This Judge Latest Problem For Trump’s Wall
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The saga of obstruction against the United States President continues. 

Once again wall construction along the southern border has hit a snag after U.S. District Judge Haywood Gilliam Jr. made an order to halt work at two essential sites. 

A 45 mile section of wall in New Mexico and another 5 mile section in Yuma, Arizona have halted progress has Gilliam Jr. claims the use of Defense Department funds is unlawful. 

This is unfortunately just more time wasted as even Gilliam believes President Trump will ultimately prevail in court. 

“Congress’s ‘absolute’ control over federal expenditures_even when that control may frustrate the desires of the Executive Branch regarding initiatives it views as important_is not a bug in our constitutional system. It is a feature of that system, and an essential one,” Gilliam wrote in a 56 page opinion piece. 

This open admission further proves that Trump’s opponents are willing to do anything to prevent his progress, even if their efforts have no merit. 

  1. There was one president in U.S. History I wish resident Trump would take note of. This president (I think it might have been Andrew Jackson) said, “the court has made its ruling, now let them enforce it.” I truly wish President Trump would do the same. Or even better yet, I wish President Trump would hold a nationally televised rally, step to the microphone, and TELL all of those liberal, communist, activist judges (appointed by Obama) … just flat out TELL them to GO TO HELL and DARE THEM TO TRY TO ENFORCE THEIR STUPIDASS RULINGS! That is what I wish.

    1. The problem with your suggestion Chuck as much I tend to sympathize with it is that if Pres Trump just ignores a court order because he disagrees with it will set a bad precedent because then any other President could decide to do the same thing for any court order he didn’t agree with and once you start down that Rabbit hole there’s no going back or stopping it, and as much as this ruling sucks a President can’t start ignoring any court order he disagrees with because even the President isn’t above the law or a court order ,and as this Judge even acknowledged in his ruling that Pres Trump will most likely win in the end so this is nothing but a temp setback for the Pres, and since this order came from the Liberal 9th circuit court which has the highest number of rulings overturned of all the other circuit courts in the nation, it stands a very high chance of being overturned by a higher up court.

  2. And the activist courts continue. The leftist Dems/media are allowing our country to be invaded. Our elected officials took an oath of office to protect and defend the U.S. Except for the POTUS, they are not doing their jobs. This is treason and needs to be treated as such. And the American voting citizen taxpayers need to take into account all the obstruction the leftist Dems & Rinos have done and vote them out of office at vote time. If they keep going, there will be violence (e.g., civil war) against the leftist Dems/Rinos and they will have no one to blame but themselves.

  3. Just a bunch of obstructionist, President that wants to put America first and secure our boarders, to keep us all safe, is forced to delay progress only because Socalrats want failure, and the American people suffer. More crime, drugs just sad.
    #MAGA Trump 2020

  4. Democrats since swearing in have been trying a coup to take over Oval Office. That Party nees to be held Accountable

  5. If the California Liberal Judge thinks Trump will win the case, why is he stupid enough to block the building of an essential wall? I thought Judges were supposed to be smart, not ignorant.

  6. Not sure what the answer is. AG. Barr addressed this last week when he showed that there have been 37 executive orders stopped by activist judges so far in Trumps presidency and only 20 yes 20 in the whole 20th century.
    The answer it seems is to get congress to do their jobs and impeach these unelected rouge judges who are systematically crippling the Executive Branch of our government.No lower circuit judge should be able to interfere with the actions of any branch of government. Any action brought by these judges and others in the future should have to be ratified by the House and then the senate before and Executive action can be stopped. This would stop this nonsense from these bad judges yet the lawsuit will be heard .

    1. I’ll bet that this judge lives some up scale neighborhood. I’ll also bet that the Demon Crats are dumping the illegals in middle class neighborhoods!

  7. A wall crossing miles of open desert is a huge waste of OUR tax dollars. Most drugs come in through legal ports of entry and most undocumented workers do to. They simply overstay their legal visas. So get over your butt hurt and just fix our broken immigration system so that badly needed workers (and tax payers) can live and work legally in our great country.

  8. Let’s see Demoncrats kill babies but welcome criminals from Mexico and points south. Demoncrats are incapable of of a logical thought process!

  9. what president Trump needs to do is not say when they release illegals an take them to the areas around the judges house an release them then see what they say

  10. Again the leftist are putting a halt to Trumps wall, the democRATS will never stop as long as there is one in office, vote the democRATS out of office if you the every day American who can’t afford walls around your home, can’t afford to send your children to a private school to keep them safe from disease that the illegals are bringing into the US or even worse can happen in public schools just watch the news on TV, the US citizens have to band together to get this country back on track, with the democRATS out of office maybe then we will have a congress who will fix the immigration problems, maybe we will also have a congress who will outlaw sanctuary cities and states and make a law that any official that harbors an illegal will be fined and tossed in jail or better still banned as a traitor, US officials that protect illegal criminals are traitors to the US and they need to be banned from the US like they used to do and sent to the country of the illegal they protected along with him or her

  11. Send those Judges to Mexico, Puerto Rico, and all those other 3rd Country hispanic places……..
    Bild the WALL, and don’t stop for any of those idiot judges with their heads up their rumps….

  12. Just for drill. ship 2,000 – 3,000 border jumpers to the Pelosi compound in CA so they can mix it up for a few months. Think Nancy’s tune will change?

    I’m just sayin’!

  13. It is time to reign in the Federal Judicial Branch. The founders has only on court that was for a lifetime
    appointment, and that was the United States Supreme Court. And that was with fewer Judges than we now have. It seems politicians have taken it upon themselves to appoint more in order to get support for their parties benefit. According some researchers, some of the Federalist Papers reference that the U.S. Supreme Court Judges should come from various parts of the country, not all from East Coast Ivy League schools. A judge in Hawaii, or any other part of the country, has no business, or right, to make a ruling that affects the whole country. It should affect there part of the country only. Then once another judge issues a differing opinion, the Supreme Court steps in with the final ruling. Something else to remember, the Supreme Court, or any Court for that matter, had no enforcement authority, there was only to rule on the Constitutionality of a law passed by Congress, and then the Congress had to work together to change it. This process play out until the law was in compliance with the Constitution. Remember, we fought a war to become independent of a person (King) whose decisions and we had to obey and we had to bow in their presence. Now we have persons (Judges) who individually make decision we have to abide by, regardless of where in the country they are, and to whom we have rise when they enter the room. It is time to for that to stop.

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