Star Wars Star ATTACKS Trump, Hurts HIMSELF
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Why is hollywood so stupid…

The anti-President Donald Trump fanatics on the Internet do not wait to check their facts before they start to attack him.

The president sent a tweet on Friday that called for NASA to spend more time on working to get the United States on Mars.

In the tweet he said NASA should not be focusing on going back to the moon and then, to many, it appeared that he said the moon was part of Mars.

“For all of the money we are spending, NASA should NOT be talking about going to the Moon – We did that 50 years ago.

“They should be focused on the much bigger things we are doing, including Mars (of which the Moon is a part), Defense and Science!” he said.

The Resistance, including “Star Wars” star Mark Hamill, pounced on the statement, mocking that the president, in their minds, thought that the Moon was part of Mars.

But that is not the case and if they did any research prior to attacking the president they would know that the Moon is part of a trip to Mars, as NASA says on its Moon to Mars page.

It all starts with delivery services to the lunar surface from U.S. companies for scientific instruments and technology demonstrations as well as a spaceship, called the Gateway, in orbit around the Moon that will support human missions to the surface with reusable lander elements for decades to come. The Gateway will, for the first time, give NASA and its partners access to more of the lunar surface than ever before, supporting both human and robotic missions. The agency’s powerful Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft will be the backbone to build the Gateway and transport astronauts to and from Earth.

The Moon is a treasure chest of science that holds many fascinating mysteries to explore – many that will advance our understanding of our home planet and solar system, as well as the cosmos beyond. NASA wants to use the Moon’s unique perspective as a science platform to look back at the Earth, observe the Sun, and view the vast universe. The discovery of water on the Moon and possible deposits of rare Earth metals also hold promise for both scientific and human exploration.NASA is working to build and identify scientific instruments and technology demonstrations for Moon deliveries by U.S. companies as soon as 2019. These deliveries will help us learn more about the Moon, and provide opportunities to test new lander technologies. At the same time, NASA will begin to develop increasingly larger, more capable, and reusable landers for humans that can carry more cargo and land more precisely. Future landers also will carry large roving instrument kits to locate life-sustaining and mission-enabling resources on the Moon, and collecting and returning samples to the Gateway.

The Gateway will enable months-long crew expeditions with multiple trips down to the lunar surface, enabling exploration of new locations across the Moon. The first part of the Gateway is targeted to launch on a private rocket in 2022 and will provide power and propulsion as well as communications for the spaceship. After it reaches orbit, and demonstrates its capabilities in space for about a year, NASA will launch astronauts in Orion on an SLS rocket carrying two new sections for the Gateway that will add a small living space and initial science and operational capabilities. Over time, the Gateway will become a way station for the development of refueling depots, servicing platforms, and a facility for processing samples from the Moon and other bodies in support of science and commerce.

That makes the tweets from those who are attacking the president appear to be ridiculous, not that they are not used to being ridiculous.

Src: The Federalist Papers
  1. Gee Mark, you have had one, I repeat, one part in a movie over 30 years ago that you have been milking for that long. What else have you really done.
    Voice overs? Not really a stellar ( pun intended) career. You make a mistake and they say cut and do over. I liked the movie but anybody can do what you do. They have kids and animals as actors too. So don’t bloat so much for milking one part your whole career. Be thankful for the break. Carrie and Harrison had better.

  2. Seemed obvious to me. He meant the moon is part of “bigger things”, including the Mars project. But then I’m not looking for an excuse to attack the president. Congratulations, Mark.

    1. The Liberal Secular Progressive Humanist School system’s that have for the last 60 or so years dummied down many of our School system’s.

  3. Hammil is a libtard tool. What’s this moron done in the past 40 years? Star Wars, and that stupid cable series that I can’t even remember the name of…..because I’ve never watched it, and never will. Mark….go stuff yourself up Darth Vaders ass and spin. You are so irrelevant it defies the imagination.

  4. Hamil is a puppet. He made his fortune reading lines others had written. Why should we be exposed to his stupidity? We can’t even tell him to “shut up and just sing”. God help us we are expected to listen to these people…

  5. Mark hammel, hamster, old now, not famous
    anymore………………..listen before you speak, and I am
    trashing my Star Wars collection, good going mark!
    It would send a message to the liberal’s to trash all
    star wars stuff, and mark hamster you little devil you,
    Just remember what America was like before the democratic party ruined California………

  6. The Moon is covered in what essentially is Glass dust. Sharp, not dulled from having a atmosphere that winds would then blow about the ‘sands’ and dust thereby dulling the edges. All the astronauts equipment and all the rovers sent to the moon get worn down quickly where parts rub against other parts. For al the talk of ‘Colonizing the moon, it will always mean a lesser number of people than imagined, more protections also, more restrictions to exploring than presumed.
    When robotics can take over most all excursions onto the surface and repair of Robots can be financially acceptable then we can have ‘Colonies’ on the moon with people virtually trapped inside Domes. Mars is a different story, but Hostile also.. the real difference is the Science to get there is of a higher order, but so is all the rest of the Solar system. The payoff eventually is mining the asteroid system and what some might call ‘Forward Observation’ for possible meteors heading to earth.
    Eventually we get to Interstellar which is the only possible ‘colonizing’ potential to extend Humans beyond being just another experiment in this Solar system.
    The Science will take over 200 years without any lucky discoveries…. and that travel will come with the access to unlimited power, a Solar system filled with a different form of Capitalization, and Humans firmly aware that we are not alone in the Universe.
    Unless we get lucky… like ‘Discovery of fire’ and just find it.

  7. My surname is the same as this MUTT’s and I’ve never had to feel shame for it until now. This know- nothing should keep his effing mouth shut. As has oft been said “It is far preferable to keep one’s mouth shut and be suspected of being a moron than to open it and remove all doubt.”

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