This State Voted To Change Voting
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One state’s legislature is looking for a change as a recent vote will remove the state from he electoral college. 

Lawmakers in Nevada voted to consign their six electoral college votes to the national popular vote, instead of the popular vote of the state.

The state Democrat run assembly and Senate voted yes on the measure and it now goes before Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak.

Sisolak is predicted to sign the bill into law. 

This means that he people of Nevada now have far less say in who is voted to run the country. Given that the the state makes up less than 1% of the U.S. population, Nevada residents can expect to have almost no influence on where the states electoral votes go. 

This isn’t the first state to decide to do away with the electoral college. It will join 14 other states as well as Washington D.C. in handing over the electoral votes to the popular vote. 

  1. Wait until the next time a Republican wins the popular vote and you will see that none of these states go through with it. Especially if the Democrat could win in the Electoral College.

  2. You can vote all you want. You cannot amend the Constitution without the vote of the entire country and before that can happen, the change has to be ratified by over 50% of the states and then it has to be voted through by Congress, and approved by the sitting President at that time. Good luck Nevada, you have a long row to hoe.

  3. This takes away We The Peoples’ right to choose Our Leadership. Terrible idea. WE THE PEOPLE must NOT allow this to happen. WE ARE A DEMOCRACY, not a DICTATORSHIP.

  4. No state shall pass a law that overrides a federal law, Dems are unconstitutional again. Such are elitist fascist neo-nazis.

  5. Congratulations people of the fair state of Nevada. You have just willingly given up your right to vote for the president of the United States. You may now just sleep in, stay home and watch CNN and The View, while the dumb-ass, brain-dead, liberal, socialist-citizens and illegals (and dead people) on the east and west coast states elect our president. For the remaining states who do NOT vote to end-run around our Electoral College, you too may help make America a 3rd world shit-hole … VOTE DEMOCRAT!

  6. We would be surprised if the people of Nevada what their legislature has done to them. Their vote no longer counts, truly amazing if the citizens of Nevada really support this craziness!

  7. The Electoral College was created to give smaller states more of a say in the presidential elections. If a state decides to negate the votes of their people, will the voters rise up to change it? Possibly? Then, possibly not. One way to change a rogue state legislature would be to sweep the proponents of who strip away voters’ rights.
    Rogue legislatures could have their plans blow up in their faces. Wouldn’t it be too bad if Democratic states ended up putting a Republican into the White House? *chuckle*

  8. This is hilarious, when 95% of Nevadans vote for one candidate, but the majority of the votes in many other states voted for the opposing candidate, then the candidate that 95% of Nevadans voted for loses, because their 6 “Electoral College” votes gave the opposing candidate a total of 270 “Electoral College” votes, and the Presidency.

    But apparently the people in Nevada are too stupid to realize a scenario like this could happen, just like Nevadan President of the US Senate Harry Reid didn’t think what would happen when he changed the US Senate rules and did away with the “Filibuster” for Presidential appointments, as President Trump is now loading the federal courts with conservative judges that will strictly adhere to and abide by the US Constitution, which stops most Democrat policies and agendas.

  9. Article II, section 1 defines the electors of the states and the number of electors shall be equal to the number of senators and representatives of a state. The President of the Senate (the VP) shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Replresentatives, open all the certificates, and the Votes shall then be counted. The person having the greatest Number of Votes shall the be the President. That’s a short version of Articlle II, section 1. For a state to stop doing this is contrary to the Constitution and would have to have a Constitutional Amendment to change this process. You can’t say you’re going to pass a law in said state and give electoral votes to whoever is the national leader of popular votes. That’s not the way it goes. States can’t make that arbitrary decision. Nevada will be chastised by the Supreme Court over this law, and it will be declared Unconstitutional.

  10. Just one more way the Democrats are showing their hate for our constitution and election process..
    It won’t be long before Cuba and other third world s__hole countries will be our sister countries that we have to look up too.

  11. The Dems want anarchy in this country, they can’t win so they have to twist everything around with a forked tongue. They are so busy putting roadblocks up to try to stop the President nothing is getting done in this country. Dems are spending billions on trying to impeach the President while the country is falling apart, BUT is exactily what they want.

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