Trump SLAMS Slanderous Actor
Image credit: foxnews

President Trump denounced a lying actor as investigations are revealing the truth.

Trump tweeted out blasting disgraced actor Jussie Smollett as a federal judge has called for the unsealing of documents related to the case.

It’s believed these documents will reveal that not only was Smollett guilty of submitting false reports to police but also that prosecutors in the case may have tried to protect the actor. 

  1. Hollywood types need to know that they are not above the law when they submit false police reports. Any citizen who makes a false report can be held liable in a court of law. Actors are not “special”and shouldn’t receive a pass on something like this.

  2. I’m hoping that heads will roll after this; not only Wussie Smellit’s, but also Kim Not-A-Foxx’s as well.

  3. All the people involved in the Smollett, Fox (that’s not) the crooked Obama’s and the dem communist are all guilty of conspiracy to commit a multitude of felony level crimes !!!! for which they all should suffer the maximum penalty!!!! remember: penalty for TREASON is DEATH!!! others it’s LIFE in PRISON !! THEY ALL SOUND RIGHT TO ME!!! for these TYPE OF CRIMINALS !!!! THEY NEED TO BE MADE EXAMPLES OF BIG TIME !!!! SO THESE SOCIALIST /COMMUNIST SCUM CAN ALL SEE THEIR FATE !!

  4. The INBRED Operatives Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, got caught with their hands in the cookie jar once again. We won’t have to destroy them, they will implode.

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