Florida Governor Delivers DEVASTATING Blow To Sanctuary Cities

More states could follow soon…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Fulfilled his promise to ban sanctuary cities in Florida with a law that was recently passed.

The bill, SB 168, flatly states, “A state entity, law enforcement agency, or local governmental entity may not adopt or have in effect a sanctuary policy.”

The bill explains exactly what it is:

“Sanctuary policy” means a law, policy, practice, procedure, or custom adopted or allowed by a state entity or local governmental entity which prohibits or impedes a law enforcement agency from complying with 8 U.S.C. s. 1373 or which prohibits or impedes a law enforcement agency from communicating or cooperating with a federal immigration agency so as to limit such law enforcement agency in, or prohibit the agency from:

(a) Complying with an immigration detainer;

(b) Complying with a request from a federal immigration agency to notify the agency before the release of an inmate or detainee in the custody of the law enforcement agency;

(c) Providing a federal immigration agency access to an inmate for interview;

(d) Participating in any program or agreement authorized under section 287 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 U.S.C. s. 1357; or

(e) Providing a federal immigration agency with an inmate’s incarceration status or release date.

DeSantis warned the U.S. Border Patrol not to transfer illegal immigrants to Broward and Palm Beach counties.

    1. Wont happen in Ca because it is a democratic state. Unless by some maricle the democrats get voted out, including the governor.

  1. Constitution says no state shall pass a law that overrides a federal law. I’ld like to see feds go in an arrest some of these neo-nazis scum who pass these laws and put their butts in prison where they belong, make America great again wouldn’t it

  2. The liberals are packing California, Texas and, to a lesser extent New York with illegal aliens. The next step is to manufacture some excuse to allow these illegals to vote. The final step is to eliminate the electoral college.

    Then, no matter what the rest of the country may vote for, with all the “votes” in those two (maybe three) states, the “popular vote” will keep them in power from then on to the end of time.

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