CNN Acosta REGRETS Not Being Able To Slander Trump
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I think he forgot his job is to report the news…

Recently on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” CNN White House chief correspondent Jim Acosta revealed he “regrets” the media is not standing together in solidarity.

Acosta lamented he has “missed some opportunities” to challenge President Donald Trump.

“You know, I wish at times that the press had been a bit more in solidarity with one another in standing up to this White House and saying, ‘Listen, ‘You know, the president can’t call us the enemy of the people. We’re not going to go along with that.’ Acosta told host Brian Stelter. “I think we’ve missed some opportunities here and there to challenge that.”

Acosta praised how other members of the media supported him when his White House press pass was revoked.

He stated, “I will say, one thing I’m most grateful for during this experience is how just about every news organization in Washington and here in New York stood behind us here at CNN when they took away my press pass. That was a very important first amendment case. And I talk about it in the book. Had the Trump administration won that case, Brian, it would have sent shockwaves through our industry. It would have put a real chilling effect on the First Amendment in this country.”

  1. The sad truth is that a lot of the American people can not afford cable news. They have no recourse except the free stations. These are for the most part where the fake news is rampant. I watch a mixed selection of stations. It is my responsibility to educate myself to what is happening in my country. It is a sorry lot of fake news that is poisoning our people. I watch Fox for the most part. When they bring on the whiney liberals, it becomes to much and I turn them off. Garbage like the View is no better than the super market tabloids.

  2. Costa is probably the biggest asshole in the fakenews media, very mentally damaged, should be in a mental institution. I think it would take quit a bit of shock treatment to correct his run-a-mok ego.

  3. a free press is what we rely on to keep us safe from tyranny but sadly msm including cnn is owned by the coorupt dems & dnc therefore they are NOT FREE PRESS & so we are NOT PROTECTED by this fake media!

  4. This used to be a News Network. Now it is nothing but a Joke network. Sure went down hill. Don’t know who is in charge but they need to be replaced. Hard to believe that after 9 11 this was the go to network. If you needed facts you could count on CNN.Not any more.

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