IDIOT Ilhan Omar Believes She Was Elected For THIS
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It’s surprising how she even got elected…

On MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) declared she was sent to Congress with her freshman colleagues to “be a check and balance to the cruelty of this administration.”

When asked about the $4.6 billion humanitarian aid package, Omar said, “This is one of the reasons why I think the public is always frustrated with politicians. We were running for office. We said send us into the majority so that we can be a check and balance to the cruelty of this administration. Now we are in the majority we are too busy appeasing this administration.”

“I can see the frustration of the American people who are really disappointed that, again, we have people in power who have forgotten the purpose and the reason they were given that privilege. What I am always surprised every time we’re having a discussion in regards to policy is how people will talk about the political reality, and they won’t talk about the human reality of the policies that we are passing,” he said. “We take an oath, truly, to care for the American people and make sure that we’re furthering policies that are in line with our values. And we often fail short. And I think with the Democratic Party we’re so busy oftentimes trying to appease everyone we end up appeasing no one.”

She added, “I lead with moral clarity and courage, and so for me, it’s easy to make a decision about the particular policies we’re voting on.”

  1. “I lead with moral clarity and courage, and so for me, it’s easy to make a decision about the particular policies we’re voting on”. Omar, you are telling the truth with this statement: If it’s good for America, ANSWER: NO! If it’s good for me, ‘my people’, my agenda, ANSWER: YES! But, OMAR, we already know this – you lied about your citizenship.

  2. Idiot. What about representing her Constituents? Remember them Idiot Omar? They are the people that voted you into office. You ran to represent their interests, not your own or that of radical Anti-Americans.

  3. I want to know about this cruelty the towel-head Bimbo speaks of, is it the cruelty of the best economy we’ve had in 4 decades, is it the cruelty of the lowest minority unemployment ever, is it the cruelty of the first time wages are rising since before the Great Divider Obamie was in office, or is it the cruelty the economy rising 3..5 percent in the last quarter. Much more cruelty like that and we may all die from good living. Who the hell listens to this cartoon bitch from Hell.

  4. Omar’s only excuse is she is a SWINE, that was WHELPED from a SWINE, that was Fornicated by a DOG.
    That being said, she’s just another NESTING COCKROACH, that escaped from the SEWER.
    Quick, call “Billy the Exterminator”

  5. I am not frustrated Rep. Omar, I am glad and happy that we are getting things done with our tax money instead of “paying off” political contributors that opened companies and after they got the funding from the federal government, shut down and declare bankruptsy. Another plus is we no longer have to deal with the incessant lying like “you can keep your provider” and my favorite ” it was a video that caused the Consulate to be attacked”. Now we have a “Muslim presence” in our Congress that is hell bent on desparaging our allies who are democratic and don’t quote the Koran or Sharia law to us as if we are really interested in that level of crap. Move on Rep. Omar and shovel your camel dung somewhere else.

  6. She’s an idiot, & needs to be sent home! She’s an adulteress, a tax cheat, America-hating MUSLIM!!

  7. Omar evidently thinks we AMERICAN CITIZENS are stupid. Well, we are not all liberals who believe all the hogwash given out by the DEMOCRATS. The Democrats are the most anti-American Party and has become the enemy of America. Socialism stinks and will not be able to make it in our Country. DEMOCRATS stress plainly LIARS and people are waking up to their hyprocrisy.

  8. She is for one thing muslim dogs taking over our country and turning it into a third world country she needs to striped of her citizenship along with all her kin and muslim asshotes and airdroped back where she came from or better yet over iran

  9. OMG if that’s clarity and courage, I don’t want any. She is a Muslim and the Dems are allowing her to see too many things that can be sent back to her nasty people. They need to get rid of her, and need to do it NOW. The Repubs demoted one of ours for saying and doing a lot less than she has done. Steve King needs to be reinstated until something is done about this scum.

  10. Ya, you Dumbass Muslim Camel Riding POS (Piece Of Shit) ….. We Americans really want a Fuckjing Muslim Towelheaded Jihadist Terrorist Dog Fuck and Pork Lover/Eater in Our American Government …….DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ……………………………We Americans want your Dirty Asss to Hell Out of Here and if you don’t realize that soon and LEAVE ….. you just might Never Make it Out Alive ………Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The only “view of clarity” she has is a view of her anal flixster!
    She is so far removed from western civil realities that she has
    no cognitive, serious experience to make any judgements.

  12. I’m so thankful the Democrats have such insightful young members such as #AOC and Ilhan Omar. Could they be the future of the Democratic party? Seems like a slow and agonizing death.

  13. “I lead with moral clarity and courage, and so for me, it’s easy to make a decision about the particular policies we’re voting on.”
    Make a decision about the policies you’re voting on?Oh, bull! She has only done what she could to create a division in American-Israeli relations. She is so anti-semite that she is using her position to make her personal feelings known about Israel. Our Congress is not the forum for her personal use.

  14. “OUR values”…WHO’S “values” is she talking about…??? CUTTING OFF heads, setting people on fire ALIVE, STONING people to DEATH, wiping ISRAEL off the map, and on and on…??? Sounds more like “MUZZIE values”, if THEY ever had ANY…..!

  15. “It’s surprising how she even got elected…”

    Let’s talk about that. There are about 100,000 refugees primarily from the Sudan in her district. How did that happen? Who in government orchestrated this and for what purpose? How did so many qualify to vote in such a short period of time as to overwhelm this district?

  16. She is good at telling LIES and making false statements, just like most Dem=Coms, that IS how she got there, Not because of her IQ.

  17. This Indoctrinated follower of a Psychopathic Pedophiles death cult is totally deluded. She should be keeping a low profile because she is one step ahead of an I.R.S. indictment right now, just like her buddy Ocasio-Psychotika. But neither of them seem capable of keeping their mouths shut and away from the cameras.

  18. Omar you did not take the American Oath when you were sworn in! You swore on your Religious Beliefs! You are not a legitt American. You are not protecting American’s. You are helping to DESTROY AMERICA AND TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS!!!!!!!

  19. Omar you don’t know squat about the American people. You are there to further your support and aid to Muslim extremist. People see right through you. Support America or leave. We will help you pack. Gary

    1. What does she know about “moral clarity”? This is a woman who married her own brother and cheated on her taxes.

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