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One advocacy group is up in arms all over the release of a children’s movie.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is sounding off over the release of Disney’s “Aladdin” remake. 

CAIR issued a statement following the movie’s premiere claiming the movie will actually worsen racism and Islamophobia under the Trump administration. 

“The Aladdin myth is rooted by racism, Orientalism and Islamophobia,” CAIR’s statement reads.

“To release it during the Trump era of rapidly rising anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and racist animus only serves to normalize stereotyping and to marginalize minority communities,” it continued.

Not deeming it enough to condemn the movie, CAIR expects the rest of the American public to follow suit.

“The overall setting, tone and character development in the ‘Aladdin’ story continues to promote stereotypes, resulting in a perpetuation of Islamophobic ideas and images,” the CAIR statement adds. “We urge the public and film critics to scrutinize the new production of ‘Aladdin’ in light of its historical context and today’s toxic environment for all minority communities.”

Many Americans actually have fond loving memories of the film, it’s a shame that CAIR doesn’t see this as an opportunity to bridge culture gaps rather than condemning the movie. 

  1. Sorry, the rise of Muslim Nationalism has already been unleashed by the the Muslim persons that have been elected to the House. CAIRN needs to get a handle on the current problems before they start complaining about the release of a childrens movie.

  2. This is just ridiculous. Getting tired up in knots over a children’s cartoon. It’s based on fictional people and events. There is no Aladdin or Princess Jasmine or a genie. It’s make believe. Tall tales, And for the Muslim community to be upset over it is overly childish. Nothing was said when the mummy movies was released where was this out cry then? Stop getting your panties in a bunch and show yourselfs as you desired to be seen and maybe we’ll stop seeing you as so terrible. But in today’s climate of war in the Middle East it’s really difficult to know who is Friend or Foe.. Do you want us to see you different fix your own problems then… And maybe we will..

  3. Some people will do anything to get their fifteen minutes, even if it is tacky as a pimp. The old saying that fits here is, guilty pig squeaks first, the real racist is CAIR and BS of political correctness. Just another case of trying to bullying people into doing what you want them to.

  4. If cair does not like an American cartoon they can move back to their country, I am tired of all these non-Americans telling us what we can see, read, do in our country, this is AMERICA people, deal with it.

  5. We Don’t CAIR! about what theDamned MOSLEMS Think or want! They have been one of the main sources of war and hate, on this Earth, since’ Moe-Hammered’ invented his “There’s a Drachma to be Made Here” Religion!

  6. I watched the movie. The only new twist it includes is the elevation of the heroine Jasmine to Sultan at the end. Jasmine’s is a strong, outspoken female character. This is probably what CAIR is protesting against, because women are property under Sharia. They are below the level of men. Maybe if they kept Jasmine in a burka with only her eyes showing.

  7. We Don’t CAIR! about what the Damned MOSLEMS Think or want! They have been one of the main sources of war and hate, on this Earth, since’ Moe-Hammered’ invented his “There’s a Drachma to be Made Here” Religion!

  8. The Muslin’s getting all worked up over cartons – for gosh sake’s – let’s worry about treating women and non-muslin’s fairly and not threaten them if they do not feel as you do – If you do not like go back to Saudi and I am sure they will have everything the way you want it. However, do not try to force us to think or act like you. It isn’t going to happen.


  10. Trump has nothing to do with the hundreds of Christians being murdered daily around the world and the rockets they are firing into Israel daily! I hope they give Pres. Trump reason to go in and Annihilate every one of them in the Middle East. First send back all of them that are in the U.S.

  11. CAIR get over yourselves this is a cartoon for the Children if your offended get a life and STOP your fanatism this is America if your not happy go back to your country and fix their problems starting with your Americaphobia we wii never be Muslims we like WHO we are!

  12. Since these terrorist group CAIR is against showing the movie not only will I go see it, maybe twice I will buy it on DVD also.

  13. GIVEMEABREAK! I saw “Aladdin” yesterday and it was a very enjoyable, humorous Disney movie. Aladdin IS NOT even a real person, so why is CAIR ( Council on American Islamic relations) got their turbans in a knot over a classic children’s movie that is loved by most Americans? If these towel heads don’t like the movie, don’t go and see it.

