PLAGUE Brewing In Los Angeles
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In Los Angeles, California unsanitary conditions are reaching alarming levels that could bring about an epidemic. 

Giant mounds of garbage, teeming with flea ridden rats clutter the streets in LA and disease experts are fearful that it could result in a new age plague. 

“I can’t walk down the street without thinking that a flea could jump on me,” said Estela Lopez, a local business leader.

Mountains of trash ignored by the city are causing rat populations to explode. Typhus is one such disease these vermin can transmit and UCLA infectious disease specialist Dr. Jeffrey Klausner admits “it does pose a public health risk,” before adding the problem was the worst he’d seen in the third world.

Mayor Gil Garcetti was confronted by NBC reporters in October of 2018 and as a result the garbage problem was addressed. But following that massive clean-up effort, the initiative died away and now the garbage is piling high once again. 

“It’ll be a big panic, when they should be doing something right now!” celebrity Doctor Drew Pinksy said. “But they won’t, they’ll wait ’til the panic.”

  1. I lived in LA and worked for a guy that had a flea bitten nasty dog so I put flea collars aroung my ankles and that seemned to keep them at bay. I have been in houses there where the fleas in the carpet were so thick it looked like a fuzzy cloud of them when walking through them. It was unbelievable, it makes me itch just thinking about it. I live in colorado and hardly ever see a flea and I have cats as well..

  2. Isn’t this the horrifying Maxine “Aunt Esther” Waters district!? Why does she keep getting electing!? SHe does nothing for these people!

  3. And Democrats thought Trump was insulting when he addressed Blacks and Hispanics and said just hear me out, what have you got to loose? What have the Dems ever done for you. Just shows how completely asleep and insane the Left is to keep voting this criminals into office and then complain when they get what they voted for. Nancy’s district is a disgrace also. They deserve everything they get including the Plague until they wake up and have an all out rebellion. May I suggest they study the Yellow Vest uprising going on for 6 months in France.

  4. California wanted this, they deserve it, something else is coming that will be a lot more deadlier. It is at the border now just waiting. A disease that is in curable, it has been reported in third world countries so far. I am sorry cold it is time to take the kid gloves off with illegals. Some know they could never come legally because they are so sick and contagious. Right now there are other diseases coming across that have been eradicated here for decades, not anymore. Ask your Border Patrolman. Not only is that person putting themselves in danger they are putting their families in danger.

  5. First San Francisco, and now Los Angeles. This is karma when your cities put the welfare of Illegal aliens ahead of that of real Americans.

  6. California needs to be put under QUARANTINE…..NOBODY, except for ILLEGALS, gets IN and NOBODY gets OUT……..!!!!! But then, I am sure THEIR so-called “democRAT leaders” are doing THIS “intentionally” to spread an EPIDEMIC all around the country to KILL Americans….!!! REALLY PATHETIC…..!!!!

  7. NOT ONLY is this beyond filth, but you also cannot get a place to live without it costing a fortune. Prices are so out of Control that Californians are moving out by the doves to Texas, Arizona, Utah, Colorado & Nevada faster than anyone knows. I am SO HAPPY that I got out when I did. It has become an illegal CESSPOOL. The illegals have far more benefits given to them and sadly the taxpayer is footing the bill. That is your LIBERAL DEMORATS controlling this once BEAUTIFUL State. I lived there for 56 yrs. I got out nearly 6 yrs. ago. I am SO GRATEFUL that God led me to a BEAUTIFUL, PEACE of Mind State where I am extremely HAPPY. The corruption of the Politicians in California has them SO out of Control, that the day will come very soon, that payback will be far more than they will be able to handle. Watch for it…!!!!!

  8. The Demonic Party Rules – They lost the election – They don’t care – The president of the D.N.C. Said to all People who Pro-Life, and Catholic get out of the D.N.C. – Those who are Christian are not needed in this Party – We will do just fine without all of you. California seems to be acting as the seat of the royal throne of Satan. All that we are in is not a political battle, we are in a satanic battle between the Demonic Party and the Christian Party that God is Lord and savior.The demonic party lost and hate every thing about God because they kill Babies and now by what ever kills American Citizens. Pray To Stop The Demonic Party. Use Our Lady’s B.A.R.
    (Bless America Rosary)

  9. I use to love visiting California, not anymore. It is discussing seeing what the elected coven of witches(Pelosie, Waters, Fienstein, Harris),have done to the state. Now you have all those city council members throughout the state protecting all the illegals and using hard earned tax dollars to support them!!!

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