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Not every old dog can learn new tricks it seems.

2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden is drawing lots of criticism after he was caught pawing another young child…on camera.

The incident took place while Biden was campaigning in Houston, Texas. While speaking with the gathered crowd Biden homes in on a 10-year-old girl before confessing ‘I’ll bet you’re as bright as you are good-looking.’

Those in attendance, like reporter Felicia Sonmez, couldn’t help but point out the interaction immediately as inappropriate.

“Recall that Biden filmed a video last month in which he vowed to respect women’s personal space,” Sonmez added in a second tweet. “Seems he hasn’t quite gotten the message.”


See the uncomfortable moment on video below:

  1. He laughs, he turns red, he apologizes, he tells us he isn’t up to date on how to behave in the new political world??, and he still cannot keep his hands off the girls! This creepy old jerk is like any democrat..he will do what he wants to do and to hell with everyone else! It is okay to have your son clean up with foreign governments while in office. It is okay to lie to American citizens! The liberals are reaching the lowest ebb of morality in creation!

  2. JC:
    I agree with you but then don’t forget or maybe you haven’t heard the car his son was renting was turned in late at night and there were drugs needles and contraband found in the car. Even his ID was there so they knew who had the car. Let alone what was his son doing his work in foreign countries. Oh and let’s not forget that the Secret Service Women that are assigned to him don’t like it as he swims naked in his home pool and elsewhere even tho he knows they are there. The guy is a pervert and I wouldn’t be surprised he has done more than touch and smell girls/women.

  3. Why isn’t this creep behind bars? That is entirely out of line. He should NEVER be allowed to run for president or even toilet washer.

    1. TM, that was just guy talk. Joe inappropriately touches young girls every chance he gets. If you think that’s ok, then I pray that the parents of young girls protect them from YOU!

  4. You people are really sick. There is NOTHING wrong with what he did. If you don’t like the man, fine, but don’t go making things up where there are none.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more Lou…..there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with what he did in that video….. people just want to make any grown man that dares touch a young girl into a instant pedo….. they’re the ones with the sick minds!!!!

  5. Joe certainly is not the sharpest knife in tghe drawer but I have a thing about people who put others down even charging them with abuse for telling a lady young or not so young they look nice when they do. There are thouosands of companies large and small all working on formulas to improve the looks of women! women definitely spend large sums of money to improve their looks. WHY IS IT BAD TO TELL THEM TGHEY ARE SUCCERSSFUL! Keep ones hands to themselves and be careful not to embarrasse these ladies nor to make obviously incorrect comments but providing encouragement for their efforts in maintaining their looks. NOW JOE IS A PHONEY OLD DOG BUT THIS TIME NOT OVERLY GUILTY!

  6. Just for one moment imagen President Trump would do that. The media would have a cow made of gold. They are hoping and praying for such an occasion.
    As I child I was often in the company of men like that and the Adults around us did the same as these Adults did….laugh or smile. No other adult stops these creeps . It’s the Priests and Teachers and anyone of authority who get away with that. Parents wake up. Protect your children.

  7. And here again 10 out of 15 choose to forget the tape of the original creepy person the one in the white house that says he can do anything he wants to women. You all talk about Biden being a scumbag? Take a look in the mirror you all need human decency before its to late to save whats left of America the beautiful. Oops was that creepy I called America beautiful.


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