Democrat BEGS For Help After Denying Border Crisis
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One Democratic governor is having to come to terms with their mistakes after pulling troops from the southern border.  

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has been a constant critic of President Donald Trump, going so far as to say he conducted a “charade of border fear-mongering” over illegal immigrants.

She even authorized the withdrawal of the majority of New Mexico National Guard troops that had been sent to guard the border of her state. 

“I reject the federal contention that there exists an overwhelming national security crisis at the Southern border,” Lujan Grisham had said.

Now however, months after Trump declared the issue a national emergency, Lujan Grisham is being forced to ask for aid in dealing with the fallout as her state gets overrun.

The governor asked acting-Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan to increase government personnel at the border, and then had the audacity to ask for reimbursement for humanitarian assistance and other resources related to managing the illegal migrants. 

“The governor wants to continue to urge the federal government to increase its personnel on the border as a means of improving the logistical and communications output,” said Tripp Stelnicki the governor’s spokesman to KOAT.

Republicans aren’t letting the irony of the situation escape Lujan Grisham either.

“She declares there’s no crisis. She removes the National Guard, and now she’s there asking for money,” New Mexico GOP Chairman Steve Pearce said.

“Everything in her actions indicate that she believes there’s a crisis, but yet she will not dedicate the resources or request to her colleagues in Congress to start passing the laws that will change the situation there,” he added. “The border communities are going to continue to be overrun.”

This is why there is not only a need for Trump to remain in office, but that he needs a government that will work with him. Not one that waits until it’s too late and then asks for help salvaging what’s left. 

  1. I am from NM. We the New MEXICAN asked for closing the wall. A lot farmers are frustrating however Governor Grisham didn’t listen. President Trump please make her stop the flowing the illegal immigrants in and most of all make her build the wall.

    1. Well, sorry to spoil your day, but I think President Trump needs to let your stupid Governor sweat a little more. She says there is no crisis at the border, removes the troops and then all of sudden she wants money and help for something that she says doesn’t exist. Well buck it up Mexicans, Until she admits there is a problem it is going to be “Buena Dias, se’habla espaniol. (SP) Not Mexican

  2. Oh yes. Typical of a Regressive Leftists. Let the cows out, then fix the fence. My tendency would be to let her twist in the wind if were not for the people of New Mexico. I don’t think the US taxpayers owe her a cent. She helped create the mess, let her taxpayers pay for. They might learn from their mistake then.

    1. The people of New Mexico,elected this liberal, if they suffer enough they will remove her? Life is hard some times, people won’t learn the truth if they are bailed out every time they mess up!

    2. Rodney … You are quite correct with your analogy about “letting the cows out,” that is exactly what the dum-bass democrats always do … but the democrats will NEVER fix the fence. They ALWAYS want somebody else to fix it … and somebody else to pay for it.

      1. First her whole Administration resigns and a conservative Republican placed in the Governorship then a return of The Guard to the border, with orders detain anyone trying to cross and if they begin shooting shoot back .

    3. I agree totally. Thee libs are known for stupid actions like this and then turn around and blame the republicans. The American people had better wake the F**k up before it’s to late.

  3. Until she does right by the people in her state (the heck with the DNC and whatever their goal is), I would ask that she resolve the issue she denies exists by herself and the DNC. Get the Media to print the truth about the border, get the DNC to cooperate with Trumps solutions to the border. Otherwise, goodbye to her next election. She’s a sheep anyway. Representing the party and not the people.

  4. Why ask for government help and not bring National Guard back in larger numbers? That should be the first step.

  5. This is what happens when the electorate elects a person that is lacking in “life” experience and political experience. I do not know how long this person has been in office but if I were the President, I would take my time analyzing the situation there and arriving at the solution needed as the fix was in and she rejected what she had so that she could publicly demean the President whether it was for spite or a way to embarrass the President, if I were a resident of New Mexico I would reject her overtures in the next election.

  6. just what we come to expect from the communist democrats yea she has them in the state fairgrounds and several events had to be cancelled because of her wanting open borders and funds for the invasion of illegals that the democrats want. SHE IS A DUMB ASS AND NEEDS TO HAVE THEM SENT TO SANTA FE….OH WAIT YOU CAN NOT DO THAT NOT IN HER CITY……DEMOCRATS ARE NOT GOOD FOR AMERICA AND SHE IS MORE PROOF OF THAT

  7. Did anyone notice that face? Even worse than a deer in the headlights. If there was a dictionary with pictures, right next to the word, “stupidity” there would be her picture … along with Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Alexandria Cortez (at the top) … actually, there would have to be several additional pages for ALL the democrats in DC.

  8. Democrats keep voting for the most unqualified Liberal Woman they can possibly find. There is a price to pay for that and sadly it’s with the lives of the people she is supposed to be serving.

  9. Screw her. Let her figure it out. And let her Finance it. Then and ONLY then will the People wake up and elect Strong Leadership. This needs to be a teaching moment.

  10. She made her bed now she can lie in it. I don’t feel sorry for her and I certainly don’t feel she needs money from the government to deal with a situation of her own making.

  11. “She declares there’s no crisis. She removes the National Guard, and now she’s there asking for money,” New Mexico GOP Chairman Steve Pearce said. I have the solution to her problem send her about 50K illegals to take care of. Just to make sure she has learned her lesson and she need to apologize to.

  12. IDIOT GOVERNOR. DON’T GIVE HER A DIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let her use her National Guard budget to pay for the problem.

  13. Although this Governor created this mess, the people of the State of New Mexico elected her. If the Trump Administration bails them all out, nobody will have learned a thing. If she will get out of the way so that Homeland security can secure the border, she should express her gratitude for that and she and her Democratic friends in New Mexico should be stuck with the bill for dealing with the mess that they created within their own State….it isn’t as though they weren’t warned that this would be the results!

