NBC Anchor Comes Out of Closet for Pride Month
Image credit: NBC Washington

News anchor Meagan Fitzgerald celebrated the beginning of pride month with an inspiring message for all LGBTQ viewers: Being who you are is more than enough.

“It’s not always easy being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. There’s the coming out process, finding out who you are, being comfortable in your own skin and your own truth,” Fitzgerald said on News4, NBC’s Washington, D.C. station. “It takes courage to be your true, authentic self — no matter who you are. But to the boys and girls watching, to the men and women who may still be struggling, it’s worth it.”

“I know this because I’ve been through that journey,” she added, before announcing the news that she and her girlfriend, Kelly Heath, got engaged.

This was the first time she discussed their relationship on-air. When asked why she decided to announce her news publicly, Fitzgerald responded that her engagement was an opportunity to show the happiness that can accompany embracing their true selves.

“I just felt like it was natural. People tune in to watch every morning; they’re our family and we’re theirs,” Fitzgerald said. “And because it’s Pride month, I didn’t want to just make it about me. I want to help other people know that being different is OK.”

“She likes to joke that we met the ‘old-fashioned way’ on Tinder,” Fitzgerald said of her fiancée.

“Meeting her was surreal. I knew she was different from the beginning and — even though it sounds cliché — that she was the one … She’s a beautiful person inside and out.”

  1. Who cares!!!!TMI TMI, oh my life is so hard, boo-hoo, boo-hoo. Nobody should care about anybody else’s sexually. This is just another way for an out-of- control ego to get attention, and the elitist fascist know just how to play an ego.

  2. Other than other LGBTs and SJWs, who really gives a rat’s ass about this? The only other comment I have about this is that this news anchor at least looks to be a lipstick lesbian, and not the more common type that look like Rachel Madcow clones.

  3. The Nev, Dave Miedema, Robert L. Kahlcke, Michael G Warren, JCARROLL BARNHILL — I’m a 1,000% in agreement! LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ, please return to your closets. We the straight people do not want to know what goes on in your gender-confused houses, minds, or any other part of your lives. You are no more “special” than a straight person and do not deserve “special” consideration for anything you want.

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