HUGE Government Shake Up Underway
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Big changes are underway within the conservative party of the European government. 

Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that she will stand down from her position, effective June 7. 

This comes as a direct response to being unable to deliver the Brexit that Europeans had chosen by vote.

“It is and will always remain a matter of deep regret to me that I have not been able to deliver Brexit,” May said.

In an emotional speech May shared that she had “done her best” and that it was “the honor of my life” to serve “the country I love.”

She will remain as Prime Minister until a replacement is chosen sometime in mid-July. 

Theresa May will still be acting Prime Minister when President Trump makes his state visit in early June. 

  1. PM May is no true Conservative. She is just another statist. Several years ago the majority of UK voters said they wanted out of the EU. Instead of accepting

    that vote and then planning a peaceful exit from the EU, she tried to compromise. I believe she even called for one or two additional elections to make sure the vote wouldn’t swing back to stay in the EU.
    She should have ordered to step down after the results from the second Brexit vote was counted.
    Over here in the States we need to establish some sort of polxit. Some political function that would purge any and all politicians who do not do the will of the people.. Right now, today the entire Texas Legislature could be purged, including and especially the Gov., Lt. Gov and the commie Speaker of the House. They should all, everyone, be loaded on a C-130 and sent to Venezuela for Instruction.

    In the meantime, Good Luck to our Limey friends, hope ya make out of the One World Government.

  2. I know that the european market countries will be voting this coming week. I also know that the nazi party and russian hackers and of course the race hating bigots have done the same thing to these countries that they have done and are continuing to do in the United States. I am concerned that this is not being brought to these Nations populations ( where are the journalists of Italy , Cosovo,
    Germany, England, France etc etc. Look what has been done in Austria (Thank you God) Why aren’t they getting on top of this situation. You cannot let people like Putin and “Trump, get ahead of their countries like what is happening in the United States. Trump can appeal to the ignorant, less educated populations, but the Middle Class Ameriican’s are not being fooled and I hope the intelligent ( and I don’t mean the book literate but all people who are truly interested in their countries and the welfare of each nation and are trying to get a grasp on what is happening to their countries start to speak out. We all need to get together to contain this disruption to our world.

  3. Good luck with that. All the political criminals need to be indicted and some for treason. And some executed the rest jailed. God’s Melchizadek Priesthood is rising up and standing in the divine counsel. All glory to God the Father, Jesus the son and my Beloved and Holy Spirit my comforting friend. God is Trisagion. Three times Holy.

    His judgement and law and order are here and these purveyors of evil who oppress the poor will be dealt with by God.

  4. I approve of the message crimes of treason are punishable by death: Either private and secret, public some keeping a good reputation intact but history will know the truth. We need to start cutting off snake heads.

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