Trump TOPS Obama Where It Counts
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President Donald Trump is surpassing his predecessor former President Barrack Obama according to a new Gallup poll.

More Americans agree with Trump on issues “that matter most” to them than they did with Obama at the same time in his presidency.

The poll surveyed adults from across all 50 states and found that 47% of them were confident in Trump’s stances on major points.

Obama however is two points behind Trump during the same timeline in his first term at 45%.

Additionally, the poll found that 38% of those interviewed found Trump’s political views to be “about right,” again beating out Obama this time by 3 points.

It will be interesting to see where President Trump will stand in another two years as he continues to pick up steam. 

      1. You mean the swamp is corrupt? Nah. Hillary selling 20% of our uranium for a $150 million donation to the Clinton Foundation? Nah. Obama giving $150 billion to Iran so they woud sign the agreement which they never intended to honor? Nah. Biden’s and Kerry’s sons doing business with Chiina and Ukraine, even riding on the same A F plane with their fathers? Nah. (In fact, the sons should pay the government back for the cost of the airfare. Did you know that Kerry has been negotiating with Iran on his own lately, which is against the law? His daughter is married to an Iranian, whose best man was an Iranian pretty high up in the diplomatic levels of Iran. Do you think there is some hanky-panky going on? Nah. I am a Vietnam Vet, and to me Kerry is a traitor. I don’t think there is a Vietnam Vet who wouldn’t like to spit in his face. More on Kerry: Google “John Kerry and the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIAs. He stabbed them in the back.

  1. And More Lies nobody likes Trump except his little group of nutcases The Beverly Hillbillies Obama was more classy more intelligent much better president we got a lunatic Thief our president now

  2. The President surpasses Obama in another area, that area is “things accomplished” where the President is accomplishing 3 and 4 things at a time when Obama was “present” and the things that he did try to improve were anything but improved. He put his hands on “healthcare” , a very important issue and instead of adding people and cutting costs, he made healthcare “less affordable” and the number of people having healthcare dropped. My own personal experience was enough for me, before Obamacare, my monthly premiums were 1000.00 dollars per month, after the institution of Obamacare my premium went up to 1500.00 dollars per month. I ended up going without healthcare for five years because I could no longer afford it. I really had to look and shop and compare but I finally ended up with healthcare again.

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