Maxine Waters Triggered by Trump, LOSES IT!
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Democrat Maxine Waters is coming apart at the seams. 

In a heated and insulting tweet, Waters went all out attacking President Donald Trump. 

It appears Waters is hoping to use her negative and desperate rant to persuade Trump to leave office, proving she’s become more than delusional. 

While the country is founded on free speech this lack of respect towards the commander and chief is completely unacceptable from a career politician. 

Water should consider taking her “ridiculous self home, resign, and free us.” 

Wouldn’t that be nice?

  1. She and all her lackeys can get out, and don’t forget to take that rat faced farrakhan with you, waters, you are a LOSER!!!!!!!

      1. Everyone has a right to free speech but I hold a higher standard for sitting Congressman and Senators. They should not be allowed to speak about our President in this manner!!! She should receive a censure or whatever they can do. 🗽🗽🗽

        1. Remember when she, Nancy, Chuck and pretty much every Dem were outraged when someone shouted out Obama was telling a Lie? And the weeks of lectures about how he was the President and you had to honor and respect the office if not the man?! How quickly they change position when it is a president with an R after his name.
          (I do believe they call that Hypocrisy.)

    1. And she’s from CA. Nuff said.
      Land of delusions, hypocritical virtue signals and holier than thou righteousness.
      Not to mentions hedonistic, self-important, thieves, stupid rich people who spout talking points and political correctness to cover their own butts while they commit all sorts of immoral crooked acts. They point the finger at others to distract from what they themselves are actually doing. So ever time this idiot makes an unfounded unproven accusation about Trump or any Republican/conservative we can safely assume it is what she and her cronies are doing.

  2. This lady has done her duty to our country long enough and should take her retirement and live out her life in honor. She needs to have time with family and to just watch the sun rise and clouds drift by and not have to worry about any thing any more. She is no better then most older folks who think they need to keep working to keep busy. We need younger people in office with new and young ideas and she has not had any in along time. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND HAVE A GREAT RETIREMENT.

  3. She is making all these crude remarks to tear down President Trump, thinking she can hurt him. It is not going to work.
    I wish they wouldn’t give her any time in the media

    He has better ‘fish to fry’. Taking care of the all America.

  4. Mad maxzine is just showing her true self, psycho elitist neo-nazis lying whore !!! Anybody that believes her needs to pull their head out of their ass you start getting oxygen back their brains.

  5. I don’t wish death upon Maxipad, but I’d settle for her lapsing into a coma for the next 3 months.

    1. The Only people who like Maxine are the ones who live in her Ghetto District in California, They actually call her the Queen and for what I don’t know she doesn’t do ANYTHING for them other then Keep them all on Welfare, Her District is Gang infested along with the Rats! She’s only good for Creating Violence on those who do not think like her or her Crony’s in Congress. Maxine is to Evil to Die!

  6. Hey you ugly old cow, didn’t your Mommy tell you you should never speak about the POTUS, using those ghetto terms. While we speak of your Mommy, ask her if she could tell you the name of your real Biological Father, that is if you know from whom you were WHELPED.

  7. Monkey see Monkey do…..Maxine is no more than a porch monkey who doesn’t have the sense God gave a jackass.

  8. It is time to arrest Auntie Maxine Waters for Fraudulently miss use of Campaign funds! She has enriched herself at the Expense of the District she represents by does not live in. As has Rashida Tlaib Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and Ilhan Omar they do not represent the Constituents by any means they could care less about their constituents they only really care about enriching themselve’s!!!

    1. Vito D, All districts should be square or rectangular in shape. They would only grow or shrink in size to keep the same percentage of legal voters in them. Then let the chips fall where they may.

  9. You need to just shut your mouth. Someone needs to do an investigation on you. Everyone should be investigated. To talk about the President like MadMax did should have charges against her. In other countries you would of been shot. How dare y’all talk about the President like y’all do. SHAME!

  10. All Democrats and RINO’s in Congress should resign and take their SORRY butts back home , get out of politics and get a real job where they have to work to make a buck as most Americans do daily, cause they’re no good for this republic type government.

  11. God have mercy on all of us!! And, dear Maxine, as with all the other swamp people, talks in a most unprofessional manner. She is not fit for the position she now holds.

  12. She shouldn’t even hold office of any kind–especially not on a financial committee. Should retire and get out of politics.

  13. Look at what she has accomplished in Los Angeles. No LA is filled with homelessness, illegals, camp cities, garbage, and inadequate sanitation which has led to Typhus and other life threatening diseases not seen in the US for decades and more! Too bad she doesn’t live in her own district. She lives in a much nicer part of town in a $4.5M home (on $174K/year) and her husband’s money that was backed up by the government bank shore up (even though the Govt. wasn’t told this facts at the time…and the PAC problems….).
    Thanks Aunti Maxi! Way to go! And I wish you would after paying back what you and your family stole from us!

  14. Waters and all her crooked buddies should be impeached and put to death for TREASON. Tired of hearing these ignorant, hate-filled traitors talking. Traitors to our Constitution and Country deserve nothing less than death.

  15. Mad Max’s description sounds a whole lot like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Anthony Weiner, and a few other Democrats. Of course their list of offenses is longer. But I don’t seem to recall Mad Max ever complain about them. Do you?

  16. Maxine “lost it” a long time ago before there was a Trump. What a ridiculous, embarrasing, insulting, incompetent person she is as a Representative in the US Congress.

