILL NEVER have a WORKABLE SYSTEM.

  5. The deeper the “Stupid Hole” she digs, the harder it is to get out of. Let her run off at the mouth which she does extremely well. The more the mouth works the more she exposes herself. If this is the best we’ve got for presidential material we are in a world of hurt. Where do these people come from? Insanity prevails!!

  6. Kamala Harris is ineligible to be potus and veep she is not a natural born citizen of the United States of America. Neither of her parents were american citizens at the time of her birth making her inelgible to be potus/veep. Article 2 Section 1 of the Constitution clearly dictates who can be potus and veep. It clearly states only a natural born citizen of this country. Since her parents were not american citizens prior to her birth she is ineligible regardless of whether kamala was born in America. Both parents have to be american citizens.

    We do not need another usurper in our WH we had 8 yrs of obama. Enough is enough of disregarding our laws. Get her out of the campaign now and include Tulsi Gabbard and Castro neither of them are natural born citizens either for the same reason–their parents were not american citizens prior to their birth. Stop them.

    1. Gale, Article 2 section of the Constitution clearly states that to be eligible for Pres you must be a natural born citizen and be 35 yrs of age and been a resident for 14 yrs ,there is nothing that says your parents have to be natural born citizens ,a natural born citizen is anyone who is born on U>S soil or on any US Military base or Embassy grounds as those are considered US soil,so instead of repeating what others say look it up for yourself and see what it actually says which is what I did,thus K.Harris is eligible to be Pres ,that is something that Pres Trump wants to end that is being exploited by foreigners coming here illegally and having their kids on US soil thus automatically making their kids US citizens ,however K.Harris is a piece of human excrement that slept her way into politics and She isn’t even likely to win her party’s primary ,but it really doesn’t matter who the Delusional Dems run as none of their despicable loser candidates will beat Pres Trump in 2020,simply because they are out of touch with the avg American working person with their pro socialist ideas which only appeal to their own delusional supporters.

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