Pelosi TRIGGERED By Single Question
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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi lost it after a journalist asked her a simple question. 

At a press conference NBC News reporter Kelly O’Donnell asked Pelosi if when speaking to President Trump if she could “not use phrases like ‘cover-up,’ or to not, perhaps, provoke him, would you be open to that?”

In repose Pelosi immediately began to belittle O’Donnell. 

“Well, you have bought into his excuse,” Pelosi said. “That was not a reason that he did that yesterday. That was an excuse for him to do that.”

Pelosi somehow managed to infer that hurling insults at the president was somehow part of her civic duty. 

“And with all due respect to your question. I do not intend to not to honor my oath of office, nor do my colleagues in the House of Representatives, to honor our oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution, which has a system of checks and balances, a separation of power in it, and again, it’s a question of the American people understanding that what he is doing is an assault on the Constitution of the United States,” Pelosi said. 

“We can walk and chew gum at the same time,” she added. “I hope he can too.”

  1. Nancy Pelosi is bat sh– crazy and needs to be removed from office. I pray that people will wake up in the 2020 election and vote out all of these Damocrats who are calling for impeachment with no cause.

    1. Pelosi is one bat sh$$ crazy bi$$h! No Pelosi, you cannot walk and chew gum at the same time- we’ve seen you babble and stammer your way through too many interviews! The President does understand what the Constitution says and he understands following the law! When was the last time a Democrat advocated for our immigration laws!? Instead democrats are swarming our cities, towns and state’s with illegals! These are law breakers pure and simple! Get your head out!

    2. I agree 100%. Al Democrats should be removed that want to impeach Trump . Paliso is a liar and none of the democrats are not doing anything for the America people. We need a government that is going to work for us and not trying to keep power and money.

    3. Is that gum she chews on? I would have guessed it to be her cud; it so resembles the cows on the farm of my childhood. Surely, some of the democrats in the house recognize her crazed mental state.

  2. Surely she’s had her day, and even that was quite disastrous. A woman who cannot let go of Power like here with Theresa May, Germany with Merkel and definitely Hilary Clinton. I think I could name a few more in time.

  3. the demonrats are scared of President Trump because he is accomplishing things that they won’t do. He makes them look like the incompetent fools they really are. They would pimp out their wives and daughters to get rid of the President.

  4. Pelosi is an embarrassment to the office. She likes to slander the President , who by the way has ten times more projects on his desk than her little pea brain can imagine, and then gets whacked out when someone confronts her about her attitude. Be aware Ms. Pelosi, you have stepped on a favorite of the American people and for that, you will pay the price.

    1. Good words!
      Furthermore, I’m tired of this crap…My Democratic party is an embarrassment to many of us…
      I’m prepared to put together a MARCH (by bus) to DC come campaign time…hauling ONLY other Democrats who are equally as tired of the crap and no production by Pelosi, Schumer…our targets are Pelosi and Schumer and a demand they bail out of the job they aren’t doing,…
      I fear for the woman…her mental stability just isn’t there any longer, the job she has is over her pay grade and abilities…she MUST GO! Some who have signed up for the trip offered to bring the tar, while one said she had the feathers. I’m certain that is a bit extreme…maybe we can simply hand her and Schumer one-way air tickets instead…but just GO!

      1. Holly, Good for you and the other Dem’s that have seen what damage these two people, Piggyoski and Scumier does to your party. Then when you get rid of those other radicals, AOC, Omar, and Tlaib, things can’t help but start to get better. Just like the Rep’s, if they got rid of their people that fail to do anything good for their party OR their country, things then would really get a lot better. But one can only hope they get voted out on both sides of the isle.

        1. Thnx Joan…you nailed it!
          Politics seems to have flipped its’ meaning from “responsible leadership” to “brain damage”…and is embraced by like minds perhaps. What is frightening is it becomes a childish “parlor game”…the players that orchestrate the game are deeply settled in the game’s value or gifts they have received from it, i.e., financial benefits, health care benefits beyond what we out here have to care for us when we get ill, plush “play for pay” sidelines , power, and distractions, and almost “hand picked voters” that keep them heading up the “game” (i.e., illegals, mentally challenged voters, grave yard voters, judges who make laws for them, etc.)…a complete fiefdom of criminals…
          The pay and benefits are so attractive that only top players (no matter how stupid) share in the game that pays the highest price for their votes…these “Parlor Game Politicians” get to remain forever…
          …while our country goes down the tube…