  17. Just another Democratic mouthpiece who doesn’t know anything just another Trump hater she is the one who should leave office and resign forever her actions and her words are not acceptable and show no professionalism for the position that she holds whatsoever she is a loser and will always be a loser

  18. 5/30/2019

    With the campaign violation scandal Maxine Waters faces she needs to get ready to face the many crimes she has committed by passing money illegally to her own family. She should certainly be indicted for her
    own personal crimes!

  19. Maxine is the crook. She has funneled campaign money to her daughter illegally. She doesn’t even live in her district and lies to her voters. She hasn’t done anything for her constituents ever except bitch and moan about Trump who is much better at leading our nation than she ever dreamed of. She is a mental defective sub human monster!

  20. I wish the haters like crazy Maxine WOULD try to impeach Trump. It would never go through!!! They would fail the same way they have failed with every other way they’ve tried to take him down. They are just SO obsessed with hate that they’ve become desperate!!!

  21. This so call RACIST B—H along with those other Pathetic Liars i call the SS Democrat Socialist Party are trying like hell to take back our country.This is nothing but a (COUP) against WE THE PEOPLE,they are the most corrupt and crooked people living in our country and GOD forbid if they ever take our White House you better be aware it will end our country that once was called the United States Of America.

  22. Maxine you Ignorant, arogant, stupid, racist, Baboon faced POS. If brains were dynamite you wouldn;t have enough to blow your nose. You sorry excuse for a human being !

  23. That sure is allot of hatred to a person – should it be a hate crime? I should call her office and tell her Trump sends his love


  25. Maxi-pad is a real living pile of Demoncrap!! That’s all I’m saying on the subject!! I have better things to do!!!

  26. THe Kalifornia Moonbat lost it a longtime ago. It just 99.9% of Libertards are so mentally ill no one has noticed. Psycho Waters should be minding her Ps and Qs she is facing a number of legal issues herself.

  27. LA is climbing in garbage and illness and she has the balls to call out Trump on ant issue! Aunt Esther is the true definition of term limits!

  28. Mad Max has been crazy for a long time. She is not capable of civil behavior and has proven that over and over. She also is about as crooked as politicians come, Maybe why she acts crazy? Too bad we don’t have rules in place to stop politicians from stealing money from us?

  29. It’s getting more and more difficult to determine which is more delusional and suffering from dementia/senility Waters or Polosie?!
    Jezee woman, take yourself back to your mansion earned from your corrupt political office. You stole money from the Tax Payers…YOU DID… YOU THIEF!!!
    How does it feel to have people screaming at you Auntie Maxine?
    Sorry, I should not shout at the elderly but I wanted to talk to you in a language you could understand.
    Go home, live in your mansion and enjoy your ill-gotten-gain, you and your family have profited enough off of We the American People. If you don’t…prepare for investigations when you lose the WH, House, and Senate in 2020.


  31. Mad Max is telling the world what a low life she is calling someone, no less the president of the US, vulgar names without proof. Hers is the face of utter evil.

  32. You could not make someone go crazy that does not have a brain! This is why she fits so well in the communist a.k.a. Democrat party because she is brainless!

  33. Can you imagine this sewer dwelling,bottom feeding, corrupt (let’s make my daughter very wealthy scheme), living in a mansion not even close to the district she misrepresents calling our President a liar and a crook ??? This moron needs to do the USA a favor and leave.

  34. You commenters need intervention asap.Obviously you retards have a problem with truth.The congress woman didn’t lie about this megalomaniac.

  35. Maxine Waters is 80, Pelosi is 79, Feinstein is 85, and the list goes on! I am also a senior citizen and for the life of me just don’t understand why these senators keep getting reelected. Their constitutes must be getting rediculous campaign promises. Seems like they are all power hungry and can’t stand the thought of retirement.

  36. take a good look america this old rag does not even know what day it is let alone be in congress but she,s like the rest of the as+holes=dumb-a-rats fro as+holes-r-them. lets get rid of these fools once and for all, america open your eyes and vote ( republican and lets take our country back ) .

  37. The poor thing. Awwwww, I feel so bad for the fraudster, thieving, corrupt maenad; she needs a PNA. Yes folks, PNA, SWEEPING THE NATION. zeke emanuel (rahm’s older sibling) says we should all be dead by 75. Why wait? PNA, Post Natal Abortion is the answer to millions of prayers for maxie’s dilemma; nan-nan’s too. If these two screeching harridans don’t want to visit one of our “Happy Sunset PNA Clinics,” then “The End of Track Auto-Euthanization parlors” will see the job to the finish. Don’t wait, check in now; you’ll never need to check out!

  38. Maxine Waters should start covering her face when in public – we don’t want to see her “ass on her shoulders” when she’s about, ranting about anything and everything. When she speaks, all I hear is “a toilet flushing”! I spent 20 years in the Submarine force – protecting MY country – and no “good for NOTHING” dem politico is EVER gonna stop me from protecting and oving MY COUNTRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Obama told many lies and I did hear the nasty spouts about him. His top advisors and department appointees have since been employed by the Chinees(sensitive information will now flow into China)

    It is a disgrace the way the democrats are publicly attacking our duly elected president with lies, half truths and sly made up bullsh–.

  40. When is the AG going to investigate this cheating piece of garbage and her family for the crimes they have committed even while she is in office. Time for this pos to be indicted and removed from office asap. The sooner the better for our country if this trash is sent to prison for a long, long time.

  41. Waters has nothing to lay back on no special legislation she can say I did this, she has become a air consumming do nothing politician that like Pelosi have ran there time and are trying to stay relavant. Both should retire!!!!!

  42. Kamarada Waters went clinically insane when her friend Hillary lost. Just imagine her grief after their New York Pravda (sorry I meant Times) predicted Hillary’s win with 98.8% certainty!

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