Trump Makes HISTORY Yet Again
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While making a state visit to Japan, President Donald Trump claimed another historic first. 

Before meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, President Trump took the time to become the first foreign leader to meet with Japan’s Emperor Naruhito.

Trump made history at Japan’s Imperial Palace where he and his wife were welcomed by the new new emperor and empress.

While recording audio of the encounter was strictly forbidden, Trump and Emperor Naruhito could be seen exchanging pleasantries. 

Trump had previously met with Naruhito’s father when he visited Japan in November of 2017.

    1. You just may be correct, but until proven is is just an assumption on your part! So, stay tuned in for further developments on this issue!

  1. Johnboy, your remarks are vague like fake news. They really say nothing, me’s think you been watching too much of the Crooks, Nuts Network.

  2. As a condition of surrender after WWII, Japan was prohibited from building a military, with the promise America would help Japan rebuild and protect them with our military, and we have done both. Lately, the current government of Japan has been rebuilding their military to protect themselves from outside threats like North Korea. Since President Trump wants to draw-down our military involvement around the world, it’s possible he might agree Japan should again have its own military to protect itself, if Japan prefers that. We’ll see.

  3. Our previous policies were “I will protect and give you money, but you will be our children!”
    It was proven to be bad, countries took our aids, and fed their corruption governments.
    Time for us make “America First”. We are no longer play a role of policing the world, sugar daddy and telling others governments how to run their countries.
    Their citizens should stand up and fight for their rights.

  4. S F White comments are correct. The world is now a different place and we need allies to support our global defense initiatives. Japan is a strong Alliance and strategically located. So we must our country and strengthen the defense position. I personally think he is doing the right thing based on N. Korea and others in the region

  5. The only history this fraud of a president ever makes is being the most spectacular conman in history, EVERY DAMN DAY.

  6. China is swallowing up open water and claiming it for its own. in the South China Sea. They could walk over Japan in a heartbeat. ‘
    “Aint” no love lost between the little yellow brothers. That said,I realize that Japan is not supposed to have ,a military! however wit China knocking at your door throwing rocks won’t work. should the we get involved , wish i could say no, but i know we will. Just like Taiwan will be our problem when China decides it belongs t them. Not “if” when! Ten there is Russia!!

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