Biden DECLARES WAR on the 2nd Amendment
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If we wins, kiss your rights goodbye…

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced on his campaign website that he intends to wage war on the Second Amendment rights as part of his “education” plan for America.

Biden stated that the National Rifle Association (NRA) must be defeated “in order to make our schools safer,” and he wants to ban semi-automatic firearms.

Biden said that arming school faculty does not make schools safer and the only solution is to ban semi-automatic firearms

Biden stated that he wants to ban semi-automatic firearms, despite the fact that the 1994 assault weapon ban had virtually no impact in reducing crime. Here’s Biden’s full statement:

Defeat the National Rifle Association – again – in order to make our schools safer. Parents shouldn’t have to worry about whether their kids will come home from school, and students shouldn’t have to sacrifice themselves for their friends days before graduation. We cannot let gun violence become an acceptable part of American life. Biden knows that arming teachers isn’t the answer; instead, we need rational gun laws. As President, he will secure passage of gun legislation to make our students safer, and he knows he can do it because he’s defeated the National Rifle Association twice before. He’ll begin by again championing legislation to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines – bans he authored in 1994. In the months ahead, he will release additional proposals to address the gun violence epidemic in our country.

  1. Great…Allow Politicians to invalidate one aspect of the Constitution and before long, they will do so with the entirity of it. NO FREAKING WAY!

  2. War on the Second Amendment equals war on the entire Constitution and the next step is the enslavement of the American people! We have too many people now who are willing to give up freedom in favor of “safety.” They forget or ignore the warning by Franklin: “They who can give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety,” At the time it was not necessary to point out that any “safety” gained is only temporary and when liberty goes down the tube then safety follows close behind. The politicians and activists who push for that anti-gun crap are really working toward an American draconian, totalitarian dictatorship and One World Government.

    1. Biden has lacked common sense in 8 years with Obama, both being pro-abortion (murder) same marriage and stealing taxpayers money with Federal money to finance the mid-east Islam extremist and letting our soldiers were killed on Benghazi strip while paying Iran $400 million and supplying them with uranium and weapons, while letting in illegals financing them for DNC vote like Pelosi of today, he is one sick puppy.

  3. Biden’s just another INBRED Operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization.
    One of the first thing Adolph Hitler did was to remove firearms from the citizens.
    If this scumbag believes this could happen shame on him, This would be the start of a bloody civil war.
    While on the subject of morals, he and his Son, were Fornicating his other deceased Son’s Widow.

  4. So Joe..banning the weapon is the best way to stop the killing?….meaning you believe the weapon does the killing, and not the person?
    Years ago China treated its people like you propose to treat us Americans…then the people of China, not having access to auto-weapons, reverted to a simple bottle of gasoline topped off with a wick, and then threw it into a crowd…burned the shit out of them all. So Joe…you’er just plain stupid, ain’tcha?

  5. The ONLY thing enforcing the Constitution is the Second Amendment. Without the second, we have no Constitution. Never Register anything. Refuse to get on the cattle car.

  6. Well Joe just how do your ideas stop a criminal from getting a gun? Just how does your ideas stop black market guns from getting to the criminals? The truth is your ideas don’t stop criminals from getting guns. You talk the same old never worked so far ideas that have failed time after time while crime goes up sky high. Just look in all the democrat big city’s with the most gun control of any where in this country and prove to how well your ideas are working? They have not and will never will because these is no will to punish as needed. You democrats need new ideas that might really work and not the same old crap.

  7. Biden will not be president, His Ukaranian deals with his son Hunter and extorting money while he was vice president Trump will dismantle his ass if he even becomes the nominee. Made millions from the Russians and deal with the Chinese who knows what he was doing with them. Like trump said Scum Bama pulled out of the Garbage Heap…They only want our guns so they can better control us as an Unarmed population is much easier to beat into submission…GOOD LUCK WITH THAT….I WANT YOU TO COME IN PERSON AND TRY TO TAKE MY GUNS…I LIVE IN TEXAS AND THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!! PANDERING TO HIS BASE AS THEY SO WELL DO!!! THAT WOULD REQUIRE AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION…

  8. He has not just declared war on the Second Ammendment He has in fact declared war on the
    Constitution of the United States of Anerica in total .it is like JESUS CHRIST said who ever keeps all the law but fails in one has failed in all. You can not take out the Second and keep the other 27 and anyone who says you can is a Liar and the truth is not in him or her. So Mr. Joe Biden you are a crook and a liar guilty of insider trading for your Son Hunter on several counts, you misplaced Million’s of Incentive money from 2009-2016, you were involved in the early stage of the coup D’tat with the Justice Department. You are not a hood American you are a Globalist which means you , and every DemoCommunist want to sell us out. So here is my answer to you sir stick you evil opinion up your rectum sideways and if you send your evil Gestapo after us be prepared to see a lot of fighting your evil agenda.

    1. I meant You are not a good American Mr. Biden and you never have been you are nothing but a Dirty DemoCommunis. like the rest of the DemoCommunist trying for the DemoCommunisty Candidate for 2020


  10. Biden keeps showing how stupid he is. Neither Comes or the president can remove the 2nd Amendment without the approval of the States. It is unlawful for one or two States to refuse to have Trump’s name on the voting list. These Democrats need to become knowledgeable about our Constitution and laws or be removed from their office.

  11. I only have THREE words for Biden and the rest of that bunch of phony crooks. The three word sentence begins with KISS and you can add the rest anyway you wish !!!!!

  12. AWW JOE you MOTON !! Stop reading Benito and Adolph Manifestos….They took guns away from the ONES they IMPRISONED!! And just because you have been DECLARED too INCOMPETENT to OWN a BERETTA….Don’t take it out on us who would welcome YOU and SWEELED HEAD SWALLOWELL to come personally to Confiscate mine fully LOCKED and LOADED !

  13. Good bye joe ,you gotta go… mee yo my yo …we’ll have some fun ..once you’re gone ,on the bayou…whatever way the wind blows there goes Joe ,he is a human windsock in a shiny suit,oh yeah paraphrasing hank Williams ,Joe would plagiarize it…

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