  14. It’s a kids show for God’s sake. You are in America if you don’t like it leave. We don’t conform to you. Bunch of B.S. I hope Walt Disney tells you to kiss off. I don’t like Walt Disney anymore but that is not the point…the point is you can leave and I wish you would.

  15. The perpetual promoting of Islamism while diminishing Americanism creates a divide that was non existent prior . If one writes a book on the Orient He/She should not be condemned if they speak of a Chinese culture . This is Unrealism .

  16. To all the idiots at CAIR. Gratulation’s on being so stupid that I now am going to go see the movie just to piss you off

  17. Aladdin may be the only good thing CAIR can look forward to. It is a romantic story that thrills Americans and their children. Otherwise nobody gives a damn about CAIR as they are un-American and insulting and you are on our turf.

  18. Original ideas at Disney, died when Disney died. This is a remake of something that wasn’t even a “classic” in the first place. A classic is something which is timeless. Robin William’s spontaneous adlibs are dated, and now they will be recycled. I’ll take anything up to Sleeping Beauty as a classic. After that forget it.
    I know someone who walked out of the remake of Dumbo. Someone else told me that they changed the baby elephant’s name to “Mumbo”.

  19. I for one am sick and tired of everything having to conform to outsiders. If you don’t like it here move back where you came from. You moved to this country for our freedoms and not for us to conform to you. We don’t need for everything to be politically correct. If that is all you can find to carryon about is a little kids cartoon, get a life.

  20. That foreigners’ group sure likes to scape the bottom of the barrel to find something to carp about. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought there was anything islamaphobic about Aladdin or any other parts that could cause so much pain for so many. CAIR is a hate(ful) group and in my opinion members should be deported back to their original cesspools.

  21. Why have we actually allowed these people, Muslims etc… to dictate what can be done in our country? If they don’t like it they don’t have to watch it. Has everyone gone mad and forgotten that we have freedom of speech and it goes both ways? If they don’t like our country or our ways they can go somewhere else. Why should we have to put up with this? Those of you who think that they should be coddled are going to rue the day when our freedoms are taken away by people who want everything, but never had to fight for our country. So very sad.

  22. Lately there is always some group that take the fun out of going to a movie just for an family night out. If Walt Disney were still alive he would just shake his head in disgust. Give it a rest CAIR. Go climb back into your hole.

  23. It’s not the Trump administration, conservatives, or white American males that created the animus when it comes to Muslims. It is mostly the fault of the two female Muslim congress members that are constantly opening their big mouths to disparage our customs, our allies, and our country. Get these two clowns out of office for a start.

  24. Evidently the anus moderators didnt like my comment about CAIR being a terrorist group so they didnt post my comment. But it’s okay to say the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim. Well moderators, kiss my anus you Islam loving pricks.

  25. I have read the books and seen the movies, even Popeyes cartoon version. I do not recall in any of them seeing or hearing a mention of Mohammed or the Muslim religion. They might try to remember that there were actually small kingdoms in Arabia that were not totally Muslim.

  26. All these hateful words originate from Soros and the demoncrats to put Americans against each other. This ongoing ridiculous behavior will eventually lead to the demoncrat party imploding onto itself. And, that’s a Great outcome-!!!!

  27. I also the story about a different culture that we learn about. Never hatred not Islamophobia. Why are these hateful people ruining children’s story and teaching them through a different culture. It’s in knowledge about each other that opens door to each other’s “world.”. This is utterly ridiculous-!!!

  28. America is destroying her history and giving up our identity and letting every other nation instill their own culture instead of assimilating into our culture , either they become americans or get the hell back to where they came from, this includes africans also!!!!

  29. it seems to me that if any group these days don’t have their way they call it racism — I say to them GROW THE FUCK UP !!!!! no matter what race you belong to

  30. Who gives a damn what these turds say. They are anti American in all they say and do. Ignore their stupidity and don’t give it any publicity. If we don’t give them a public forum they will fade into the sewer like the turds they are.

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