Ilhan Omar LASHES Out At “GREEDY” America
Image credit: The Intercept

Wasn’t her buddy Ocasio-Cortez petitioning for a pay raise?

At a joint press conference with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to present a plan to cancel all student debt without exceptions, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said the country was suffering “from greed.”

Omar said, “It cancels all of $1.6 trillion student loan debt. No exceptions, no questions asked, full cancellation.”

She continued, “You might ask why full cancellation? What about the people who can pay off their student debt? Well, let me say this. The children of Donald Trump aren’t asking or taking out student loans. Canceling student debt is a problem of the poor and the middle class, not of the rich. So rather than making exceptions, let’s end this crisis entirely, once and for all.”

She concluded, “America does not suffer from scarcity we suffer from greed. So we can ask speculators on Wall Street to pay small financial transaction tax which would fully fund the Student loan forgiveness over ten years. The American people bailed out Wall Street. It’s time for Wall Street to bail out the American people.”

  1. Telling any lie they can think of to get votes. Babbling Bernie and the towel head Bimbo, kinda reminds you of Slick Willy and lying Hillary. Elitist neo-nazis love power and a power duo would calm their overactive ego defenses. LOL LOL egos out of control really make you petty, narrow-minded, and stupid.

  2. I have written about this treasonous Isiss terrorist bitch I’m burned out. I have called here office and people that answered the phone couldn’t speak English. The Riverside area of Minneapolis has over seventy five thousand of these welfare subsidized housing free medical care and daycare leeches. In Minnesota you don’t need ID to vote. So Queen Isiss has her mudhut slackjaws that hate this country and when we fed them in that raging shithole Somalia killed our men and dragged them through the streets…she just has these fucking terrorist go to precinct to precinct and vote. Well bitch guess what we’re watching your ugly ass now. Gonna send you packing. You’ll be back in Somolia eating dead snakes and wiping your ass with your left hand before ya know it!

    1. Ulrich, you make some interesting points, but your name calling weakens your argument. No need to call the opposition names. Much better–in my opinion–to state the case and explain why you think the other person’s ideas are weak or harmful. The problem with rage is that the only thing it accomplishes is to further divide the country, whereas a calm, reasoned argument can win over people who previously were on the other side. Easy to call someone a bitch, but doing so isn’t illuminating. Can you imagine great leaders like Jesus or Lincoln or Reagan using that kind of language?

      1. Hey Irwin, when I was a young man I liked watching Archie Bunker, they never let him speak very well either, but that didn’t keep him from being right. Get off your better than thou attitude and let the man talk.

  3. This stupid mentality needs to be removed from gov. And any civilized society! She’s to low life to appreciate what she has! Get out if we don’t
    Suit your low standards!

  4. if America is so “greedy” maybe we should stop paying her salary instead of wanting a “raise”! she should go back to her “home” country & leave America alone! I’d sure like to know how people like her are being elected to any public office! who paid for her campaign? I’m getting really tired of these “refugees” coming here & trying to turn our country into countries they left! they should stay & fix their own country before coming to America & try to destroy America!

  5. Why is this traitor to our country holding any office and why is this traitor, liar, fraud, criminal terrorist in our country. Someone with power should physically remove her from office and our country.

  6. How stupid can you get, and how out of touch this ISIS woman is. She cheats, she lies, she can’t be trusted, and she comes along and tell partially sain people what to do? with no regards for anyone or anything. First of all those who have debt did so with their eyes wide open (i would hope in most cases). second if your socialist BS pays it off most of them will go back into debt most likely. And who will end up paying for it? Not her, they will probably exempt themselves like they did with Obamacare.

    But I will have to give it to her it is a good way of buying votes, what would really be nice is doing something about immigration, or those of us who are flitting these Socialist efforts to destroy this country. She should be deported back to her native Somalia where everything is rosy and quit trying to pull the rest of the world down to her level of thinking.

    And yes, I am one of those White Supremist that served this country, worked hard, and help build this country. The major mistake I made was giving too much to my children so they would have it easier, and with the last two Millennials generations coming along it seems we made a mistake. Responsibility is no longer a plus, a lot of them think they are entitled, just like this Woman Jack Ass and those who voted for her!

  7. ALL BS…They “cancel” student loans, then turn around and INCREASE TAXES on ALL hard working Americans, that would be the TRUE “deal” and NOT what they are trying to make us “believe”….THEY are ALL LIARS in the WORST way possible…..WHY should hard working US TAX PAYERS “pay” for others who “MAKE the CHOICE” to go to College/University….YEAH, it’s a CHOICE, NOT a MUST….AND to get so MANY MORE “indoctrinated” into their WEB of LIES,/socialism BS…..!!!!!


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