Quietly And Quickly, Citizens Secure Border
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Private citizens in El Paso, Texas are tired of waiting for Democrats to get out of Trump’s way and are taking matters into their own hands. 

A GoFundMe campaign started by the organization We Build the Wall, was meant to secure funding to see a southern border wall erected after President Donald Trump’s efforts were being hindered by the bureaucracy.

But once again liberals who love open borders prevented Trump from being able to accept the donation. 

Deciding enough is enough, the organization decided instead of donating the money to the government for wall efforts, they would just put the donations to use building the wall. 

Over Memorial Day weekend the group quietly erected $6 million in border wall defense. Local authorities had shared that a particular strip of land in El Paso saw as many as 930 people cross per day. 

Fortunately this area was on private land. 

So We Build the Wall bought the land and put up an effective wall with no fuss from the government. 

Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach noted on “Fox & Friends” that “This is the first time any private organization has built border wall on private land.”

He also shared that he was confident about future work saying, “We’ll keep on building as long as people keep chipping in.”

  1. If we have to do it ourself, what do we need government for, vote anyone but Democratic in future elections. In fact, why not register as an “Independent” and send a notice to both parties.

    1. EXCELLENT!! Many congrats on your success. Next step is to lethally shoot every single invader who trespasses!

  2. What a beautifual and glorious way to give the great, big FINGER to the America-hating and traiterous, lying, stupid democrats in the House and the Senate! Next thing should be to start circulating (for signatures) a democrat-specific F-U and Go To Hell note to each and every one of them! And require each of them to sign for it. Great Job Texas!

  3. That’s truly what America is about. Yankee ingenuity. Goes to show the fallacy of big government with big bureaucracy. The DEMs want to shove more of it down our throats. Give more power to the states. New Mexico could learn a lesson from El Paso. It’s “open borders” governor is now crying for Federal help as her state is being overrun by illegals to the tune of almost a thousand every day. When will the DEMs realize the Fed is not a cornucopia. It time to wake up to reality.

    1. Don’t expect New Mexico to learn anything or cooperate. Their Democrat Governor & Democrat majority government have stated that they do not want a wall.

  4. I am so proud of those Americans who have taken this issue into their own hands. I did send some money to this group and it is great to see how they are using it. If they gave it to the Government it would have been watered down or used for something else. It is this spirit that makes me proud to be an American!! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU WHO ARE BUILDING THIS WALL.

  5. Thank god for those Americans who donate for the wall . Enough is enough and feeling sorry for illegals whom are to be prosecuted for risking children’s life
    And forcing them to walk miles and miles without food and water. Here in the United States we call it child abuse and we would be in jail. It’s the parents faults.
    Back then thru Ellis island United States inspected immigrants for diseases and would not allow them in the United States today we feel sorry and now we have an epidemic in our communities. Feel sorry for us citizens who have to pay taxes to support this illegals making fools of border patrols with lies. By the way who started all this caravan trip and how come illegals can afford to pay $ 10,000 to be brought here
    We’ve heard them say on news.
    Deport all who are illegal or this will be another Mexico within a few years from now. Americans protect this United States

  6. STOP VOTING DEM/RINO……….That ought to let those dumb dems realize that WE THE LEGAL CITIZENS want the WALL BUILT………..THOSE dumb dems do what they want and not what they were elected for…

  7. God bless these people & all the ones donating money! why can’t we protect our American borders BUT we send American soldiers all over the world to protect borders of countries that hate us?

  8. Thank god for those Americans who donate
    Stop illegals or United States will look like Mexico with in 5 years

  9. This is exactly what needs to happen and now. You are exactly right we send our troops to foreign countries risking their lives and paying this protection from our tax dollars. These give away artists don’t give a damn about America and what happens to our citizens. They are willing to sell us down the river at our own expense and we vote for these jerk-offs to continue stealing us blind. Vote those no good ass holes out of office. You can do it so do it.

  10. Maybe we should build a wall around DC to keep Democrats out until they are ready to negotiate with President Trump.

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