          I really believe that OUR time has arrived…only us , the VOTERS, can now DUMP these crooks…and again, now is the time…
          (…and by the way…are you sure Trump isn’t a Democrat? (:>)) He seems very bright and a tough cookie who is honest to us all out here…but it has been so long since there was a Democrat that was tough like Trump is, I could be mistaken)

  5. The only threats to this Nation are the demonRats Bitter pill. (never take on an empty Burbon stomach )Pill-osi bitters with a Not so prime NY chuckee cheesy ham in rye. The mother of all bitter hatred America doen not need nor do we deserve. They are going down faster than the Titanic. They self serving is their greed and they have been caught. When the AG Indictments come in in a few months, there’s going to be a whirling suction going on in the DC Swamp drain sewer and heading to the sewage plant & out to sea.
    Enough if the lying left, obstruction & deceit. The time for their resignations is at hand. Call their office and send them your messages day after day. Let them hear it over & over till they start believing what we the people really believe.

  6. Senile Nancy’s claim that she and her Demwit colleagues are trying to defend the Constitution is absurd. Most Democraps are doing the exact opposite and trying to destroy it. Their desire to ban guns and limit or end freedom of speech and religion are just 2 examples of it.

  7. This is America. What happened to the American people who over the years have always RESPECTED the office if President of the United States whether he was who you voted for or not. Nancy Pelosi needs to be impeached not our President! He has accomplished so much in his term as President the Democrats should be ashamed!!!!

  8. Pelosi…PLEASE…STAY AT HOME…and with due respect to your once decent self, please stop using the Constitution as something to justify your launching your stupid senile gestures at the President…
    What bothers me Congress-woman, it your advanced struggle with your rapid advancing old age…you keep galloping your white horse at a windmill that does not exist, yet you keep yelling ALARM! ALARM! ALARM! at non-existing evil circumstances that would destroy us all.

    Congress woman Pelosi, you have been a faithful SPEAKER!, not necessarily a successful one, but as your age progresses you have become a distasteful SQUEEKER! We out here, having used our vote for you and our party in past years (an unwise choice I might say), now find nothing of redeemable value within our party…and I think perhaps it has a lot to do with you need to destroy our country by forgetting to contribute to it…you have become a liability.

    Just because we are Democrats does not mean we must automatically stop supporting a Republican President…the “ball game” is over, the campaigns are over, it is now my and others’ duty to help America, not throw it under the bus., but to make good things happen…we had our chance and blew it, so lets stop your crap…trying to become a leader?…you missed the opportunity.
    I gently ask…PLEASE STAY HOME!

  9. once again little old pelosi turns to her misinterpretation of the Constitution. If she was truely following the Constitution she would be accomplishing the wishes of the American People by doing her oath bound job as an elected representative. Instead she fails of both accounts. She and her moguls in crime are all guilty of failure to preform their oath bound duties to the American people, thus it is time to fire her and her moguls for failure to preform. let us get this done NOW!

  10. The whole DemocRAT Party has gone off the cliff. Socialism cannot survive if everyone does not contribute, yet those jerks running for President is out there trying to one up every other candidate by how much free stuff they are going to give. Stupid and they are running for the Presidency. We will look like Venezuela in less than thirty years the way these clueless idiots are.

  11. I would like and demand just what part of or all of the constitution that pres trump is tramping or doing an assult on it. nune of her party seam to know just what is being assulted, no one seams to know or are willing to tell us so “”WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED AND DEMAND TO KNOW””” …..

  12. She should retire and leave AOC to bring the Democrat party to a loss in 2020, like that they will have an easy scapegoat!

  13. Ditzy Drunkcy, you are the one that is breaking the constitution day after day. You were the one that had to party it up in Hawaii and then Puerto Rico, while you had help close. Then you tried to catch a Air Force transport to Europe with 96 guests along for taxpayers to pay for. Glad that Pres Trump put a fast halt on that one. LEAVE OFFICE, OLD HAG. TWIT AND 💩.

  14. Pelosi who is suffering from severe Botox intoxication is becoming more incoherent every day and telling people that it is in the Constitution to insult people including the President as part of her duty is just insane!

    1. Recall her Outrage when someone called Obama a liar during his SOTU address?
      Remember her saying “You must respect the Office if not the President?
      Apparently, she doesn’t.
      Another sign of her dementia setting in. She really should be careful while walking and chewing gum as she may just choke on it.

