Obama Calls Trump-Era The “DARK AGES”
Image credit: The Nation

Has Obama looked at the numbers from his own presidency?

Former President Barack Obama was in Canada Friday night to tell an enthusiastic audience that although the political landscape is going through new “dark ages” the “Renaissance” can’t be far behind.

Without mentioning President Donald Trump’s name, Obama suggested his nemesis was presiding over a “primal” age of politics but that hope is waving on the horizon.

“I believe the long-term trajectory of humanity is in a positive direction,” he said. “But you get dark ages before the Renaissance.”

“I do have a little bit of a love affair with Canada,” Obama told his Canadian supporters at Ottawa’s Canadian Tire Centre Friday night, according to Canadian Press.

Obama stuck to a familiar theme, especially so for his appearances in Canada, attacking the forces of populism while managing to castigate the presidency of Donald Trump without naming his opponent.

“I left the office cautiously optimistic,” he told the almost 12,000 people in attendance. That remark promoted the audience to laugh, according to CP.

“I know why you all are laughing,” he said.

He also expressed his concern that social media continues to allow people to express opinions and ideas that the former president believes can be dangerous if they do not adhere to something called “baseline truth.”

Obama acknowledged that even traditional media is often at loggerheads in their efforts to report facts to American readers and viewers. “The Fox News viewer has a completely different reality than the New York Times reader,” he said.

But for the moment, the former president warned, the world is in the grip of what he called the “ancient story” of “primal” politics. In an obvious reference to Trump, Obama suggested “a strong man” can exploit the divisions in the body politic.

“It focuses on us and not us — it’s tribal. It’s a zero-sum contest between people. And a strong man appears who is going to protect all of us from them,” Obama said, according to CP.

“That kind of politics has gotten traction, that story has gotten a lot of traction around the world … it’s not unique to any particular country.”

Despite Obama’s resilient popularity, not only among Canadian voters but Americans too, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden reportedly asked his former running mate not to endorse him.

Src: The Daily Caller


    2. Our “Dark Ages” was the eight years prior to President Trump’s election. obamapanzy all but brought our great country to it’s knees. He’s showed us what he was all about soon after he was elected. He sunk us so deep in debt in his first 100 days in office it will be all but impossible to fully recover from it. He left a mess our grandchildren and great grandchildren would have been paying for it if another democRAT had been elected in 2016.

    3. Obama is a true rat just like his girlfriend, Eric Holder who got
      caught LYING to Congress about Fast & Furious by his very own
      E-Mails! The rat was held in Contempt until Obama bailed him out!
      Not a SMIDGEN of corruption in the IRS Scandal according to Obama on the International media ? A few days later Lois Pleads the fifth, ala
      Al Capone!

    1. Yes, he’d love Canada! Trudeau, who’s a real prize, is the first President to join the gay pride march! Go for it Pres. YOU are disgusting!!!! You pigs will do ANYTHING for your stupid votes! YOU MAKE ME PUKE! You are a poor excuse for a man!

      1. Aline, surely you are not referring to “Bath-house Barry” are you? That fudge-packer, that posed as our president for 8 yrs. The one with several “borrowed SS#s”, a borrowed Draft card# and went to college here, as a foreign student and visited Pakistan on a foreign passport? Naw, not that phony POS, surely not… he will face a firing squad if justice ever gets served, again! Canada is probably the safest place for the communist c-sucker!

  1. He is an ignorant moron, Trump has done more good for this country than he did in eight years, he was ruining this country. He should be investigated to determine weather he was a citizen of this country, I do not believe he was.

  2. Obama has some Gaul. He is living in an alternate reality world. I am so happy Trump is President and is repealing all of Obama’s economy wrecking regulations and his anti-business attitude.

  3. dark ages really, well since Trump we have hope again & no longer have to help feed & care for daughter & grands son got his first raise in 9 yrs 1st yr T rump was in office/as opposed to o Trump loves America & her people & respects cares for & honors our military we have our American pride back with a strong man who FIGHTS for us God Bless Trump & God Bless America!

  4. Obama needs to exit stage left and go home. He had his eight years, now leave. He and his whole administration are hanging around without an invitation. We are finished with him and his crowd. No, I think we just left the dark ages. It is like when you let a child get by with so much mischief, he is hard to handle and get back on track. That is how I feel about now. Obama let everything, administration, etc. go totally off the grid. It was like their little playhouse and they did anything they wanted. FUN, FUN, FUN! To heck with the people, just as long as they had their little play area (our government). Now the adult Trump has been slung into this and is trying to straighten this unruly child into acting like a human.

