Booker DOUBLES DOWN On Biden Attacks
Image credit: The Intercept

He’s even been asked by Democratic lawmakers to stop…

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) said former Vice President Joe Biden had a “lack of understanding” for his comments about working with segregationists.

Booker said, “I’ve said my peace. I have a lot of respect for Joe Biden and gratitude towards him and that’s even more of a responsibility that I have to be candid with him, speak truth to power. This is a presidential nominee and to say something —and again, it’s not about working across the aisle. If anything I’ve made that a hallmark of my time in the Senate to get big things done and legislation passed. This is about him evoking a terrible power dynamic that he should a lack of understanding or an insensitivity to. By invoking this idea that he was called son by white segregationists, who, yeah, they see him in them, their son.”

On Biden’s claim that his comments were taken out of context, Booker said, “I didn’t understand that. i listened to the full totality of what he was talking about, and frankly, I heard many, many African-Americans who found the comments hurtful. Look, we make mistakes. We sometimes tread upon issues that maybe we aren’t knowledgeable of. I don’t think the vice president should need this lesson but this was a time for him to be healing and to be helpful, especially at a time that he is looking to bring this party together and lead us in what is the most important election of our lifetime. I was disappointed. I’ve said my peace. We had a very constructive conversation. Again, I have a tremendous amount of respect and appreciation for the vice president.”

Src: Breitbart

  1. Yeah and sometimes we just lie like Glory Booker. A Hallmark of his time in the Senate of getting big things done, LOL, LOL. The only thing Mr Snooker has done in a big way is spew horse-shit out of his pie hole. I guess it doesn’t take much to make your mama proud

  2. Cory Booker is drowning in the polls. He needs to attack the leader and make himself relevant. That is not going to happen, Booker excelled as a Mayor but his election to the Senate was not earned, it was a token gift because Booker talks a good game, but when it comes to the nut cutting, he is only “Present”. We have already had one of those Presidents and we are not likely to elect another.

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  4. Is that Corey and his side kick giving a covert finger to the American public?
    Remember this: Those who identify as VICTIMS always get what they believe.
    Its interesting to see a child like mine in an old bald headed skull. Just sayin.

  5. The democrat party is clearly all MORONS , and now they are finally realizing it . Pervert Spartacus Bald ,Bathroom Queery Booker 3% rating , Kamala Bus segregating , Modern Day Lynching ,100 Billion Dollar Free housing To Black Americans Harris 12% ratings. Cherokee Native Lying Free College Indian Elizabeth Warren 8% rating , Creepy Sleepy Hair Sniffing Joe Biden 1% and Top Challanger for TRUMP . LOL to funny . TRUMP 20/20 MAGA ! Voter Republican

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