Eric Swalwell’s Opinion On Gun Control
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Listen to this crazy idea…

Democrat presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell says he will let Americans keep their pistols and shotguns but AR-15s and other commonly owned semiautomatic rifles have got to go.

Swalwell explains his plan via a campaign video, which is largely a compilation of different gun control proponents making unsubstantiated claims regarding AR-15s.

For example, the video shows a fully automatic rifle being fired in a war zone, as voice over says, “The sames gun being used for wars, like in Afghanistan, are now in the streets.”

By talking about the AR-15 while showing video of a machine gun in action, the video gives the impression that AR-15s are fully automatic. In reality, AR-15s and other commonly owned semiautomatic rifles fire one bullet–and one bullet only–with each pull of the trigger, whereas actual weapons of war can fire an entire magazine of bullets with one pull of the trigger.

Swalwell’s video also shows Cameron Kasky speaking at the March for our Lives gun control event, saying, “Shooting after shooting the American people now see the one thing they all have in common–the weapons.” But AR-15s and similar commonly-owned semiautomatic rifles are not the weapon of choice of mass shooters. A Rockefeller Institute of Government study which examined 50 years of mass shootings found that handguns were the weapon of choice over rifles by a margin of three to one.

The video lists attacks like Sandy Hook (December 14, 2012), Orlando Pulse (June 12, 2016), and Parkland (February 14, 2018), along with the number of people killed in each. These attacks are listed because rifles were used. Attacks like Virginia Tech (April 16, 2007), Fort Hood (November 5, 2009), DC Navy Yard (September 16, 2013), Sante Fe High School (May 18, 2018), and Virginia Beach (May 31, 2019) are omitted because handguns and shotguns were used in those attacks.

Swalwell appears near the end of the video, saying, “I say keep your hunting rifles, keep  your pistols, keep your shotguns, but let’s ban and buyback every single ‘assault weapon’ in America.”

Src: Breitbart

  1. Just goes to show you how ignorant these people are let them buy back all the assault weapon’s they want. For all those that don’t the know the difference the AR-15 is not an assault weapon it is a semi-auto rifle there is NO FULL AUTO MODE and that’s the difference.

  2. The fact that people would believe this rhetorical lying SOB just shows the sad state of our educational system and our society, brought to us by the Democratic party now ruined by the elitist fascist neo-nazis

  3. So eric let me get this straight. Most crimes are committed with pistols. Most hunting is done with semi automatic rifles. You think you are so smart you should be a presidential candidate to run the most influential country in the world and you think banning the hunting rifles is fix to some unknown problem. Your a damn genius arent you eric. Cash in your election dreams now eric you are too damn stupid to be president. You are right down there in IQ with Jay inslee, Corey Booker, maxine waters. Harris and AOC. Where do the Democrats keep finding these people with IQ’s in the high 60’s. Your not retarted but close!

    1. I personally think all of the dumb ass democrats are dumber than dumb! They have all gone more insane than they already were because they lost the election. They are completely deranged and their jabbering proves it. All of them should get the hell out of this country!

  4. Ole Swallow all has got his mouth going again, eh?
    Liberal dem bloodsuckers we have warned you many time, you will not take our weapons, when you try the civil war starts that day.
    When it is over there will be no liberal dem bloodsuckers

  5. Swalwell, man I just can’t stomach you. You make me ill just looking at you. That smartass little smirk you always have on your face makes me sick. You wouldn’t make a good sized pimple on our President’s ass…

  6. Liars Lie! Politicians mislead! Somehow our founding fathers knew that a free well armed people cannot be enslaved. Why would anyone in power want a citizenry of unarmed people. 1. Ease of control and 2. They are easier to overpower if the leaders become tyrannical. Look at the number of people killed or enslaved after a communist/ totalitarian takeover. It’s called the “Purge” and “normalization” process. So far the death toll from communist/ totalitarian takeover is around 200 million people. This is not counting those whose lives were just ruined by enslavement in “re-education” camps.
    How did our founding fathers have the wisdom to know this would happen? They had lived through it (enslavement) at the hands of the British. What does “Shal not be infringed” mean?. The courts have decided that up is down and right is wrong. We’re all supposed to just nod our heads and say “yes sir”. WE THE PEOPLE must be vigilant. Once our rights are gone (or forfeited) they are hard to win back against an oppressive government that is well armed with advanced technology. The odds of prevailing are not in favor of the people (see Tenaman Square). God Bless America.d

  7. No matter if you have your weapon it still won’t help you with tanks and and the machine gun on the tank if that comes down to it your little weapon the people have will not fight off the government

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