  5. Obama is still the same delusional, Anti-America loser that he was while in the Oval Office. He failed to destroy the USA during his eight years of terrorism, and the only thing that he ever did for this country that was good, was to piss off America enough to elect a real POTUS that puts “America and Americans First”! Barry…you are the consumate POS!

  6. The “Political Dark Ages’ arrived and departed with his departure. I has taken a true Business Man to clean out what he added to The Swamp which Trump identified and has nearly drained. He will complete the task for The Obama-Chicago Mob and Hillary’s Hell’s Angels to view from behind Prison Bars.

  7. The great Divider is at it again. The fact that 12,000 people showed to listen to that spln doctor shows how many stupid people live in Canada. He’s still trying to cripple our economy.

  8. Mr. Obama is a bit confused; the “Dark Geas” describes his time in the office of President. We are now having a Renaissance (rebirth) of the country under a Presiden twho believes that the Constitution is still in effect.

  9. He needs to be charged with violation of the Logan Act and thrown in prison. He is a low life pos. Make an example of him, Kerry and feibstein. Put them in a cage and throw away the key. They all have sommuch money they think they are above the law and can do whatever they want with no consequences. I love Trump but I will be upset if he does not have the DJ look into holding these fools accountable.

  10. The Great Black Hope has morphed into the Great Black Dope. President Trump destroyed his legacy. Now he goes to foreign countries to cry because WE beat Hillary and his 3rd term never developed.

  11. O’BUTTHEAD, to shut his PIE HOLE and leave WELL enough alone.. President Trump inherited a failing Economy

  12. The DIFFERENCE here is that PRESIDENT Trump flies around the WORLD to do BUSINESS with other countries to FURTHER America’s INTERESTS….Loser bozo flew around the world for FUN and FUN ONLY as he came from MINIMAL means, unlike PRESIDENT Trump, and is STILL just SPEWING BS about OTHERS while HE put America BACK into the DARK AGES, just thinking “Race Relations” in this country, gone from pretty GOOD to TERRIBLY BAD……!!!!
    So, the ONLY plausible conclusion is that LOSER obozo is the “prince of darkness” and can ONLY spew BS
    While PRESIDENT Trump is the “KING of LIGHT” and is being as PRODUCTIVE as he could possibly be, while he is also DONATING his Presidential PAY to CHARITIES……WOULDN’T even think about STUFFING his Bank Accounts with TAXPAYERS’ money like the SICKO, EMPTY suit did with his man-wify as well as the rest of ALL of the LOSERS’ CRONIES……!!!!!!

  13. He’s nothing but nigger ass piece of shit! All he ever did was put down the country and religion. He and his old bitch never liked the US. He is still putting the country down even out of office. It is a dam shame that he will be getting the pension that ex presidents get. I wish somebody would snuffed his ass out!

  14. So the Comunity Organizer opposes Populism isn’t he the one who bragged incessantly about grassroots organization? Populism is the same just we actually say what we mean and don’t give a load of PCBS and vague platitudes! It seems he only wants freedom of speech (and throught for that matter) if it is speech he approves of – He and his ilk get to choose what the – Baseline Truth is?

    He claims to Love Canada – Dear, Obama, Please move there- It shouldn’t be hard if they won’t allow you to walk across their border – well you already know how to get a Birth Certificate made. Think about it- You could run for Prime Minister!

    Then when you are done ruining their country you can write another autobiography (because 3 are not enough) and rank in another $93 million dollars. But then you did say- at some point, you just have enough money- maybe that next book you will give the funds to charity.
    You know – kinda like Trump does with his Paychecks!

    Please go, it will be so fun to watch the Left loose what little is left of their minds.
    Of course, we will get to see that in Nov. of 2020 anyway so don’t worry we won’t be too disappointed if you stay.

  15. I can understand why Obama thinks it is the Dark Ages- the Dems have all embraced the Inquisition and its rule of law!

    Prove yourself innocent or we impeach you or ruin your life with lies- getting rid of the presumption of innocence, they want to shut up anyone who does not agree with them- getting rid of our freedom of speech, and they are trying their damnedest to bring in millions fo new Surfs who will vote to maintain the feudal system the Dems what to impose on us. Oh and let’s not forget taking away the peasants weapons, – can’t have those revolts. Of course, he and his ilk think it is the Dark Ages- they are trying to Create it!

    Thank goodness Trump and not Queen Hillary got into office to replace the little Emperor.

  16. Mr. Obama, our President is still trying to undo all the mess [your legacy] you left for him to deal with. Some of it was left behind to cause turmoil for him, you did it purposely.

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