  15. she and her moguls are in contempt of the Constitution by not preforming their assigned duties such as clearing up immigration policies, taking care of the citizens of this Country instead of the illegals crossing the border illegally, and her failure to work with the legislative branch of our government. Therefore I am now calling for an immediate suspension of this congress due to their failure to preform their duties and for their treasonous crimes against the American People. As a citizen I am authorized to recall any and all elected officials who are not preforming their assigned duties. I will expect the Attorney General of the United States to carry out this demand immediately.

  16. Dont think she can walk and chew gum at the same time as not insulting our President
    Did we do all this bullshit to Golden Boy No we as Republicans didn’t
    he was allowed to do his job though as poor one but he was allowed outwith 10,000 investigations

  17. Did she really say “honoring her oath if office”? The monkey queen and her marionette circus clowns have not honored their oath of office once since the president was elected however, never more so then since fraudulently through voter fraud not investigated gaining the house. They have blatantly and repeated violated their oath of office and various laws, such as sedition and insurrection, advocating the overthrow of our nation, harrassed duly elected president, his family and his supporters, abuse of power, threatened a duly elected president, etc. And now she has the gall to act all sanctimonious and celestial. She is completely without honor, ethics, integrity, redemption.

  18. The time to walk and chew gum has passed. When are Democrats going to sit down and do their jobs the voters expect of them? Resolve the immigration crisis.

  19. Pelosi is very cunning. She sabotaged that meeting ahead of time because she does not want to work with Trump to get anything done for this country. She hoped her comment would trigger Trump into cutting short the meeting, making HIM look bad. Instead, her “cover up” comment only made her look stupid. Does she really think the American people are that dumb?

  20. Ms. Pelosi, who wants to pose as a supporter and defender of the Constitution, REALLY needs a lesson in just what the document means. WE THE PEOPLE, are your BOSS, Nancy, you ARE NOT the BOSS of us! Check that Constitution please, and tell me WHERE it says YOU have the right to demand that I support people who enter my country illegally. Where does it say Congress people should keep their jobs for life? Actually, we are SUPPOSED to be led by a group of “citizen legislators” who will be elected from among the people, come to DC to perform their work for their elected term, and GO HOME to resume productive civilian lives. You, MADAM, are a GRAND example of everything our legislators should NOT be. It is LONG past time for We the People to forcibly remove your disgusting snout (and those of all others who think Congress is a lifetime appointment) from the public trough.
    Donald Trump is EXACTLY what are elected “leaders” should be. A successful man in the REAL world, with fresh new ideas to help this nation and it’s people, he is succeeding beyond my wildest expectations. Not so much for you, or your dark prince, Obama.

  21. I see some fews choice that we can remove this sick woman (Nancy Pelosi) from office. One a nation wide emergency vote to impeach or resign Nancy. Two immediately execution of Nancy. Three have Capital police arrest her for abuse presidental power in charge. Four whatever you folk would like to do to remove Nancy from House of Speaker and never work for the government office again.

  22. Let’s face it Pelosi had a stroke that they are covering up and that has led to the loss of her power over the party!!! If you look at video of her from a year ago or more she talks different and look different but the main stream media, as directed by the DNC is not reporting that! What a shame the Dem party has became when you have people like No Brains Nadler, Nasty Nancy, Pocohontas Warren, Mad Maxine, the Jihadist sisters, Schiff-for-brains running it 4 investigations and they found NOTHING ON TRUMP! but they continue down this insane path of a coop to remove an elected president!!!

    1. I agree, just like they want us to believe RB Ginsburg is hearty and healthy and able to fulfill all her duties. These two should be sent to the same retirement home, dementia is setting in.

  23. What a mark of spiteful ignorance. Pelosi is in trouble. To borrow an old phrase: The old battle ax does not know whether to shit or go blind. Back to the Lube Rack for her.

  24. Miss Nancy is an idiot who has passed her prime. She is on the edge of insanity and should be removed, immediately, from office by her peers. I am saying this as a 44+ year Democrat who is fed up with all of the stupid political antics that the current party leadership is engaged in. These foolish Congressional Democrats don’t give a darn about doing the right thing for we, the American people. All they want to do is waste our country’s money playing political games. They are a total embarrassment and in my humble opinion they should be ashamed of themselves. Finally, my message to these clowns is that they are going to pay a huge price in the November 2020 election.