  14. That Governor should learn the lesson the hard way. She said there wasn’t a problem. So she should be taught the way fathers taught kids for over 60yrs. Let her live with what she has done and deal with it. Plus until she realizes that there really is a problem and always has been when she asks for help tell her what dads have always said “you said you didn’t need any help so do what you want”. But I also feel that the Wall should be built.

  15. DONT give her anything, she pulled the guards and played Pelosis and Shemer’s game like a cacatua repeating what others in the left were saying for politucal’s reasons ,now let her deal with the consecuences so the people she swore to protect will see what a piece of shit they elected for governor , send her more illegals and asked to call Pelosi and Shemer to help her ,,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Reprint all her dumb quotes about the border not needing protected, her removing her national guard troops saying there is no crisis, her saying New Mexico doesn’t need federal intervention, then tell her she alsso has to pay for taking care of all the immigrants to her state. Then make dam sure no federal troops or money or fence gets to her border before the next election. If she’s re elected then the citizens of her state must agree with her and are willing to pay the price. However, if she’s thrown out on her ear (or rear) and they elect a common sense governor who will work with the federal government to properly manage the legal immigration, then we should start working together to show this numbskull how things are supposed to work.

  17. Maybe he will tell them to stick it to where the Sun does not shine. We all knew this would happen but she was not able to figure it out. Maybe it’s time to replace her sorry butt.

  18. She requests help in solving a problem which she denies exists?? Unfortunately, it is the people of New Mexico who will suffer as a result of her “smart politics”, while she will walk away with whatever she gains from being governor, even if disgraced.

  19. Theres no crisis at the border, so the dem idiot came out with not long ago, now the hands out for assistance and stating there is a humatarian crisis. When did that change I wonder. Right when all these illegals came in and started demanding free healthcare, food and lodgings as well as going on robbing sprees throughout the state. The democraps will never learn.

  20. Since there’s no crisis she and the other Commiecrats are saying, don’t send ANYTHING!!! Sorry for the good folks but you elected this bitch. Deal with her and recall her ass poor in an American and NOT another communist. Until then, all I can say is, WHAT’S NEW MEXICO, NEVER HEARD OF IT!!!

  21. I reject the Governor’s contention that there is a legitimate reason for the federal government to hand over any aid or reimbursement to manage a non-crisis! Stop choosing the leftist mantra then come crying for someone else (usually the right) to clean up the mess you made. Like my Mom always said to me, “You made your own bed, now you lie in it.”

  22. Message back to her should be: sorry but your problem is a local one and you should handle it. I’d ignore her for now and let her stew in her misguided stupidly and liberal ignorance.

  23. Stupidity has a Price. Tell her if she wants assistance from the Federal government she must apologize to President Trump for her lapse of understanding the border crises and support the wall construction with state funding . Perhaps she could donate part of her state salary to help alleviate expenses to the people of New Mexico to support the Illegal Aliens already camping out seeking asylum. She should follow the dictates of her party and lead by example. MAGA!!

  24. As I recall New Mexico was NOT part of the electoral 306 in 2016. You people voted the Democrat Lujan your Governor, so live with it.

  25. This is only the tip of the berg. Every democrat who has fought against helping to stop this invasion will eventually have to turn around. But of course it will be too late, it’s already too late for some. Those in the far northern states haven’t felt the disaster YET. But they will when the hoards begin to reach their states and they can’t cope with it either. This invasion is somewhat like credit card debt. After you’ve overdrawn your resources and it’s reached the point you can’t support it it’s useless to say a mistake was made. And the “fix” is next to impossible to accomplish. But as usual the taxpayer will suffer the decisions this congress has made.

  26. The governor is getting what she asked for. Now she sees that her actions is causing a over flow of illegal aliens in her state. She now asks for monies to aid the masses and more border guards to control the situation. Furthermore, she would not be in this situation if she left well enough alone. I say deny her the aid and her stew in her own situation, after all there is no crisis as she put it.

  27. Hey Grisham, how does it feel to WANT. Remember You REAP What You SOW, sweetheart.
    Hey New Mexico voters, perhaps it’s time to remove all Operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, from your state.

  28. It is funny how there is no crisis and she removed all the federal aid — — —

    What happened to the stand there is no border crisis in NM??

  29. More proof that the Demoncrats are pro-criminal. Don’t give this Demoncrat $0.15. She caused the problem. She is unfit to serve!

  30. Flooding our country with criminals and blood sucking ticks along with all the pandemonium that will ensue is part and parcel of the dem’s unvoiced plan. If they ever gain full control of the government again they will use it to declare a national emergency and martial law to further their aim to disarm law abiding American citizens. I say Molon labe!

  31. If I were the president every solved situation has compromise. If I help you resolve your situation you must admit you were wrong in writing to the citizens of New Mexico and myself. You must show support for me to your fellow democrats and work with me to build a wall. Those are my terms if rejected don’t see you being re-elected and you will have to answer to your citizens during the remainder of your term

  32. Gov. Grisham you made the mistake when you said there was no crisis and pulled the National Guard off of the border. Now you are begging for help that for a crisis that you helped create. I feel for the citizens of NM and I have friends there, but I don’t feel a damn thing for you

  33. Democrats want to bring in immigrants and their children, but will support the killing of American children through late term abortion. This Governor does not see a crisis. supports these invaders coming into the country, so let her figure out how her state will take care of them

  34. Democrats want to bring in immigrants and their children, but will support the killing of American children through late term abortion. This Governor does not see a crisis. supports these invaders coming into the country, so let her figure out how her state will take care of them

  35. Let her ask her dumbocrap party to solve this problem as they are the ones who created it! As the saying goes, if you spit in the air, it just might land back in your face!! Hypocrites!

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