Booker Gets Jealous Of Buttigieg, Does The UNTHINKABLE
Image credit: The Weekly Standard

He needs to be arrested…

Democrat presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) traveled to Juárez, Mexico, where he assisted asylum seekers across the Santa Fe bridge into El Paso, Texas.

In a video shared to Twitter, Booker is shown holding up a child and hugging him as he arrived with him in El Paso.

“I’m going to fight for these five folks and do everything I can to see that they get fairly evaluated,” Booker said after he arrived in El Paso. “This is a long process that they’re now engaged in and I’m gonna make sure my office does the right thing…”

Booker also took aim at President Donald Trump and claimed he was to blame for the “horrible things” that are taking place at the border.

“It’s given me a greater conviction, a greater sense of determination, to fix this broken system and to correct the horrible things that Donald Trump is doing from the executive office,” Booker said. “I believe that the next president can transform this system to make it safer and stronger as a nation…”

“This is an issue where we should be doing things so dramatically differently, it could affirm our safety and security as well as our values,” Booker added.


    1. yes and assisting illegals coming into the USA, he should be arrested. nothing more than a coyote for the dems. They made this mess years ago and can certainly see they don’t want to fix it in a hurry, just blame the President for their shortcomings.

    2. Booker needs to be arrested! He is aiding and abetting illegals in breaking our immigration laws! Booker does not mean a word of what he says about fixing the system! The democrats have had chance after chance and still refuse to close loopholes and reform our laws!

  2. Glory Hooker would sale his mama for ten minutes air time. An over zealous ego is a form of mental ineptness, it makes you stupid, and Glory boy makes it so easy to point out. Like shooting ducks in a small pond.

    1. yes he would, and just a bit out of this, why the he ll do we have to keep seeing horse face cortex pictures on all these site, feel like I don’t want to open any knowing will have to see that despicable b*tch

  3. I find it repugnant that the demonrats screamed “it’s a manufactured crisis “for how long now? So listen up Booker, YOU MADE THIS CRISIS BY DOING NOTHING! YOU AND YOUR FELLOW DEMONRAT, WITCH HUNTING, SATANIC POS’S! GIVE UP HOOKER YOU ARE A LOSER ONLY SECOND TO CLINTON!!!!!!!

  4. He should never be President a woman abuser, liar and clueless on how to help our citizens. Socialism is a disease and tje only cure is running out of funds, but before that happens chaos takes place the country is torn apart!

  5. Booker is a snake who needs to climb back under his rock. Illegally bringing people in to US he should be arrested. He and others in the Democratic party will do anything for a vote. He doesn’t have a snowball chance in hell of getting elected.

  6. He is grandstanding for the wrong people !!! what about our veterans who are homeless ? our own children who need food and shelter ? our seniors who can’t pay for medicine and food in the same week ? He is a poor excuse of a politician and should be removed from office. I bet the people from Newark who he was supposed to help and didn’t would agree to kick his but out.

  7. Solution Booker. Take them home with you. You pay their bills, house, feed, cloth, educate, medically care for them. You are such a kind sole. Don’t just walk across the bridge for a photo op, finish the job. Prove to us just how great an American you are. Anything for a vote. Right.

  8. The Senator is not blameless here, he along with the rest of the democrats ignored warnings from the President , administration officials & the Border Patrol . They would n’t recognize there was a crisis. For 2 months & 17 bills before them turned them all down!!! Now these hypocrites are making a attempting to blame the President…
    now do we really want the democrats ever in charge again. My answer is absolutely not!!! There answer is more magnets for these people to head to the US. They have no answers to any problems facing this country !!! Just play the obstruction game!!!

  9. He may be ending the border crisis in his own mind, but actually he is just perpetuating it, by makinf it easier for others to get “blood on the tooth” to try and make it over………
    Besides that “he is NOT doing a DAMNED thing for the American citizens, other than causing more head-aches”….Our taxes are already “OVERLOADED” with freebies for the ILLEGALS or asylum-seekers, so how about giving us a break instead of keep inviting everybody to just cross???????
    It would be better if he tried to STOP and THINK…….

