These Schools Told To Favor Black Students
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A number of schools in one state have been instructing their teaching staff to favor black students over whites as part of “racial equity.”

The New York Post reports that a consultant hired by the city Department of Education told administrators at a workshop, “If I had a poor white male student, and I had a middle-class black boy, I would actually put my equitable strategies and interventions into that middle-class black boy because over the course of his lifetime he will have less access and less opportunities than that poor white boy.”

“That’s what racial equity is,” Darnisa Amante, the consultant said.

President of the NYC Parents Union who happens to be black, Mona Davids, was disgusted by the suggestion. 

“It’s completely absurd — they want to treat black students as victims and punish white students,” Davids shared with the Post. “That defeats the purpose of what bias awareness training should be.”

The Department of Educations spokesman, Will Mantell did not share if Chancellor Richard Carranza agreed with Amante’s comments.

“Anti-bias and equity trainings are about creating high expectations and improving outcomes for all of our students,” Mantell said in a statement. “These trainings are used across the country because they help kids, and out-of-context quotes and anonymous allegations just distract from this important work.”

Discrimination is discrimination no matter how you roll it out. Saying you’re focusing on black students just means you’re discriminating against everyone else.

  1. Reverse discrimination is NEVER a good idea. The best approach is to treat all children equally regardless of their station or the color of their skin. For someone in a responsible position to make this statement is totally irresponsible and that person needs to be removed from any position of responsibility.

  2. Whoever claims favoring black kids over white kids is what racial equality is must be dumber than a rock! Gee, I wonder what race that moron Darnisa Amante is? Only in NY or Californication

  3. each child should be treated equally! not favor one over another. reverse discrimination & I thought that was against the law! to me it’s telling black kids they need help to be smarter than white child & that’s not true! each American child should be treated equally in school. people need to get involved with their community’s education system & see what’s being taught to our children. some things American children are taught are so EVIL & DANGEROUS it’s going to be America’s destruction. we don’t have to have enemy army to destroy us we will be destroyed from within & thank you JESUS I hope I’m in Heaven before that happens!

  4. This is horrible! How can anyone in their right mind even suggest this. This women and school administrator should be terminated at once! This is unconstitutional.
    These people are evil and should be punished !
    God help us all!

  5. This is sick. Any adult that would do this should be tarred and feathered. No wonder the world is in the shape it is in today is because of garbage like this.

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