Democrat Swalwell PRAISES Sleazebag Lawyer for Lying
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All Democrats want to hear about is Trump and impeachment…

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) was asked to rate former Nixon White House counsel John Dean’s performance.

The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate gave Dean an “11” score on a scale of one to 10 in drawing parallels to Trump and Nixon.

“It’s said often that history doesn’t repeat itself, it rhymes, and we heard a lot of rhymes yesterday when you put in perspective what the Trump administration has done in just, you know, three short years compared to what we saw during the Nixon administration,” Swalwell said. “And it also lays the foundation for where we need to go next to make sure we hold this president accountable and that more lawlessness does not pervade our country.”

“We’re going to hear from special counsel Mueller, we’re going to hear from these other witnesses,” he added. “There’s no law that says that the president can prevent these individuals from coming forth, but it does take court victories to get there. We’ve had some court victories, it is making its way up. But I am confident we’re on the right course, we’re going to uphold the rule of law, resist the temptation to do Donald Trump justice and just run over the rule of law, and it’s going to come to a crescendo and one that doesn’t sound good for the president.”

  1. Yeah, they’ll call more clowns in for the clown car mash-up. The only rule of law these seditious traitors are interested in is the rule that says they get away with murder and everyone else suffers. At what point do we say this is nothing more then malicious prosecution? We’ve had 4 (FOUR) investigations already and nothing was found. Someone once said, if you’re innocent, act like it, whatever that is or means. If I were innocent, I would be raising hell with the investigators. Much like President Trump has. Yet, we have idiots like Swalwell, Bugeye Schiff ( really wanted to add the “T’s” hehe), Porksack Nadler and the rest of the cabal pursuing a 5th investigation.

  2. Swlhead’s only rule of law is me first. How come it’s always the biggest liar that’s calling other people liars. Guess the old saying is right, guilty pig squeals first.

  3. This motherfucker has shit for brains. He ain’t gonna win shit. Only stupid ass people would vote for this jerk. Fucking pussy ass cocksucker.

  4. Give it up! All you are doing is wasting time and money. It is so obvious that all the democrats wan is power. You are all found out. God Bless Barr and Trump.

  5. Nadler and Schiff have schitt for brains!!! They know Barr is going to have their a$$ es in a sling when the reports come out!!! I guess they think if they can get Trump out of office they’ll be home free!!! NO WAY IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN!!! Demonrats are going to get a WHOPPING DOSE of their own medicine!!!

    MAYBE, PRESIDENT of Venezuela!!!!

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