  10. Here he is breaking the Law and what does Nancy Pelosi say about this nobody is above the law!!! What are these clowns get off thinking that it’s all right for them to break the law and nobody else! I guess they forget that we the people put them in office and it’s time they think about we the people before we the illegals!!! They make promises when running for their positions in Congress and when they’re elected their promises go out the window and they go on their own agenda. They want to talk about impeachment well maybe it’s time we the people have them impeached

  11. Whats up with these Commies? Have they lost their minds? Are they trying to out do each other on acts of stupidity? They are like a bunch of pre-teens.

  12. Funny, he & AOC & the other freshmen and clown car are in Congress and could do something
    about the situation in 15 minutes. They prefer to grandstand and defy their oath of office.
    He should have been arrested. MeMaw Pelosi, if he were a Conservative there would be a punishment, why the hell can he get away with it ? As for Beto, well we know he’s crazy and
    likely on Adderal. Please, California, adopt this idiot and take him to your haven of destruction
    where he belongs. Texas does not want the idiot.

    1. Please don’t send him to California. We are already overrun by his kind. England sent their undesirables to Australia. We need to find and abandoned island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific and send ours there with a one way ticket. Several of them are already from California.

  13. Our country is facing an invasion with more than 100,000 people, from all ends of the earth, crashing and overwhelming the border each month. Instead of worry that the nation is facing disaster, the Dems concern is how to assist the rapacious, invaders.

  14. A US Senator breaking our laws by running illegal immigrants across our southern border, which could only be a member of the lawless Democrat Party, which only want laws to be enforced that they believe will advance their illegal policies and agendas.

    A nation of laws, were all are treated equally under those laws, and the Democrats have destroyed that description of the USA, as they make sure all liberals, progressives, and Democrats have immunity for breaking any laws, especially national security laws, as Hillary Clinton is given impunity for mishandling thousands of classified e-mail documents, destroying over 33,000 subpoenaed e-mails which is obstruction of justice, while 2 US Generals are prosecuted for not having enough and properly required security for a stored classified document, and a common sailor is sent to prison for taking a picture of his work station on a nuclear submarine, to show his grandmother who had asked him what his job was on nuclear submarines.

  15. Booker is not immune to our laws. Why can’t the FBI do its job and arrest this POS. He has angered all of America with his behavior. The antics that the Democrats are pulling to get attention is criminal!

  16. Isn’t it great, ever since President Trump was elected the Democrats have refused to do anything, as usual, the Mexican boarder is do to President Trump. Yeah, sure the Democrats O.K.’d a bill for 4.5 million, for tooth paste and diapers. Pelosi, as usual, demanded additional terms for the bailout. Looks like the Senate Democrats embarrassed her weak control of the House of Representatives, by passing their bill with 84 votes. The Democrats are banging the drum as to so that they are coming to the rescue.

    The Democrats in California want to pass a law that would allow illegal immigrants to hold political offices. Its getting to be that the illegal immigrants are to be met at the boarder with: Free medical, legal support, education, housing rental support, guaranteed jobs and income, drivers license, can’t be deported, protection by cities or states, welfare and apparently this is not the end.

    Now the American flag only about slavery, racism and white supremacy ?????

  17. If BS was music, Cory Booker is a brass band! The democrats today are truly deplorable!
    They continually lie and the press rxcuses it!
    Pres Trump was great today at the 4th of July ceremony at the Lincoln memorial!
    He truly puts America first! And Melanie looked fabulous!
    Trump,2020 our only hope!

  18. Lemme be absolutely honest. I was never a fan of the then citizen Donald Trump. And I voted for him to try to help keep Hillary Clinton out of the white house. But despite the sabotage of the democrats this president has done better things for our nation than has been done in a long time. Today this bunch of clowns who plan to run against him in 2020 will do or say anything in an attempt to harm him. but they can’t take away the success he has had. There is NOT ONE OF THEM that has the ability, the intelligence, nor world respect to occupy the office of president. Every one of them is a bad joke that we cannot allow to be played on the nation. So even though I had reservations in the beginning I strongly support President Trump NOW and I will stick with him through thick or thin.

  19. Appalling! Booker’s behavior. . He should be subjected to French Law enforcement. “Shot while trying to escape.”
    If the Demoncrats want a bilingual nation they should move to Canada. Or move to Mexico where they can practice their Spanish. As Nancy once said, “we should arrest illegal immigrants only if they’ve done something illegal.”
    The border solution is to lay a minefield on the Mexican side of the border with only warning signs in English.

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