Fox News Host’s OUTRAGEOUS Claim Against Trump
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Looks like Fox News forgot to report ACTUAL news…

On Fox News Channel, anchor Shepard Smith criticized the Trump administration for their alleged treatment of migrant children.

Smith said, “Dirty and hungry children sleeping on concrete floors without blankets, toothpaste, soap or diapers. Some kids found covered in mucus. Some 3-year-olds being cared for by 7-year-olds and 8-year-olds. Horrifying. Both President Trump and Vice President Pence defended the treatment of migrant children. Yesterday, the VP tried to shift the blame to Democrats in Congress.”

He continued, “Just last week, a Justice Department attorney argued that they don’t necessarily need to provide migrant children with soap and toothbrushes for them to be safe and sanitary. Soap and toothbrushes not necessary for safe and sanitary conditions.”

Smith concluded, “Soap and toothbrushes are not optional for children in detention. They are necessary. Were these particular children prisoners of war rather than innocent children, failure to provide those necessities would be a violation of the Geneva Conventions. Yet President Trump claims his administration is doing a fantastic job under the circumstances.”

  1. The best part of Sam must have run down his mama leg if he thinks I’M believing his spin bullshit. It’s the Democrooks that are totally to blame for what is happening at the border. They’re just trying to find a way to get American taxpayers to pay for their elitist neo-nazis work of crushing democracy. And if you think those little kids every had a toothbrush, well I can’t believe you’re not watching CNN (dumbass).

  2. Why don’t the people that cares should fit the bill for there care. No no they will tell you it’s not my problem. Well it looks like you care but you really don’t so shut the heck up.

  3. I’m sure shep would want some over at at his place to nurture ….with massage oils, how altruistic… I’ll bet there would be happy endings all around.

  4. Smith is a liberal suck ass. Trump was right to lay the blames on a lazy, useless, no nothing congress overrun with democrat slime balls who only seek to enrich themselves at the expense and safety of the American people.

  5. This little faggot should keep his fucking mouth shut before he gets his ass kicked. Fox should fire this motherfucker. He belongs at CNN. Cocksucker, for real in his case.

  6. Shep should have been asking the Democrats why they don’t sit their fat arse down and resolve the immigration problems rather than ignore the situation with their smug faces and do nothing!

  7. FOX News should fire Shepard Smith! We thought we Republicans had a voice on FOX, but between Smith and Chris Wallace, they ruin the “real” news for us TRUE Republicans! They bash our President Trump every chance they get! Why doesn’t the FOX Network fire those 2 idiotic Liberals/Democrats?

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