  25. She is the most annoying simpleton. Her mouth open and what comes out is stuff that should come out the other end!

  26. Madam Speaker:
    You stated that you and the members protect and defend the Constitution. Why is it then that 3 of your members were unconstitionally sworn into office using other than the Holy Bible? Why is it that your house has played politics for over 2 and a half years under the guise of an investigation started with money from the DNC and Hillary Clinton? And lastly, how can you justify illegals voting who have not followed the prescribed procedures? Is it not tome for you to be impeached or resign? We the people are not happy.

  27. She says she can “walk and chew gum at the same time”…but I have seen her only RUN (to her waiting car) whilst ducking questions from reporters that don’t bow down before her highness. Yes, Nancy, we ordinary Americans are cognizant of the Constitution and the three branches of government’s checks and balances. You see we are clever and can read and understand which is far greater a feat than just walking with gum in your mouth. Stop being condescending with the POTUS might prove more useful in doing your job…but then someone as clever as you already knows this, right?

  28. Pelosi is a child! She couldn’t control herself if her life depended on it! No one on the left is capable of self respect or self control. Where are the mentally stable dumacraps, are there any? The dums have just become a joke, their sabotaging themselves and doubling down on it! They have become the laughing stock of politicians, they’re just a joke!

  29. Pelosi is a decrepit old witch so full of shot and hate that she cant even talk or think straight anymore, she should go home and enjoy the money she has taken from the tax payers for all the years she is been in congress doing and or acomplishing absolutely nothing, it is not her party anymore, she is nothing but a puppet being used by Crazy bartender Ocasio and others to repeat what they talk about bihind close doors.😂😂😂

  30. So, Nancy says they can walk and chew gum at the same time…Really? Because from this vantage point, it looks like she can’t even walk and talk at the same time without seriously stumbling over her own words. She is a liar and a hypocrite.
    For someone who has railed against Trump insulting people, she seems to continually do so. She and her ilk do not want to give Trump any win so she will do anything to derail him. She says it is her job to uphold the constitution while trying to undermine and remove a constitutionally elected president.
    Sorry, Nancy, you were not elected to harass the president, your party has waisted #35+ million dollars and two + years investigating him and all it did was Prove he did not Collude nor obstruction, yet you can’t accept the facts. Are you ok in the head dear? I mean really anyone when shown the facts and proof of them that still refuses to accept the truth is a bit unbalanced. Your job and that of your cronies is not to harass the president – but you all seem to have forgotten that in your delusional state.
    Tell me, is there even one single important bit of legislation your party has passed in the passed two years?
    Nope didn’t think so. But dear, That is your Job!

  31. I see that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Cummings, and most of the Democrat Party don’t care what the Constitution says. They are out to destroy our Constitution. Banning guns and removing the College Electoral is just two examples. They want to change our entire system of voting to ensure only the Democrats. They certainly ARE NOT TRYING TO UPHOLD OUR CONSTITUTION, THEY ARE TRYING TO DESTROY IT. NANCY AND HER DEMOCRAT MAFIA ARE NOTHING BUT CRIMINALS.

  32. All the Democrats are doing is chewing gum that was either put on their bedpost when they went to bed or the gum that someone put under their chair. If their do walk they walking in circles

  33. I feel the same way most all of you do. Ms. Pelosi has been in our ( We the peoples government ) 40 years to long, also ….. Very, very few people know this but Nancy has been diagnosed with dementia 3 years ago I bet most of you all did not know that. Which begs the question why is she still there, ?? Nancy has a lot of trouble trying to put together a simple sentence or thought, have you all noticed that ? Nancy needs to step down or resign ASAP.

  34. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t know what it is to honor her oath of office, she hasn’t for a long time. She and her ilk are more intent on obstructing than uphold any oath of office!

  35. I can not believe that the house of representatives are acting in a treasonous manner by not honoring their oath of office. they should all be charged with treason and removed from office and replaced with those that will honor their oath of office.

  36. She always screws up words and actions to make Trump look like the villain, she is so far gone she even believes the Dumocraps are to be believed and trusted! They wouldn’t know the Constitution if they were all sat down and explained to them about it. Very scary in Washington. They all wanted that jackass Hillary and can’t get over they don’t have her or the Deep States crooks to guide them, the Dumocraps are in a panic because it is all coming to bite them in the butt! Go Trump, Make America Great Again!
    Trump 2020! And let’s get rid of the Dumocraps.

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