Villainous Celeb SHAMED By Ted Cruz
Image credit: slate

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is calling out one celebrity after they launched a despicable and disgusting  attack against a fellow Republican. 

Cruz couldn’t help but speak out after witnessing the tasteless attack staged by the left-crazed Jim Carrey against Alabama Governor Kay Ivey. 

Ivey was the latest target of Carrey’s politically charged painted disasters after she signed into law heavy restrictions on abortion. Carrey posted his latest work on Twitter. 

While the depiction was horribly crude, it perfectly showed all that is wrong with the left. Something that Cruz pointed out while maintaining a higher morality. 

It’s amazing that Cruz could still offer such respect to Carrey, when the celeb has offered no such restraint of his own. 

Did Cruz offer to much leniency to Carrey in the end?

  1. Carrey is clearly INSANE! He should be deported back to Canada to live with the leftist population to our North. Those freekin canucks are a bunch of dirtbags who should be isolated in their frozen north. They are deeply jealous of Americans and are totally self-destructive. They are too STUPID to thank America for their economy and can’t keep their big mouths shut in their criticism of Americans. Canucks are a JOKE! Americans should not travel to cannuck land nor should we purchase any of their products including but not limited to carrey’s so-called art.

    1. Not very nice lumping all us Canucks into one basket. I for one am no Leftist Dirt-bag, or jealous of America. I am very proud of the direction the Great Nation of the USA is going these days all with help of one of if not the Best Presidents you could have in place at this time. I have my own business, and 95% of it is with US customers, so I am very appreciative of America. I too can live the dream, so to speak. I only pray for the best for America and Canada alike…. Carrey does not represent me, and many many of my fellow Canadians in anyway. Peace!

      1. I have been to Canada several times and have met many awesome Canadians. We get along very well. Jim Carrey is simply one of those you’ll end up with from any large group of people. It’s unfair to lump all Canadians together with this idiot.

    2. I agree 100%. I am a retired petroleum engineer and I had two canucks that worked for me. Lowest set of morals this side of Viet Nam and crooked as a dog’s hind leg. I don’t like those ass holes one little bit either.

  2. If Carrey ever stars in a future movie, won’t walk next door to watch it. On top of that, the rage and hate Carrey now routinely displays towards Republicans via his art, that has affected me to the point that, even the Jim Carrey movies that I like (Ace Ventura, AV 2, and The Mask), all made well before Carrey began painting and posting on social media his artistic version of hate speech), my desire to watch those films has been ruined. My hope is that one of his hate paintings goes too far, and he ends up getting a visit from the Secret Service.

    1. I completely agree with you! Why spend our hard-earned dollars to support someone so full of hate & disrespect? His movies will never get another penny of my money!

  3. Senator Cruz, you used the word – humanity for Carrey even if he is a old-has-been that is completely insane and a really cruel liberal, but there is nothing human about him. HE IS A NOTHING AND SHOULD NOT EVEN HAVE HIS SO-CALLED PAINTINGS OR STATEMENT EVEN PUT OUT THERE.

  4. We Need To Ban The Left Actors And Actresses No More Movies. If Enough People Join In We Can Do Anything

  5. Hollywood is totally irrelevant to me anymore. I refuse to put money in their pockets just so they can support everything I don’t.

  6. John Carey is another thing out of Hollywood, When they become a has been, they become belligerent. and that will never change.

    Stock up on your Ammo.

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