Bernie Just Said THIS About The Border Crisis
Image credit: The New Republic

He is trying to bring this country to it’s knees!

Recently on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said President Donald Trump “has been demonizing undocumented people” as a political strategy.

Sanders said, “Trump has been demonizing undocumented people in this country. That’s part of his strategy about dividing us up. Before he was president, he was the leader of the birther movement, trying to delegitimize President Obama. He’s been anti-Muslim. That’s what his political strategy is. What we need is a border policy that is humane that, among other things, expedites the asylum process by bringing in a whole lot more legal staff and judges.”

When asked about the border crisis, Sanders said, “It is a serious problem, but it is not the kind of crisis that requires demonization of desperate people who in some cases have walked a thousand miles with their children. It is an issue we have to deal with — the issue of climate change, the issue of tens of millions of Americans not having health insurance. The fact that half of our people are living paycheck to paycheck, those are more serious crises. So it is an issue. But you don’t demonize desperate people. We deal with it in a rational and humane way.”

  1. Bernie, we look at you and see the face of a crazy dotard. Please change your approach and become kind
    and supportive of our chosen leaders and representatives. Stop your whining and get off your ass and start helping. Until then, you are just hot air.

  2. Hey,I got an idea why Don’t the media just don’t tell America about it like they did for the Great Divider (Obamie). Then Trump could be a do nothing SOB like him.

  3. I am thankful that Donald Trump chooses to single out the Muslims from those countries who have a record of supplying/fostering and harbouring radical Islamists . We, here in the UK have had enough of their insidious lying behaviour which has caused so much hatred and division amongst our indigenous people who want to live in peace in a western society. These people don’t and won’t mix with us and as they are constantly preached at from the Mosque that they must not associate in any way with the INFIDEL. If people would only research and study the Quran they would see how evil these folk are and are only interested in waging JIHAD. Believe me I have had dealings with these people and they are brought up to lie, to cheat out of breaking the Law and make excuses to keep out of trouble when they have been caught offending. Good on you Mr Trump, at least you haven’t been hoodwinked like the ‘brain dead’ Bernie Sanders !!!

  4. Democrats want nothing more than for America to be a socialists country……. WOW!!! Just think Socialist of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA….. No freedoms, re-distribution of wealth for those who don’t work. Of course it won’t be the distribution of wealthy, poor, illegals, it will be the wealth of middle class America who hold this country together. Our forefathers, former and current military fight and die for our freedoms and these foolish people like Bernie wish to give it away…… I don’t know how Bernie keeps getting elected…. there has to be a better person in VT than Bernie……

  5. Exactly right bernard ! We have a process !!! Its called COME HERE THE RIGHT WAY !!! NOT BREAKING OUR LAWS. Fill out your papers,submit with the $ required to process it,wait for your visa 10 -12 years like everyone else ! Also leave your stupid mexican , cuban, chinese,muslim, etc… flags,languages behind with your old primitive crooked countries.

  6. no member of congress gets to go after Trump for crisis at the border you, corrupt dems. & rinos are responsible for this crime so instead of pointing your finger at Trump DO YOUR JOB CLEAN UP THIS MESS & NO AMNESTY that will only lead to more illegals

  7. Bernie!
    You Old Goat, Mara SalvaTrucha (MS-13) loves you!
    They are recycling children, Bozo!

    I see for a communist you got your hands on Millions!!!!
    Are you going to give them to the STATE????

  8. Fine, Bernie. Since you’re so compassionate, here’s a suggestion: Take all of the illegals and ship them to Vermont. Then, we build a border wall around the state to keep them there. Do you really want to try that on the people back home?

  9. Hey Crazy Bernie. We’re sending some MS-13 members to pay you a visit at your home. Please be sure to welcome them with open arms!

  10. You want to get elected?
    Just keep offering free stuff.
    The young and the uneducated can’t think clearly enough to understand reality.
    They’ll go the easy way every time.

  11. SEEMS like none of these assholes think that peasants with nothing to offer to this country,but getting on welfare and other benefits that were meant for Americans for a short time be given to illegals HELL no we owe them nothing, build that wall now.

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