Booker Shows He Knows NOTHING About Politics
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And he thinks he can be the president…

Recently, on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) stated Congress has a “moral obligation” to begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

When Booker was asked why he favors impeachment, Booker said, “It was a few weeks of seeing a president who wants to undermine constitutional intent and say he’s above the law. He’s not complying with subpoenas, not been complying with legitimate congressional inquiries to continue the investigation that Mueller very specifically said, it’s on Congress now to continue. After he put this report forward, that clearly indicated that there is potential obstruction of justice. This president is not above the law. He should not be able to stop the checks and balances on the executive.”

Booker added, “I feel like we have a moral obligation now to investigate this president. Impeachment proceedings will give us more legal leverage to be able to get the information Congress needs to get to the bottom of what his administration has done while they’re in office.”

  1. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Moral obligation? This coming from the party that was complicit in undermining Trump’s election. Resign Booker. You are nothing but a blowhard. Quit shaming the people of New Jersey.

    1. The people are already shamed, they voted for this. There should be eligibility tests given , before people can register to vote. If ya can’t pass a 2+2 test then you damned sure shouldn’t vote for someone who wants to take your rights to defend your families and your self from those who would do you harm. You and yours could be dead by the time someone gets there, who has a weapon against an evil doer.

  2. Several years ago, when Sen. Booker was the mayor of a New Jersey city, I read a lot of good things about him and concluded that he should seek higher office to continue his good deeds. Since his arrival in the higher office, he has done nothing of any greater accomplishment and has become a member of the radical mob that now occupies the hallowed halls of our Congress. I fear that the mob mentality of the Democratic Congress contingent will be their great undoing and relegate them back to gutter from whence they came. Too bad for all of them had such brilliant minds at a time to waste it all on the ruckus mob they have become.

    1. I live in PA and Booker never heard anything good said about him. He turned the already bad city of Newark, NJ into a cesspool. He left it worst than it originally was!!!!

  3. The only morals the ego-tripping elitists have are themselves, it’s not hard to figure out narrow-mindedness, it’s all about ME!!!!! Booker’s just another cheap tacky dirtbag talking to people like they’re stupid and I’m smarter than him because I’m not blinded by self.

  4. Booker certainly knows NOTHING about our laws. He just runs his month like all the liberal morons. Just like Caligirl1960 says, the Democrats have no idea what morals mean. Pelosi mentions God but serves the Devil, not GOD. Pelosi allows Muslims and Socialists run their mouths, bashing our Country and our values. She has allowed the Muslims and AOC to take over the Party. She and the Democrats have lost all honestly, morals, and patriotism. They have become the enemy of America and all mankind.

  5. All the Dem’s say is it’s “Congress has a “moral obligation” But for what!? The Mueller report? NOPE So what else is there? It’s a BIG FAT NOTHING BURGER! And the Senate will never impeach him! I swear the Dem’s have a better propaganda machine than the Nazi’s did during WWII!

  6. Booker also wants to take guns away from decent, honest citizens! He wants to prevent the citizens from being able to defend themselves. Booker is pro-criminal. He is unfit to serve!

  7. Corey Booker is an egotistical Douche Bag.He has as much chance of being President as I do flying a 747. If that crotchity old sack of crap Biden can make it to 20/20 he will put Heel Up Harris on the ticket as his VP. Female and black. If she were a lesbian it would be the trifeta for the Demorats. Biden will never make a 4 year stretch as POTUS, he can barely make it up the steps to the podium now. Then Harris would be the first woman half black POTUS. Aint happening, Trump will win 20/20 Thank you God!

  8. Mr never mind mr corey booker you do not belong in congress because you are a woman molester by your admission.He pleaded guilty. He should be voted out republican should start processing quit being nice to them they sure are not to you. my email ad dress is valid.

  9. If Booker T was alive in this society, he would be embarrassed to be in the Democratic party and would hold Corey Booker and Obama in contempt for being so evil and stupid

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