Trump GOES OFF On ‘Do Nothing’ Democrats
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President Donald Trump is fed up with Democrats and their obsession with trying to undo him. 

He shared this with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer when he abruptly cut short a meeting on infrastructure citing that legislation could not take place while he was under repeated investigation. 

Now he’s hammering Democrats through his Twitter account for refusing to let go of their grudge against him and get some work done for the good of the nation. 

The president couldn’t be more right in designating Democrats as the “do nothing party.”

    1. Here is the truth about President Trump; he is a gift from God. Many of us prayed for relief after 8 long, long, years of President Obama. The good Lord heard our prayers!
      The Democrats are obstructing this Presidency and that was what the 2 year long Mueller investigation was about; and it’ continues. The Democrats are still trying to obstruct because the Mueller report couldn’t find a crime. All of this is being orchestrated by Obama. He is a Communist; he had eight years and if Mrs. Clinton had won we would have seen the birth of Communist America! We knew that, we prayed and the good Lord gave us Donald J Trump.
      The late Prophet Kim Clement said in 2007 that Donald J Trump would win the Presidency. And, that the Dems would be yelling, Impeach, Impeach, but God says No! He would put DJT at the helm for 2 Terms!
      Long live Donald J Trump!

  1. Trump is a very good President that has put up with nothing but obstruction by the worthless Democrats, he has managed to get some very important things done but we would be a lot better off if they would join him and work with him.

  2. Yes, Indeed he has been the WORST President Ever in History! He financed “ISIS” with our Billions of Dollars And pulled out our soldiers to allow ISIS to do their Slaughterings! Bad really BAD!

  3. Mr President, God keep you sir as you protect and serve Our Country. My families prayers are with you sir.
    Mike Aceves

  4. American taxpayers, here is a truth that we must make as voters heading into the 2020 election!!! The criminal Democrat Party House members are doing nothing but “wasting hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars doing nothing but try and impeach President Trump and now AG Barr as well, knowing right from the begInning that their attempt to impeach both will fail in the Senate, period!!! They are doing this to keep their former criminal Demcorat leaders from going to jail because of mass indictments coming down from AG Barr later in the 2019year!!!! That is the real reason for their impeachments, to stop the mass indictments!!!!, Th truth above will set us all free!!!!..

  5. It is so true that the Democrats are not interested in working on our country. They are being totally political and that is all they want to do.
    They want to take God out of our country.
    They don’t care about any issues that will make our country better. They just want to be political.

  6. .Whether you like President Trump or not, it would be foolish for a man like Trump to throw his empire and his life away by cheating in the 2016 election with the Russians. What worries me is how so many people are fooled by this obvious charade of Russian interference. But be fore warned that AG Barr is correct in protecting the Office of the Presidency and he will follow the law and not some made up political game by political hacks. I for one would not want to be the deer in the headlights on these upcoming investigations because the lady is not wearing a blindfold for nothing…

  7. Couldn’t agree with you more….well said!!!! And that’s the only reason why they’re so intent on impeaching President Trump. AG Barr will expose to the nation and the world the democraps party’s corruption, misdeeds, and wrong doings towards the president and the people. I just hope that we have abundant supply of orange jumpsuits…, get your popcorn ready coz this is going to be a show that you don’t want to miss. President Trump #MAGA/KAG 🇺🇸

  8. President Trump will go down in history as are greatest president he will elected in a landslide this is coming from a democrate that party has went to hell in a hand basket he loves America or great military and man he a working president he gets things done God bless him and america.

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